My Love Is Stronger_ God Says_ God Message Today _ Gods Message Now_ God Message For You

my dearest child in the quiet of this moment I reach out to you with a love that

transcends time and space I am here ever present even when

you feel most alone I see you in all your struggles and tears and I whisper to you now I

have never abandoned you nor will I ever understand my beloved that your

pain and trials were never a part of my plan for you my love for you is unending

a constant Refuge waiting for your open heart in the shadows of life where

confusion and uncertainty Loom remember I am there my presence is a beacon in

Your Darkest Hours guiding and safeguarding you you are never

alone reach out your hand let me lead you from the darkness into the warmth

and Light of my love to a place brimming with joy abundance and true

happiness trust in me my child the life I have for you is filled with extraordinary promise a life rich in

purpose overflowing with victories and blessings no distance can separate you

from My Embrace no misstep is too far for my grace and forgiveness know that my love breaks

through every barrier conquers every challenge have faith in me for I am always here ready to listen to your

prayers and hold you in my eternal love regardless of moments of pain and

sorrow my ears shall always be attuned to your words and my heart shall be filled with compassion for you there is

nothing you can do to push me away no mistake you can make no sin that can

sever our connection my love is stronger than any failing or weakness my love surpasses

all understanding and reaches higher than the heavens allow me to embrace you in your

moments of vulnerability to reveal the grace and forgiveness I

offer understand that my love knows no bounds no matter how many times you

stumble I shall always be there to lift you up no matter how many times you Heir

I shall always be there to correct your steps and guide you on the right path my

love is constant and inexhaustible and it shall always be present in your life

providing you with the strength and courage to overcome any difficulty my child close your eyes and allow me to

embrace you let the warmth of my presence be a comforting source of energy let my love envelop you and

provide Solace I shall cradle you in my arms and give you encouragement come now Surrender Your

Heart To Me do not fear for I shall Grant you Freedom peace and

Tranquility trust in me for I shall be your refuge and strength allow me to embrace you and

show you true love a love capable of healing any wound and restoring your

soul always remember that you are my greatest treasure and my love for you

shall never change no matter how challenging the circumstances you face may be I shall

always be there to support you my child on this day allow me to

embrace you and entrust all your burdens to me no matter how distant you may feel

or how dark the path you are traversing may seem my love surrounds you and restores you in this very moment know

that all is not lost for I am with you today you can begin a new live once more

dream and Aspire for in me you can reclaim all that you have lost and even

more for an abundant life is what you deserve a life of Victory and

happiness that is my will so from this day forward when you feel overwhelmed by

the weight of your burdens or troubled by your worries believe in me Place

everything in my hands allow me to be your support and Foundation you need not bear the weight

alone for I am here to assist you today I shall take care of all your

needs filling your soul completely remember that I shall always be with you

providing you with the strength you require to face any adversity simply trust in me even when you feel no one

understands you or that you are alone in your battles I shall always be here listening

to every Whisper of your heart loving you and helping you in every way in this

moment my beloved child may you feel the warmth of my love enveloping you and comforting

you understand that my love for you shall never waver it shall always be

there for you in every moment of your life ready to embrace and console you whenever

necessary beloved child raise your hands now and embrace my love which never

fails or fades it is my pure Sublime and unconditional love for you receive re My

Embrace in it you will find the strength to carry on the hope to face challenges

and the certainty that you shall never ever be alone you are facing formidable

challenges but I will touch your heart with my words nothing has the power to destroy

you or steal away all that I have bestowed upon you certainly these times are difficult

but nothing will prevent me from performing my mighty work work within you I know you have many plans and

dreams and each day you strive for them however at times you may believe that

nothing will come to pass that none of your dreams will be realized but let me tell you that I have

great and marvelous things in store for you for I chose you before the foundation of the world formed you in

your mother’s womb and declared my child in you I am well pleased

so do not be disheartened keep putting forth your efforts give your all for I

will ignite in you a desire to live and a passion to keep fighting your way of thinking shall

change and you shall feel renewed and strong every sense of defeat will be

consumed by my power you shall rise in my name feeling triumphant blessed and

beloved your life shall be transformed into a living test of my power and

magnificence you shall become a beacon Illuminating the darkness and guiding the lives of many others shall seek you

out for they shall see in you the radiance of my love and my

might you shall be like a tree beside refreshing streams bearing abundant

fruit and leaves that never wither for I shall restore all that you had

lost everything that once slipped through your face fingers shall return to you thus your life and that of your

family shall no longer be the same as I shall shower upon you an abundant rain

of blessings that shall not cease until your souls are satisfied hence my beloved child today I

approach you to declare that it is time to arise set aside all fears and the

deception that has ens snared you in this predicament listen to my voice and allow

my truth to liberate you from the lies of the malevolent one for his falsehoods

have only stagnated your existence filling you with fears and insecurities

almost driving you to relinquish all that you had fought for yet the hour has

come for you to Rise And Take My Hand by my side you shall dream again think

Grand thoughts your fears shall dissipate and you shall accomplish all you set out to achieve take my hand

