My Love for You is Boundless | God Message Today | Gods Message Now | God Message

my beloved child lean in closer and give me your heart for just a moment I ask

for your complete Focus my deepest desire is for your happiness for you to

feel light and free to leave behind those nights where sleep seems a distant

dream to move beyond your grief and to step away from the shadow of sadness

forever my love for you is boundless I’ve shown it time and again but I long

for you to truly understand and feel it deep within your Soul tell me now speak

from your heart are you ready for a change in your life do you yearn to be free from the

weights that have held you down do you wish for a heart overflowing with joy

answer me quickly if you truly wish to climb out of that deep Darkness listen closely to what I’m telling you now

start today without delay no more putting things off see how I’m right here ready to

clear your doubts speaking directly to you you know I’m real you don’t need any

more proof of my commitment to you yet I’ll show you not just for your faith

but to also shine a light for the doubters around you begin this very day

the first thing in the morning even before you get out of bed before you leave your room start with a moment of

thanks even if you’re not feeling up to it or if yesterday left you so mixed up

that being thankful feels hard just close your tired eyes and give

thanks be grateful for your life for the opportunity to talk with me for your

faith no matter how small it may seem appreciate the people around you even if

they sometimes make things difficult they love you in their way be thankful for your ability to think to read to

absorb these words and to choose a shift in perspective over dwelling on

negativity with each New Dawn focus on the positive the pure the kind strive to

find the good in every situation even in adversity look for the bright side

remember what doesn’t break you makes you stronger here you are standing or kneeling alive and unconquered the

trials you faced have made you stronger proof of your toughness though these times were tough remember you have life

you’ve become incredibly courageous even through the toughest times you’ve turned

to me seeking guidance so as you start your day close your eyes and give thanks

for everything the good and the seemingly bad alike fully Embrace gratitude and see

how it transforms your heart lifting you to a spiritual realm where you see beyond the hurdles before you every

challenge hides either a blessing or a lesson each meant to strengthen you and gift you with

wisdom that sets you apart in a world where many flaunt their gains your wisdom deep and Powerful will

shine through it’s a wisdom not of this world but from your Divine father While others

take pride in their knowledge yours is a direct gift from my Throne this wisdom blossoms from your

daily practice of gratitude brightening your spirit as you enter my presence with thanks I’ll fill your heart with

Indescribable Joy here’s my promise start your day with gratitude then delve

into my word your Bible and let it change your life read absorb memorize pen down and

Ponder my teachings voice it and when you encounter Trials take a moment

breathe deeply and give thanks for the opportunity to grow remembering my words to you my holy spirit will come to you

guiding you in ways you’ve never experienced the key to feeling my

Supernatural presence is to always be thankful and to immerse yourself deeply

in my word both day and night without wavering I share these words with you

out of love and care you can feel it like a gentle touch to your soul

bringing you the kind of joy you felt in your younger days pay carefully attention and you’ll

find yourself recalling the freshness of the countryside after rain the soft touch of a breeze on your

face and what’s most wonderful is that as you listen to my messages daily

you’ll feel as if my arms are wrapping around you for protection and my holy spirit is there Leading The Way start

today as I have guided begin your day with gratitude lean on my word for

support and strength absorb these messages in prayer write them down and share them with a heart

full of love I assure you today you and your family will receive immense

blessings a time will come when what you lack now will be plentiful for my

promises are sure and will become reality for all who wait with faith and

patience I understand exactly what you and your family need and what will benefit you I’ve laid out Grand plans

for you so there’s no need to be scared of the challenges you’re facing now hold tight to the words I’m giving you

respond to Life’s hurdles not with anger or negativity but with Hope and

Faith let me paint a smile on your face as my Holy Spirit blesses you clearing

away the fog of confusion and dark thoughts don’t think for a moment that

I’d punish you for your mistakes yes you felt the sting of your choices faced

hardships and endured pain but it’s not in my nature to push you further into

despair please don’t Point your finger at me for your losses I haven’t taken

anything from you ask yourself when have you ever actually seen me take back the

blessings I’ve given someone might have misled you speaking falsely about me but

I’m truthful there’s no ill will toward you here if I sacrificed myself on a

cross for you why would I ever curse you you’ve come back to me repentant turning

