My Love For You Remains Unwavering l God Says Me l God Message Today l God Message For You l

my child I want you to understand the

depth of my love for you it’s unwavering

and unconditional rooted in eternity

from the very beginning I’ve cherished

you even when you were lost in sin

unable to grasp my love but through my

spirit I brought life to your soul

Awakening you spiritually this Awakening

allowed you to turn away from sin and

embrace the gift of eternal life and

boundless love that I offer reflect on

this miraculous gift of Salvation and

let gratitude fill your heart gratitude

opens you to wisdom and understanding

shielding you from discouragement and

deepening your awareness of my constant

presence and love nurture gratitude for

it nourishes your love for me and causes

it to flourish Joy is a choice you must

make daily in heaven Joy will be

effortless but on Earth choose

positivity and

hopefulness find joy in daily life even


challenges when negative emotions arise

turn to me declaring Jesus I choose Joy

because you are my God and savior

trust in my righteousness and begin each

day with eager anticipation ready to

receive the joy I have in store for you

don’t let problems overshadow the

pleasures I’ve prepared for you live

fully seeking my guidance in every

moment gratitude and Trust are your

steadfast companions supporting you

through difficult times Express

gratitude wholeheartedly even amidst


emotions frequent expressions of trust

in me deepen your awareness of my

Dependable presence

trust me deeply especially in difficult

times for it draws you nearer to me

drive away the enemy’s influence with

worship and praise glorify me in all you

do seeking my guidance in decision

making let gratitude and praise permeate

your interactions sharing the wonders of

my deeps with others worship with fellow

Believers experiencing the weight of my

glory palpably when faced with decisions

choose what glorifies me seek my my

guidance for I know every detail of your

life delve into my word for it

illuminates your path enjoy the

blessings I provide but hold them

Loosely releasing them back to me when

necessary live in the present reveling

in my gifts and

blessings remember the greatest gift of

eternal life through knowing me

acknowledge your sins confessing them to

me for forgiveness and cleansing live in

the truth knowing that I am your

strength and refuge Trust in my

unwavering love even in moments of

weakness focus on Truth shifting away


negativity embrace the gospel’s light

transforming lives from despair to

Delight shine this light into the lives

of others utilizing your gifts and

seizing opportunities remember truth is

not just a concept but a living reality

embodied in me trust in my truthfulness

and rely on my

promises let these words sink deeply

into your heart for you are dearly loved

and my presence is with you every step

of the way with all my


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