beloved child and I assure you that nothing will ever be as it once was

therefore do not be afraid draw near to me remember that I shall always be with

you to ensure your success according to the plan I have for your life I shall

lead you by the hand to where you ought to be where you shall Thrive where my

love overflows and my grace is more than sufficient I only ask that you trust in

me and believe in the words I speak to you today then I shall guide your steps lead

you to green and gentle pastures and reveal the doorway of blessing simply keep your eyes open and

your senses alert so that when the door opens and opportunity beckons you shall

not be distracted instead you shall seize the good things and the opportunities that

come your way in doing so all your dreams goals and projects shall become

reality therefore my child have faith in me believe in my words and hold fast to

my promises do not lose heart or hope do not falter when immediate results elude

to you take my hand and continue to have faith I shall be with you day and night

working silently to bestow my blessings upon you remember that I never fail nor

do I arrive too early too late I always act at the right moment and when you least expect it so trust in me believe

that I shall fulfill my promises in you do not heed or believe the lies of the

malevolent one who tells you that you cannot and will not succeed rebuke him resist him and he

shall flee like a coward place all your confidence in me and do not invest your hope in Earthly

matters do not forget that what the World offers is fleeting and temporary

whereas what I offer is eternal and true for heaven and Earth shall pass away the

world and its desire shall fade but my word and those who do my will shall endure

forever therefore my son my daughter when challenges and trials arise do not

seek to avoid them confront them when problems and failures knock on

your door do not fear them lift your head with Faith and Hope

do not perceive problems as such but as challenges that will make you stronger

wiser and braver remember that I created you in my image and likeness I made you my child I

made you courageous and I bestowed upon you the power to conquer all works of evil do

not be afraid of what may come trust and allow me to do my will in your life I

shall strengthen you endow you with courage and knowledge necessary for your success in this life recall that if you

walk with me I shall lead you along paths of Peace Grace and blessings so

that everything you undertake shall prosper open your heart to my guidance

and embrace my promises I assure you that great things shall come to your life love abundance

and prosperity shall pursue you no harm shall befall you for in me you have

placed your trust approach me for I do not wish you to

suffer no this is not the end indeed you are passing through a challenging phase

but my love will sustain you you shall emerge Victorious and courageous from this ordeal although your adversaries

seek to destroy you these trials shall not claim your life instead they shall

render you stronger as the night falls and tears well up in your eyes I can discern your

pain and deepest concerns I comprehend your sentiments but there is no cause

for you to forsake all that you have accomplished due to the troubles inflicted upon you by

many take my hand and let us walk together on this path of

Faith allow me to scrutinize your heart and I shall bestow upon you discernment

guiding you to make wise decisions in all aspects of your life today in your

confusion I implore you not to place your entire trust in your own efforts

while I have indeed exhorted you to strive and be brave I do not wish for

you to forget me once you attain Victory or believe that your blessings solely stem from your own

talents I hope you will not abandon me when you have tasted success you are

neither weak nor cowardly you are Valiant and I perceive this from my

Throne you have evolved greatly and people are also taking notice of your transform for ative character your

disposition uplifts others and I shall continue to bless you for your faith

perseverance and Fidelity you have a commitment to me and I reiterate

this however I appreciate it when you also remember me through my promises because every time I hear you it fills

me with immense joy and a desire to bless you even more do not evade problems do not

seclude yourself in a corner when affliction Falls you if someone speaks ill of you I grant you the courage to

confront that person and assert that you are no longer the same as before your heart has changed and you

Harbor no hatred toward anyone you no longer awaken control by resentment nor

do you employ your tongue to harm those who have wronged you trust in my power

vengeance is mine do not raise your hand against anyone nor mock your enemies

when they fall into despair there do not stoop to their level for they will steal

your spirit shatter your plans and leave you ruined stay the course I have set for

you do not waver I will illuminate your path with my light to prevent you from stumbling I

shall remove the stones from your way and when you grow weary I shall embrace

you with tenderness let go of your past so that I may transform your present and future

future leave behind your fears and open your arms to receive my

blessing the difficulty you are facing is a call to examine your dependence on

me a moment to release the burdens you carry and Trust in my Supernatural

provision through your experiences and deficiencies you shall become a living

testimony of my love and faithfulness those around you will witness how I sustain and provide for

you amid difficulties your life shall be an example of trust in me and they will

understand that I never abandon my children I love you immensely never doubt this I desire to

fill you with joy and astonish you with Supernatural miracles in your health family work and all aspects of your life

do not worry about the future instead place your trust in my wisdom with each step you take I instruct you to be a

good Steward of the resources I have entrusted to you even in times of

scarcity I bring you these words of Hope and blessing trust in my unwavering love