away from wrongdoing I’ve already forgiven you your past errors are wiped

clean what more do you await don’t get the wrong idea if troubles come if

conflicts spring up out of nowhere and it seems like your foes are getting the upper hand don’t be scared or lash out

in anger I bear no resentment towards you and if you’ve been led to believe

believe otherwise it’s time to question the truthfulness of those claims haven’t

you seen what I’ve said in my word I am the almighty God loving you

with a love that lasts forever I promise eternal life to you

it’s not my wish for you to be lost this matters deeply find a quiet place

confess your mistakes to me in silence share your uncertainties open your heart

to me in the quiet of the early morning cry if you need to I want you to break free from any regrets and guilt for good

I will touch your soul helping you see the beautiful plan I’ve set into motion for you don’t lose hope or be

overwhelmed by sadness because of what’s happening around you know in your heart that I cherish you I’m not upset with

you I bear no grudges it’s not my desire to see you in

pain I will speak to you as the morning breaks showing you my glory so you can

catch a glimpse of me in your soul you’ll feel my presence and a wonderful

feeling will sweep over you from head to toe I’ll show you my incredible

Everlasting and genuine love you’ll be certain you’re mine you belong to me my dear one I

watch over you with nothing but pure and gentle love day and night don’t be

uncertain about me any longer or think about it what would I gain from your

suffering you’re wise enough to know that actions have consequences a misstep can lead to trouble but I’m not pushing

you towards ruin instead I’m waiting for you to step into my light so we can talk

through your errors who am I I am your God your father your closest Ally yes I

am a judge and a purifying fire but remember I am also your protector your

ch Champion my hands hold the proof of your Redemption My Sacrifice my blood

has cleared your slate though in this world you may face the repercussions of actions from those

very trials I offer you a way out my wish is for you to learn from each

misstep to avoid Falling Again aim for courage for strength so you don’t falter

I yearn for you to bask in my blessings and to experience the full fullness of freedom I provide approach me boldly

without fear especially when you pray for your loved ones await with faith the

blessings you’ve asked of me I will deliver them and if they don’t arrive in

the form you anticipated know I’ve got something even better in store my dear

child never think I’m displeased with you my love for you is boundless and

within My Embrace you’re always cherished now and forever my promises

stand firm if yours seems delayed it’s not from a lack of Will on my part every

season has its purpose just wait a little longer with patience and soon your heart will leap with joy declare it

write it Proclaim it I believe do not be afraid I am your answer your peace your

breakthrough you felt this in your spirit you’re convinced I’ve reassured

you time and again as your Shepherd no matter the challenge you shall not

want you’re deeply anxious about what lies ahead your career your job and

those decisions looming over you the thought of losing your livelihood terrifies you as does the idea of

rejection or being turned away by others you feel trapped targeted by those who

conspire against you with their words yet I urge you again do not be

afraid my strength far surpasses any challenge you face fear no one not even

those deemed powerful consider those who wake intent on undermining you crafting their words

just to bring you down their sole purpose seems to be to undo what I’ve built in you I encourage

you wherever you are to find a moment of Peace a slice of

solitude close your eyes you don’t need a flood of words just silence and an

open heart to listen my voice will penetrate your soul reaching those hidden wounds the ones

that stir you awake at night leaving you puzzled over why Darkness brings such unrest why thoughts Cloud your mind why

the dawn fills you with Dread and why dusk brings the shadow of solitude once

again but I say to you hand over these worries to me in my presence you’ll find strength

for my word holds the power and the answers you seek find me in the quiet of dawn I’m

