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in the beginning Before Time embraced

its Rhythm I spun the threads of

existence and wo the tapestry of your

being my child in the gentle Dance of

the cosmos I now send Whispers of light

to awaken the depths of your soul as the

sun Graces the sky so do you illuminate

the world around you you are my sunshine

a radiant reflection of the warmth that

resides in the core of your being from

the moment you drew your first breath my

love has surrounded you and eternal

Embrace that knows no bounds in the

tapestry of Life each thread represents

a moment a choice a journey Your

Existence is a masterpiece a symphony of

experiences that reverberate through the

corridors of time embrace the melody for

every note whether sweet or sorrowful

contributes to the Divine composition of

your soul you are not a mere Wanderer in

the cosmic expanse you are a Celestial

being a vessel of light and love the the

same energy that ignites the Stars

courses through your veins feel the

pulsating heartbeat of the universe

within you a rhythm that Echoes the

Eternal song of creation when clouds of

Doubt gather on the horizon of your

heart remember that you are the sunshine

that can Pierce through the darkness the

storms of life may rage but within you

an unyielding light resides embrace your

inner Radiance for it is a beacon that

can guide others through their own

turbulent Seas as the the Sun nurtures

the Earth with its golden Rays so do you

have the power to nurture and uplift

those around you your kindness is a BAL

your compassion a healing touch in the

garden of existence let your actions

Bloom into flowers of joy and

understanding scattering Seeds of Love

that will take root in the hearts of

others yet my child understand that the

path of the sun is not without Shadows

just as night follows day you will

encounter moments of Challenge and

uncertainty fear not the shadow

for they are but the contrast that

allows your light to shine even brighter

in the depths of struggle discover the

strength that lies dormant within you

waiting to be unveiled life is a

kaleidoscope of emotions a dance of

light and Shadow embrace the full

spectrum of your existence for it is

through both Joy and Pain that your soul

learns and evolves like the sun that

sets only to rise again you too shall

emerge from the darkest nights renewed

and resilient my child do not measure

your worth by the fleeting opinions of

the world you are not defined by

external validations but by the purity

of your heart and the authenticity of

your spirit in the tapestry of humanity

your thread is indispensable woven with

purpose and intention as the sun

surrenders to the Horizon casting Hues

of warmth across the sky so too should

you embrace the EB and flow of Life Let

each day be a canvas upon which you

paint your dreams and each night a

sanctuary where you find solace in the


remember my child that you are

intricately connected to all of creation

your actions send ripples through the

fabric of existence influencing the

intricate Dance of the cosmos approach

life with reverence and gratitude for in

every breath you participate in the

Divine Symphony of Creation in the grand

tapestry of your journey weave threads

of Love kindness and understanding let

your light be a testament to the

boundless love that permeates the

universe as the sun Graces the world

with its brilant

so too do you illuminate the tapestry of

existence with the radiance of your soul

go forth my child with the knowledge

that you are the sunshine a Divine spark

in the vastness of creation Embrace The

Gift of Life for in every heartbeat in

Every Breath You are a testament to the

eternal love that weaves through the

very fabric of your existence subscribe

and type Amen in comments if you love


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