and care for you prioritize seeking my kingdom and you shall be blessed

abundantly in all other aspects of your life in your challenges I will fortify

you molding you into a living example of my joy maintain your faith steadfast

fastly and cling to the Hope in my unending love in doing so you will

discover the peace and fulfillment you yearn for I do not desire for you to persist in battling the same

struggles my hands hold boundless joy peace and harmony for you rest now in my

presence trusting in my impeccable timing I will answer you lead you to

Triumph surround you with my affection and Infuse your spirit with hope with

great joy I reach out to you inviting you to walk beside me for with me all

things are possible I will create Springs in your Barren places provide

you with the life-giving water that quenches your Soul’s thirst and bless you with the sweetness of celestial

honey I will bestow upon your heart a Divine bravery that never

Fades arise grasp my hand and walk in Holiness share this news with your loved

ones prepare for a future filled with happiness for you cannot yet comprehend

the magnitude of blessings that await you my love will heal you my tenderness

Will Comfort you my hand will support you my guidance will lead you and my

presence will completely envelop you my holy spirit will fill you so profoundly that you will be immersed in

a river of pure crystalclear Waters experiencing a joy unlike any you’ve

known before This Joy this feeling of being safeguarded and cherished is beyond

anything you have previously encountered you have endured a time of hardship and

Solitude feeling neglected and forsaken however those days are behind

you soon to be forgotten today I come to infuse you with strength and dispel the Gloom from

your soul from this point forward my promises will const L be on your lips

you will speak them remember them should you ever feel alone they will ReSound with the assurance that I am always with

you when weariness and worries weigh upon you come to me and I will provide

the rest your heart seeks I have not forsaken you do not

doubt my love my presence shall forever be with you fear not my child I have not

abandoned you you have never been alone I have always demonstrated my affection

and loyalty in every step of your journey in every moment of your life why

do you doubt now I understand that at times trials may seem overwhelming and

darkness might appear Invincible but you must know that I have never left you alone and I never will in

the most challenging moments I stood by your side upholding you and guiding you towards the

light remember all the times I helped you overcome obstacles and difficulties

think of the moments when I bestowed strength upon you in the times I eased

your pain and suffering how can you doubt my love and loyalty now after all

I have done for you I will always love you even during this period that leaves

you feeling lost and confused this doubt has been triggered

within you but remain calm it is natural to have questions and uncertainties

just strive not to get lost in them instead recall that I am here with you

and I will always be you can trust me because I have never

failed you and I never will perhaps you do not see me with your physical eyes but it does not mean I am not by your

side seek me seek me wholeheartedly and you will discover in me all the goodness

you could ever imagine you know you can find me in unexpected moments

in the most unusual places you can find me in a friend’s smile in the breeze of a sunny morning

in the caress of A Gentle Wind You can find me in moments of happiness and in

moments of sadness I will always be there waiting for you therefore do not

let worries and doubts consume you shake them off do not lose faith in my love

and loyalty I will always be here to support and help you overcome come obstacles trust in me and you can face

anything life brings your way remember that I love you and I will always be

with you even when you make mistakes or Stray From the Path no matter how much time passes I

will always be by your side offering my love and guidance so do not fear my child trust

in me for I will never abandon you keep moving forward with faith and

determination persevere with courage knowing that I am always by your side

upholding you and guiding you to become a wise prosperous and blessed

individual I love you and that is why I come to offer words that may touch your

soul please listen to me for I want you to know that I love you and I love you

so much that I ask you in the most special manner to pay attention to my words out of the Same Love

today I bring you a different message I know you have important things to do but

today I ask you to listen to me for I want my words to reach your soul I want

you to know that I will be with you wherever you may be despite the tough

and difficult moments you are experiencing I will never be far from you I will always remain by your

side I want you to know that wherever you walk I will be there speaking in your mind mind reminding you that even

if people ignore you and others do not pay attention or value you I love you

and I will always be listening I want you to know that even if the world rejects you and your friends abandon you

I will always be here waiting for you I will always love you and stay close to you just like the air you breathe or the

wind that caresses your face no matter what people say or think about you nothing surpasses what my word

says about you you are my child and you do not have to seek approval from the

people of this world for everything this world offers is temporary and will soon

Fade Away place your trust Faith and Hope in me I will never betray

you there is no room for betrayal in me for I love you with an eternal love and

have wonderful blessings for you blessings that no one else can provide as I can

my child cherish my love receive it in your heart and Let My Words bring peace

to your soul treasure them so that my promises May heal strengthen and

transform your life please never forget that no matter where you go my love will be the

strength that lifts you and sustains you throughout the day my love will fill your heart with joy and illuminate your

path at night like a brilliant daytime light do not be foolish heed my word and

seek wisdom so that all may go well with you I know that at times you feel lost

and confused and in your eagerness to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams you have been swayed by haste and

pride setting aside my word and the counsel within it but today I tell you

that true success and genuine happiness are not found in this way it is

imperative that you are not foolish and cast aside arrogance seek wisdom so that

everything you do May Prosper my dear child please listen attentively to my

words and consider my advice for only in this way can you attain the wisdom necessary to face the challenges that