always listening always understanding even when your voice is silent and your

tears speak volumes know that I cherish you hold you close and am Forever by

your side throughout all time the world may try to drown you in despair but I

envelop you in my love while some may wish to see you fall my Holy Spirit

reaches out lifts you up and proclaims rise my child my beloved stand firm be

brave and fearless for you are Beyond reach of harm cherish this assurance let

it be the last thing you Ponder each night it’s vital that you absorb these words a new every word they’re food for

your soul bringing Tranquility to your mind your space becomes a glow with my

holy presence just for a moment open your spiritual eyes and see the Heavenly beings tasked

with your protection shielding you from the harshness of the world promise me I ask of you not to

forget these words as you turn off the lights to sleep whisper to yourself I

rest in the Refuge of the most high surrounded by love in the shadow of the

almighty remember my mighty Lord has not for forgotten

you though the world may look down upon you my gaze upon you is filled with affection while the world judges and

tries to change you I see you for who you truly are I love and accept you

knowing your hopes and recognizing your potential there will come a moment when

you yourself seek definitive changes in your life leaving behind the destructive habits that once consumed you a time

will arrive when you learn to value value love and care for yourself no it’s

not selfishness I have ordained it don’t you remember love your neighbor as yourself

you must acknowledge and embrace the True Value you possess you won’t become

prideful I’ll give you a tender heart to understand everyone’s suffering yet

you’ll also comprehend your worth and potential receiving all gifts and blessings

joyfully I shower you with bless blings not because your actions are flawless but because of my deep love and

willingness to bless you I see not only your mistakes and shortcomings but also

your strengths and Gifts my blessings flow from my grace and mercy towards

you please don’t turn away from the blessings I have in store for your future put aside your worries a season

of Plenty peace and joy is on the horizon the blessings I provide come

from the pure love in my heart free from Pain and grief what I offer is

inherently good now do you believe this voice it out pen it down I yearn to see

your spirit and heart brimming with faith hear this clearly I am your protector against any

who oppose you stay trusting Serene and

undisturbed avoid responding to threats or seeking Revenge instead kneel and

confide in me I will soothe you and disclose the plans of Triumph and victory I’ve laid out for

you I take it to heart when foes aim to shatter your hopes crush your spirit and

tread upon your dreams they might attempt but with your faith steadfast and your stance

unyielding they will not Prevail your enemies will tremble at the sight of your boldness bravery and Rock Solid

confidence they may throw lies your way but you are enveloped in my protection

my angels are on standby just waiting for my word they’ll foil your foes plans

for good sending them away never to bother you again I’ll lay out a path

rich with resources and bright ideas for you I’ll bring influential allies into

your life doors critical to your success will swing wide open you won’t face

defeat after enduring tests you’ll emerge stronger and full of joy you’re

hearing this because I’ve planned a future filled with blessings for you a fierce passion ignites within you a deep

resolve to persevere all for your loved ones your unyielding faith and character

will strike fear into the hearts of your adversaries now knowing this promise ask

yourself Whom Shall you fear there’s no force in the cosmos that can touch you

don’t be swayed by fanciful stories claiming anything holds more sway than I do forget about spells witchcraft curses

or fantasies hold this truth close nobody has Enchanted you reject the

falsehoods of this world my blood was poured out on a cross and in that moment every Power Of

Darkness was humiliated the bill of your sins was pinned to the Cross yet sometimes your

detractors wave a meaningless duplicate to haunt you with past errors and Brea fear live in the now your blessing is

upon you no harm can befall you if you give your life and heart to me you’re

liberated from Every curse debt suffering and sickness this is the truth

and so it shall remain be bold your journey is far from over stay focused

not swayed by sides shows on your way keep your eyes on the prize on the

abundance and joy that’s yet to come I’m showing you how deep my love runs I

don’t want you to abandon your dreams keep faith and wait a bit longer to see

your aspirations materialize when You Face hurdles and hardships remember my promises and the

times I’ve helped you achieve your purpose be thankful in all situations never feel forgotten for

that’s far from reality such negative thoughts come from Darkness

don’t let them invade your mind feeling down is part of the human condition and

both your body and spirit have their breaking points but a time of rest and renewal is on the

horizon every season has its purpose a time to push forward and a time to pause

a time for confrontation and a time for strategy your faith might falter and

obstacles emerge when you lose focus on your journey getting distracted by what’s around you

neglecting my teachings and getting overwhelmed by discouraging voices that fill you with

doubt you may face many who wish to see you fail but do not fear keep your eyes

on what truly matters beside you stands the greatest champion your Defender your king the

maker of all I your father in Heaven your foes might approach with bold

threats but but they’ll retreat in defeat embarrassed and overcome tumbling into a pit they won’t climb out of your