life presents I know you have been grappling with some problems lately and I can feel

the burden on your shoulders but I want you to know that you are not alone I am

here with you and I will always be I understand that at times you may be

tempted to take the easy path to seek quick and easy solutions to your problems however I caution you my child

life is not that way wisdom and Patience are the keys to overcoming any

difficulty you may encounter therefore Focus your efforts on cultivating wisdom humility and

patience these are the values that will lead you to success and true happiness

always remember that success is not just a goal to be reached but a path to be walked every day do not be discouraged

if at any point you feel you are not progressing quickly enough sometimes it is necessary to

pause reflect and chart a new course to achieve your goals but also do not

forget that Pride can be a dangerous Temptation it may lead us to believe

that we already already know everything there is to know that there is nothing more to

learn however this could not be further from the truth there is always something

new to learn always new challenges to overcome do not give up my child

persevere in faith and seek wisdom always remember that I am here for you

and I will never abandon you trust in me and my words in me you will always find

the right path for everything to go well for you so do not be foolish cast aside

pride and seek wisdom I assure you that you will never regret taking this path

for it will lead you to places you never imagined and help you overcome the most challenging obstacles on your way to

achieving your goals keep moving forward my child with faith hope and love and you will see

that you will prosper and everything you do will go well remember each day that I am your

Shepherd and nothing shall be lacking for you in my hands I hold the provision

perfectly tailored so that you lack nothing I am your pathway to Salvation

and my divine presence dispels all fear from your life I am anchoring your roots

beside a river of Living Waters and your fruit shall be a blessing not only to your family but to many others if you

seek something genuine and everlasting if you long for someone to love you truly I am

here on the days when you feel the urge to shed tears without reason or rhyme

you will come to seek refuge in my love you have no other option many will offer

you affection but they expect something in return they always demand and require

more showing you patience and friendship they promise you happiness but abandon

you when you can give them no more in this world there is no one else who

can provide you with what I offer love peace healing unwavering

Fidelity come and receive this blessing now it is freely yours and I am not

selling it I require your heart your faith your loyalty your devotion your

unwavering desire to leave behind the darkness of the past and embark on a New Journey with me extend your faith toward

a new future wait with confidence have patience and profess it with your own

lips I entrust my being to you my dear God I commit to believing in your word

with all my heart and I respond to you my child I receive your faith prepare

yourself now for a marvelous shower of blessings that I will pour upon you to

you who are listening to my words I want to bless and bring freedom and peace to

your life today I am granting the requests of your heart I will remove from your path those

who wish you harm support your efforts and assist you in making your dreams come true it is my will that you and

your family live in blessings health and abundance for the rest of your

lives Trials Come and Go enemies may try to divert you from your path aiming to

bring you down defeated and discouraged but they won’t succeed I know you have

problems but you also have my promise that you will overcome if you believe in my

word treat your loved ones with kindness and sensitivity acknowledge their strengths

and talents all the good they do speak words of encouragement to lift their

spirits and enthusiasm daily value their differences and even though some of your

loved ones may have different abilities never underestimate them see them all as

I do each one has a special purpose although they may struggle with bad

habits and vices today even if they have serious conflicts remember how you once

were I know your secrets and weaknesses yet despite that my love for you grows

each day and I have never abandon you I have not held your failures against you

or come to remind you of your sins likewise I want you to be with others as

many never thought you would reach where you are now with my help and your desire

to fight change and become better each day you have come step by step to the

land of your Prosperity I ask that you help those living under your roof those you love

and even those who are far away support bless pray for them

encourage them to continue and not give up this was a special message you know

it is for you you have understood it and I know you will obey me even as the

world around you faces financial crisis conflicts and rumors of War you and your

family will prosper you will not give up tell me promise me that you won’t for I

love you my power covers you and my presence will always be with you my son

my daughter never abandon your dreams if you can dream you can achieve it for I am giving

you the courage and strength to reach them you know my child that if a

beautiful and Noble dream comes to your mind it is because I planted it in you

your inspiration is divine and you have my permission and assured assistance to fulfill these dreams that give you

vision and joy dreams that make your heartbeat with enthusiasm these dreams are a gift from

me so do not give up rise today with the certainty that everything will turn out

well because I walk before you I am the support you need come into my presence

talk to me and seek my help in this way you will not waste time

taking the wrong steps or walking in the opposite direction of the plans I have for you my powerful hand is upon you

filling you with strength be patient with yourself these confusing feelings will not be stronger

than your will to move forward read my word and you will have more hope and motivation to

continue today you will take a giant step toward your Victory and it is

crucial that you rise with confidence knowing that I will be by your side

showing you the way believe me my child you can achieve it do not feel incapable I have

instilled in you the qualities of a champion because you are my child and all my children are destined for victory

rise and behold the incredible day I have prepared for you do not worry about

anything for I am taking care of every detail concerning you my angels are with you and you will

not fight any battle alone have faith lift your head high I have filled your

heart with immense strength so that you will have the strong urge to take the first step right now feel supported

loved strong and capable of fulfilling each of your dreams because I have destined you for

Triumph you are going through a period that will soon pass sadness and doubt assail you but do not fight any longer

for I hold everything in my hands pay attention for I love you your heart is

empty yet it is brimming with my love I’ve always been by your side I’ve never

abandoned you do not forget this day for with eternal love I have cherished you

by my side you have the power to escape the pit of sadness and fill your heart with joy only with me can you find

happiness if you face the dark clouds of conflict outside believe in me and Let

My Words illuminate your path your enemies may claim you will be defeated

but my word comforts you and my lips confirm it fear not do not not falter for I am

with you even in your worst storms I will carry you in my arms and when you

feel like crying I will be there waiting for you to shed those tears you’ve held

within tell me what you feel I’m listening your life is precious to me

and just as I’ve helped you before I will continue to assist you today and every day showing you how much I love

you in many ways there will be no doubt left that The God Who loves you is

always watching over you defending you and attentive to your needs your words

and your prayers I command my ministering angels to act upon your requests and when you ask it is not in

vain I rejoice when I hear the beat of your faith and you know well that I love

you and will answer you are you worried about the days to come unsure of what to do thinking that

you the resources and that many challenges lie ahead here I am once more

embracing your heart with all my love healing and soothing your emotions with

my infinite power and creating a Wellspring of Living Waters in your

soul remember if you trust in me you must accept my peace and reject fear if

you believe in me you know who I am the god of impossibilities the one who satisfies IES your life and delivers you

from evil I am your lord your provider the one who looks upon you with eyes of

love I am your God your Shepherd in Green Pastures I will guide

your soul along the paths of righteousness even in darkness you shall

fear no evil I will show you beside Still Waters that I am your father who

loves and covers you with my Mercy when you need a miracle I will be there to bend your knees and

bestow blessings upon you the cries of your enemies reach your ears trying to

lead you into the alley of fear seeking to confuse you so you do not seek my

light so you embrace your fears and sink into the darkness it is a daily struggle but your

faith is stronger and my word tells you that you are my beloved child the finest

of my Warriors Victor ious and brave I will make Springs rise in the

midst of the dry land I will quench your thirst and protect you from the Sun as

you Traverse the desert reject out speak my words so that you may receive healing

you are a privileged heir to eternal life blessed with many blessings in heaven and on Earth therefore the enemy

hates you and there are many who Envy you out there but nothing is impossible

possible for me remember this and when the lying enemy Rises before you

attempting to stop you with false iron walls do not be frightened do not give

up let your gaze not display fear you can advance with faith and confidence

knowing that I have given you the authority to overcome all evil and all illness I embrace you tightly close your

eyes now and feel me hear me when I say I love you I am with you this day you

have wept and I understand the reason for your tears I’m The Sovereign God

Almighty creator of the universe nothing is hidden from me beneath the heavens

and you must know that I care about everything happening in your troubled heart I know that loneliness hurts

especially when those who claim to love you depart leaving you weary and without Solace but nothing in your life life is

beyond my control I know that within you you can understand the language of my

love the sound of my voice unmistakable to your soul the same voice that has

calmed your pain before I am the same as yesterday the

one who brings you Joy and strength today my voice is heard do not hide or

Harden your heart this is the love you need the love that has come to find you

for the glory of my name name I watch over you I defend you even in seemingly

impossible situations I will work all things for your good I will never

abandon or forsake you never will I leave you my words are filled with love

they will dry your tears heal your body and transform the Dreadful pain that once filled your

heart I am your God the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end

end I will fill your soul with great joy and in the morning I will come as your

Liberator your Advocate your Warrior your protector and your beloved

child do you recognize me I am here ready to speak to you earnestly listen

to me until the end set aside a few minutes now and leave what you are doing

this time you give me will be the most important of your day for your life and your family depend on the words you’re

about to hear I have come every morning to lift your soul to give you the

encouragement and strength you need so that you may be filled with courage when you leave your home I have spoken to you

about my love every day without fail and gradually you have understood that you

and your family hold Great Value to me in these recent months you’ve demonstrated a profound faith and great

happiness you have acknowledged that despite the strength I’ve instilled in

you there remains a significant need the work I am undertaking in your life

cannot be completed in a single day nor can it be whole if you exclude your

family I understand that at times your children may not give you their full attention when you speak of me they

appear indifferent and reluctant to listen it saddens me and I long for their faith and smiles once more I still

recall when they were young and would sing praises to me they brought me so much joy I have a plan for their lives

and I will not cease to remind you that you are essential for this plan to come to fruition I implore you to speak to

them with love refraining from judgment shouting or punishment for any mistakes

they may make be mindful for words are sharp as swords and can inflict deep and Lasting

wounds learn from me for I am gentle and humble in heart

though it may be challenging set aside your frustration and anger speak to them with patience and