Victory your achievement is on its way whether you see it happen or if it’s your children who reap the rewards of

your efforts your tears and your struggles planted in the ground of your

aspirations even if these seeds bloom after you’ve moved on to Heaven together

you and I will look down Overjoyed as the promises I made come true stay encouraged keep pushing

forward for your hard work will be recognized I will personally bestow upon

you the crown of Triumph you’re close to discovering the answer you’ve been seeking today I am

set to transform your life for I have seen your trials your unwavering faith

and your commitment the Miracle on the horizon will fill your heart with

happiness what seemed impossible is Within Reach listen to me now and get ready to

welcome your blessing open up your hands clear your heart of doubt and skepticism

because what’s entering your life now surpasses all you’ve hoped for I’ve

observed your daily prayers for me to unlock this chance for you and today I assure you the door has swung wide open

everything you’ve prayed for is about to become reality trust in my strength

embrace my blessings keep keep faith and stand bold welcome with open arms what I

bestow upon you don’t turn away from what I place before you regardless of the size of your challenges the

Persistence of your battles or how reality May differ from

your expectations I am your God wielding authority over every circumstance and

your very existence elevate your faith gaze towards the skies and always keep your

your head uplifted for my words are true I never falter I remain

undefeated I will never leave your side feel now the serenity I impart let it

fill your heart with calm rely on this peace find solace in it so you might

gather courage once again and dare to hope so you can believe in love once more forgive those who’ve wronged you

and possess the insight to decide whom to trust again or have the resolve to

refuse and move Beyond harmful relationships or toxic friendships after everything you’ve

faced perhaps the idea of living in peace and joy feels

unfamiliar you’ve been through so much turmoil that my blessings seemed Out Of Reach but stand strong and don’t lose

heart welcome this Fresh Start you’re undergoing a transformation you’re set

to walk on new ground the future unfurling before you is filled with promise and Marvels but you must trust

in it and welcome it say to me I believe it and I welcome it can you spare a

moment just listen closely don’t fret over anything focus on my words and

treasure them I need to tell you again about this incredible love I have for you my love is more than words or

feelings it’s a forever promise I’ve told you I love you words

spoken from my heart I’ve made it official sealed with my blood and my decision is final my

promises are steadfast you’ll always find a place within my heart each star

twinkling in the night sky shines to light your way through the dark reminding you of the profound love I

have for you the Sun that beams down from above bathing you in light exists

so you can feel the warmth of a love invisible to the eyes but so vast it Chas es away any Shadow lurking in your

heart experience my love every evening before you drift off to sleep embrace it

a new each morning as you rise ready to face another day know that you are deeply cherished

and have unwavering faith in this love which is as tangible as it is true it’s

Not Mere fancy or a figment of your imagination the deepest yearning in your life is for love and and it is love that

I am offering you I’m showering your life with a gift so marvelous and radiant it will transform how you see

everything my love for you runs deep and it’s vital to me that you not only

survive but flourish I want you to have the strength to face any challenge no

matter how small or vast imagine walking on the ocean’s surface never sinking

into the sea of troubles standing firm even on the hottest desert

sands my love for you is boundless and I promise to give you the courage you need

my words are a solid rock beneath your feet guiding you forward hear me once

again I wish for you to truly live value and honor the future I’m preparing for

you you must embrace it you must welcome it with open arms I’m offering you life

and hope and you must accept them with faith to to Prevail everything will be all right

every problem will find its resolution this is the sign you’ve been seeking you’ve called out to me shed

tears and prayed for guidance and here I am answering you from the moment you

reached out an angel was dispatched from my throne in heaven bringing the key to set you free you hold a uniquely

precious place a fierce battle is waged over you in the heavens the the enemy

wants to see you defeated crawling without victory my angels are combating on your behalf clashing with Darkness

above the recent Surge and challenges you face isn’t random be vigilant and

sharp speak wisely keeping your secrets closely guarded be careful with your

trust the enemy prows seeking to find a crack in your armor aiming to ruin you

with falsehoods and trickery to Snuff out your light of faith jealous eyes see the favor I’ve

placed upon you and your path is set for wonders a life beyond the ordinary is

destined for you you might face trials momentarily but these hardships are fleeting they will

end the heaviness in your heart will lift those who have wronged you will

come back asking for your forgiveness and you will not turn them away you’ll

show them love offering help is needed but remember your ultimate faith and trust should

always be in Me Above All Else even if people promise you wonders never fully

trust them nobody else has the power to bless you or protect you from harm nobody else

has the true word that only I can give if you stop believing in me and start

trusting in false promises your blessings will vanish like smoke possibly never to return now is

your moment let your faith cling to my unchanging Eternal Word steadfast and truthful

forever the time to choose is nearing opt for my love my care my comfort My

Embrace commit sincerely to seeking me each morning hearing my voice and

embracing the teachings I offer for I give you purpose and strength this is

your sign awaken to the truth the challenges you’re facing will dissipate

the help you’re anticipating is on its way the support you need will be provided my love for you is proven today

I will pull you through this ordeal you’ve sought my help and I have

listened I’m here to deliver promises for you to embrace with unwavering faith

my word is a bond assuring you my victory will soon be yours directly from

my Throne to your hands you’ll be rewarded for your endurance honored for your bravery y celebrated for your

persistence and crowned with Life along with countless blessings declare boldly

with your voice and heart that you believe and will receive them even if today finds you tired do not fear I am

here to infuse you with strength to stabilize your stance Quicken your step

and embolden your spirit I am here to witness your faith

as you absorb these words a divine spark Kindles within you urging you to stand

and strive for further victories my child this reflects my Essence I watch

over my children it Grieves me to see you overwhelmed by sadness crushed by

defe as thoughts or suffering physically from the stress you bear I refuse to

watch you suffer so each night as you close your eyes and surrender your sleep

to me I will visit your dreams with a gentle Whisper of my love for you gone

will be the nights of restlessness you’ll sleep peacefully as a child and

upon Awakening you’ll find my presence once again soothing you readying your

spirit to rise with a renewed determination for Joy great things are on the horizon for

you filled with grace and sanctity you’re on the brink of heartwarming family reunions and will

meet new folks with pure hearts your journey moves forward you’re not meant

to live in past Sorrows I’m pulling you out of bondage and fear into a space of

Liberty pledge to me that you’ll treasure this Freedom as you heed my

words your bravery is growing your inherent courage impresses me as do your

Noble intentions and the diligent faith and effort you put into making things

right when you find yourself in Triumph encircled by achievements when my

blessings abundantly fall upon you bringing deep Joy keep coming back to me

strong and Valiant as you may be you are still my child and I desire your company

to bask in my affection in my heart you hold an everlasting unique place I’ve

seen the battles you faced I know the strength within you life has thrown its

harshest trials your way pelted you with stones I understand your heart

the depth of your emotions your cries for help for a Guiding Light for

support the darkness of night doesn’t hide your fears or Solitude because I am

right there with you enveloping you in my presence and truth even if you can’t

see me I am always by your side felt in the quiet of every night when you go to

your room close the door behind you and kneel by your bed to pray and talk with me I am there I’ve always been with you

invisible yet everpresent offering my peace filled with my love I provide you

with bravery refreshing your faith I stand by you keeping watch dispatching

my angels to guard you against the fears of the night I am the one who empowers you giving you the Vigor to face and