love they are your family your flesh and blood you were the instrument through

which they came into this world do you comprehend therefore I need you to

demonstrate to your family through your actions that I can perform great Miracles and that I love your children

everyone in your your household and even those not Bound by Blood but loved by

you as if they were I want your entire family to come into my presence to come

and listen to my word every day pray and request prayers for them if initially

you do not see results do not give up continue to pray incessantly without faltering the time will come when they

will change their way of thinking seeking me again you and your family

will overflow with happiness each morning you rise with enthusiasm and

faith and I take pleasure in that you do not back down in the face of problems

you are not one to cower your heart mirrors mine filled with a fervent desire to do right to

assist to serve and to keep your family united and harmonious to receive my

blessings your actions sing to me exalt me and I desire to open doors for more

people to see someone like you a person with genuine Faith who truly loves me I

admire you greatly you have withstood the contrary winds without responding with hatred or

resentment towards those false friends who have hurt you who have taken material possessions from you but can

never steal the most important your faith your devotion your determination

to follow my will no matter what comes your way you are my child there is no

doubt the word I have sown in you has borne much fruit and you still have many

blessings and gifts to harvest you have a marvelous future and rest assured you

have my support in every situation you can come to me with confidence pouring out your soul at my

altar in any need even when you have doubts or if you have made a

mistake I will remain faithful to you I will not abandon

you I will surround you with my presence wherever you are and you will know it

your skin will feel me your soul will sense the assurance that I am there with armies ready and willing to help you to

give you Victory against those cruel friends who may wish to confront you to

Grant you healing and free you from all illness I will Empower you so that when

you speak my word the forces of evil will be brought down your life your family your health your

finances all the people under your roof shall be liberated and live in Victory

your own will be filled with my Majestic glory and Supernatural Miracles will occur daily you will be surrounded by

families of good people who will also be blessed by the beautiful heart you

possess I ask you again to remain as you are do not return to the land of

disbelief seek me pray learn grow and fill yourself with

my Holy Spirit who will show you my affection and love day by day receive

this peace that strengthens you my beloved child I love you

always today I will visit your home and change your destiny you have called upon me in

prayer with faith and sincerity which is why I have come to rescue you I have the power and I want

to do it the key that opens the door to Miracles is your faith but know that I

love you always regardless of your condition and you will always have me by your side you are suffering and need my

help my love that covers and heals you without judgment my affectionate

presence that Embraces you in silence without reproach you need my friendly

ear that listens patiently without interruption tell me your desires for

that is the truth your strength has reached its limit this is the moment to acknowledge your

need I know you and your family are going through a cruel desert where loneliness dries up hope your soul

thirsts for love due to so much disregard the journey Burns and you cry

out when you step on the hot Stones That Make You Weep in pain I understand how you feel it is

challenging to keep walking and believe that even in the midst of this suffering

my hand holds you nevertheless I have come to protect you from the enemies

that attack and hurt you everything you’re going through today is but a purification process just as gold shines

only when it passes through fire so too will you shine and be purified from the

negative things that still exist within you I only say this to exalt you not to

make you look down on your brother but to extend your hand to help those who are down on the

ground I wish for you to abandon anger vanity fear doubt and lack of faith

never gaze upon the past for nothing of what you have lived there can compare to

the joy that awaits you from this day forward seek both small and Grand

elements in your life for which you are grateful walk with a pure conscience and

let my virtues res died in your heart you are worth more your family is worth

more and your future holds greater value than money automobiles houses

professions jobs fame or popularity do not fear losing material

possessions nor shed tears over them place what truly holds worth at the

Forefront love me and seek me with all your strength I am your provider now I

shall provide you with what you need I shall satiate you with genuine

blessings open many doors before you and present you with Splendid

opportunities blessings will pour down upon you abundantly pay attention to the events surrounding you for remember I

can transform negative circumstances into your favor therefore do not despair

when initially facing challenges you do not comprehend behind each problem and

frustration I am concealing prosperity and blessings of plenty for you to

wisely manage what I bestow upon you seek in my word the counsel to enhance

the gifts and talents that I place in your life today however do not succumb

to material possessions fame or the worry of going into debt to acquire frivolities focus on the important

things strive to elevate your spiritual life to a higher level make an effort to

learn from my word and to know me better I shall reveal many things to

you I wish for you to be a witness to wondrous miracles to be diligent in your

health and family matters leave nothing for later I grant you the strength and

intelligence to resolve several situations today itself I do not want you to be desperate

at the last moment for it may go a ride due to not having listened to me causing you

frustration rise up and dare to act your heart is courageous I do not see any

cowardice in you regardless of your feelings do good things you must and do not

fear you shall neither receive nothing nor lose anything even if you were to

lose something or face the anger of people because you decide to improve your situation and make wise choices

Place those individuals in my hands pray for them but do not heed their advice or

complaints those walking towards an abyss by their own choice cannot be of assistance to

you I am with you to assist you in all things put me first and not only shall I

Aid you but I shall also cause you to prosper showering you with blessings

more valuable than gold even if you feel defeated and despondent I shall

resurrect your desire to live I shall Raise You From the Ashes and those

around you and Future Generations shall witness how greatly I have blessed you I

shall change your attire Crown you with honor and fill your home with my

glory believe me for it shall come to pass I love you and you must listen to

me I have something important to tell you affectionately I speak to you with a

loving Embrace calming you it is my will that you feel great Tranquility that you

receive these words deep within your Soul the time of suffering has come to an end sorrow and distress in my

powerful name you shall overcome life and healing you are

listening courage and Joy are filling you strength and bravery come to you early each day filling any void with

boundless Delight I now decree that you become accustomed to happiness and enjoy all

the blessings I have already bestowed upon you listen listen to me right now

and do not turn away or ignore these words which are for your well-being I love you and I always want

to offer you much affection filling you with holy consolation in the midst of the trial I

want you to feel protected aided blessed and deeply loved in my heart I cherish

you deeply and it is essential that I share with you a message pivotal for your inner peace Embrace these words I

offer for they are the key to unlocking Heaven’s Bounty if you yearn to Traverse

the spiritual bridge to a world Divine and extraordinary Within You cast aside

all Grievances and negativity your faith is precious to me

yet it must not be tainted by the bitterness of complaint shun pessimism

and negative thoughts for they conf fester and unexpectedly suffocate your vibrant faith speak not of criticism and

distance yourself from those who plant seeds of Doubt Discord and

dissatisfaction choose companions wisely today decide whether to embrace my

presence or disregard the positive transformation and blessings awaiting you forsake complaint cling to Faith and

Hope and renounce negativity for then you will witness wonders blessings

abundance Freedom healing familial Unity Joy joy in your soul and a heart

brimming with gladness all these are bestowed upon a heart that chooses to believe in me I

will obliterate the barriers in your path Tear Down the Walls obscuring your glorious

Destiny I am severing the chains that have wounded you lifting the burdens

that have long submerged your spirit you have been buffeted by harsh winds

steering you into tumultuous storms threatening to plunge you into an abyss of Despair and

hurt today I offer Liberation with my Divine breath I will

dispel the storm of malice the clouds of fear and anxiety are Vanishing the words I speak are

alive and potent capable of manifesting true miracles in your life those long-

awaited Transformations the fresh Beginnings you have earnestly sought yet

heed this warning you cannot afford to squ W time any longer rise and remember

my words to you do not trivialize the grace and mercy you receive nourish your

soul with my teachings sweeten your heart with Heaven’s nectar Heed These

instructions this is the year to apply all the constructive lessons you’ve learned each morning as you

awaken I will remind you of this as you gaze upon me as you hear my voice in

your spirit if my presence eludes your sight seek

me I am as near as your faith within your prayers reach I am eager to fulfill

the desires of your heart to witness the miraculous you know the

path Surrender Your Heart to me isue negative speech act righteously entrust

your life to my guidance and heed my voice I have foretold significant

changes that are imminent and my promise to you will be honored you will be free from debt endowed with work and vigor

nothing is beyond my capability and in this remarkable time of getting to know me step by step you

have seen understood and believed in the truth of my word it shall not

falter I love you hold me close sincerely cast your doubts and

complaints upon me do not battle alone allow me the privilege to bless you and

reveal this profound love I have for you I’m addressing you with affection I’m

not angry with you you are seeking a response but I have remained silent I am

granting you the freedom to continue with your life and your projects you did not consult me when you

embarked on that fateful Tuesday you did not seek my opinion or entrust your

paths to me you took control of your vessel from my hands and now as you are

buffeted by adverse winds you blame me for your plight I told you once my child to give

me your heart and let your eyes remain fixed on my path entrust all your plans

to me nourish yourself with my word seek my will and if you did this for a time

until that day when you grew bored and thinking Yourself Strong ventured onto a perilous path seeking your own

Prosperity because you believed you needed more you ran heedlessly without

looking around pursuing an abundance that did not exist and you spurned the

true happiness that I held for you in my hands I called you in your dreams at

night and I spoke to you in many ways during the day but you did not respond

to my call out of love for you I had to intervene in your life you went into

battle alone and due to your stubborn you fell into a deep pit there in pain

sadness and confusion amidst tears and sobs you uttered my

name Jesus Save Me Take Me Out of Here Jesus my friend I saw your repenting

heart and heard your cries like those of a child I received your repentance

extended my hand and rescued your soul from the abyss beloved child feel in

your soul how I speak to you with affection if you wish to lead a life of true happiness you must be United with

me for eternity you have no other option to achieve victory in your life you must

remain in communion with my spirit always cleansed and protected by the power of my blood under the shelter of

my love come to me now my child return home open your mouth and receive the

bread of life that transforms your soul here you shall remain for if you go far

from my presence you will find neither my peace nor happiness although you may not see me I watch over you although you

may not feel me I embrace you even if you doubt at times I’m always by your

side though it may seem that my response is delayed and your Miracle is taking its time I am filling your heart with

faith so that you can believe that everything is in my hands it is not by

chance that you hear my words you need my presence in your soul you may think that things are

spinning out of control but right at this moment I will fill you with peace and

calmness receive this Tranquility I offer for I am demonstrating My Love by

fulfilling my promise and leading you from Victory to Victory to the sacred place of your blessings Heaven and Earth

may pass away but my word remains unchanged my promises endure

the Covenant of Salvation I made with you will be fulfilled even if your enemies oppose it now tell me if you

truly believe and if you are willing to accept the changes I will bring to your life I will distance from you those who

harm you who make you suffer daily and torment you with their words the battle is real the struggle

continuous open your eyes and be vigilant against constant threats pray

daily and bring to my presence all those who dwell under your roof and those you

esteem but who remain distant and indifferent to you forgive them do not

judge them pray for them for I also wish to bless them and you shall be the instrument to help them out of their

difficult situation you are living in a time of many

challenges and I chose you to be a source of blessing my child I am your

Fortress your rock thousands may fall at your side and , at your right hand

but evil shall not come near you if I declare that your blessing is on its way

believe it for it is true if my word promises that everything that happens to

you works for your good and your future feel secure for I do not

lie thus it shall be even if you pass through difficult times and believe you can endure no more my dear child you

shall rise you shall be be filled with joy and strength the days of Sorrow Shall Pass prepare yourself for many

beautiful and good things a downpour of blessings that shall come upon your life

my love heals you my affection soothes you my hand supports you guides you and

lifts you my presence envelops you and my Holy Spirit fills you in such a way

that you immerse yourself in a river of pure and crystalline Waters and you feel so elated

it has been such a long time since you truly lived this happiness you have

never felt so shielded and cherished you endured a period of struggles and Solitude and you felt

abandoned forgotten but that is now behind you you will forget it for today I come to

bestow upon you strength and to dispel the despondency that ails your soul from

this day forth my promises will not depart from your lip lips you shall speak them and you shall remember them

if you ever feel alone again you will only cry out that I am with you every

day if you find yourself weary and burdened by countless worries you will come to me to receive the rest your

heart needs remember each day I am your Shepherd and you shall lack nothing in

my hands I hold the perfect provision so that you shall want for nothing I am your path to Salvation

and my divine presence banishes all fear from your life I am fortifying your roots by a river of Living Waters and

your fruit shall be a blessing to your family and many more if you seek something true and

everlasting if you yearn for someone who loves you truly here I

am on the days when you feel the urge to weep without reason or rhyme you will

seek refuge in my love you have no other option many will offer you affection but

they expect something in return they always demand more from you they may

promise you happiness but abandon you when you have nothing left to give in

this world there is no one who can provide you with what I give love peace

healing unwavering Fidelity come and receive this blessing now it is yours

and it is free I am not selling it and I have no need for your money I desire your heart your faith

your loyalty your unwavering resolve to leave the past behind and begin a New Journey with

me extend your faith toward a new future wait with confidence be patient and

declare with your own lips I Surrender myself to you my God I

commit to believing in your word with all my heart and I will respond my dear

child I receive your faith prepare yourself now for a wonderful shower of blessings that I will pour upon you

today I will show you just how much I love you my love is real and your heart

knows it look around you and appreciate the many things and details I arranged to

surprise you to capture your attention but you have enemies who

despise the security they see in you envy your character and want to steal your

blessings they do not want you to be happy for your faith and your way of being are a threat to their malicious

intentions they feel defeated even before attacking because they know that

I love you and will protect you their only weapon left is to Pelt you with

doubts and empty threats they gather around you and Shout

trying to convince you that you are in error that there is no love that you are not my daughter my son that I do not

exist and that your strugg Str Les have no purpose or destiny but your spirit

knows the truth for from the moment you open your eyes you already know and feel

that my affection envelops you and this immense love makes you strong lifts you

up and gives you the energy to forge ahead fighting and walking from Victory

to Victory Day by Day you belong to me and

I will watch over you even if storms topple mountains and the earth trembles

and its bowels open nothing will harm you my beloved daughter my beloved Son

you and your family are in my hands place your faith in my words trust in my

love find your security in my promises and believe in my senatorial power I am

your provider I am the fire that ignites your passion for life that burns away

your thoughts of despondency and renews the affection you feel for your family

do not open the door to despair do not deceive those who love you and trust you

do not play with thoughts that harm you do not Harbor secrets that kill I am

your father your God and my love is demonstrated in this wonderful opportunity I present to you I loved you

and I love you despite your shortcomings and I will continue to

bless you despite your faults but it is time to change to walk

from Faith to a life of Freedom this message is for you and only

for you I love you and today you can feel it come tomorrow because there are

many new things I want to do for you I love you now tell me that you love me

amen [Music]


















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