overcome each day a new I am the foundation that keeps you steady

rebuffing fear and despair when they try to encroach roach how many nights have you gone to

sleep burdened with grief your face wet with tears from life’s challenges only

to wake up calm strengthened and rejuvenated the storms you face will

never outweigh the power of your God though sorrow May last through the night

the joy I bring greets you with the mour feel the depth of My Affection

listen to my guidance and dream of The Magnificent future you yearn for imagine

it as vividly as you can but know it’s just a shadow of what I’ve planned for

you tremendous blessings are on their way abundance love togetherness wealth

and opportunities await you cling to your faith don’t let wrongdoing trip you

up stay true and when harmful thoughts try to capture you remember my pledge

and hold firm to my path in moments of confusion when you feel weak and lost

reach out to me experience my love let my peace fill

your being chasing away every shadow of fear and uncertainty follow this path and I

assure you my child no challenge will overcome you negative feelings won’t

drown you I’ll bless you with my peace giving you the strength to Choose Wisely on your journey my love for you is

endless I am your father your Shield your Navigator no one can touch you for I

stand with you always hearing your prayers I will return to you what’s rightfully yours your endurance brings

me joy despite your trials and unmar sufferings I keep lavishing you with my

endless gifts accept these blessings and don’t worry about those who spread fear

you are blessed beyond measure gifted with insights and knowledge that many will never know stay firm follow the

path laid before you and keep your gaze fixed ahead those who wish to see you

fail have not succeeded you remain upright your faith

unshakable I praise your wisdom Your Capacity to see what really counts

ignoring the negativity and plots of those against you their hostility only

highlights your strength my presence in your life irritates them my blessings on your household cause their

discontent as they lose sleep over jealousy know that I am guarding your life your loved ones your home your job

I will ease their bitterness change their attention for they Now understand their actions don’t affect you their

families are the ones who lose out having ignored my teachings and love turning away from the gu guance meant

for their happiness but you you chose to walk with me seeing in me the answer to

all your problems giving your heart entirely to my plan steadfast in your

trust in my promises you’re aware not everyone holds your faith look around so

many could be warmed by my affection yet they keep their hearts closed they face

disappointments and point fingers at me but you my dear child you’re different

you’ve come to realize that your joy your destiny doesn’t depend on others but entirely on me keep walking this

path every day growing in strength and wisdom until even those who doubted you

turn to you for guidance about me an even greater blessing lies ahead

on your journey stay faithful and devoted I am with you at every moment

keep pushing forward never give up my love for you is boundless and I will

honor your faith for all to see those who doubted you will stand in awe feeling regret while those who

wished for your failure will see the beauty of trusting in me your Eternal Father who loves you beyond

measure I’ve watched you navigate through numerous challenges hearing the scoffs of those who once made you

question your worth yet your faith remained untouched touched purified through trials turning

your anguish into bravery your fear into fortitude and your worry into

happiness great blessings are coming your way I’ve etched them onto your heart these words will never disappear

they’ll echo in your soul with each new day when you wake you’ll no longer start your day with Dread or sadness you’ll

feel free the chains have been broken Every curse that lingers over your life

is gone embrace my word with faith memorize it write it down on a piece of

paper place it in your Bible right at the start of Psalm say my words before you go to sleep

close your eyes and Proclaim Jesus I trust in you you’ll

sense my presence right there with you declare the Lord is my shepherd I shall

not lack read the whole psalm it’s a gift from me to you follow this

guidance and you’ll discover a strength within you unknown until now you’ll rise

high like an eagle reaching New Heights in faith looking forward to the fresh

blessings I have in store for you tomorrow start a new keep your Bible

close to your bed and in the early morning I’ll wake you I’ll speak softly

to you sharing sacred words and marvelous Visions meant just for

you step into the extraordinary where true Joy is crafted in this place you’ll

Embrace gentleness and humility here I equip you with the strength to conquer

all Darkness to walk unharmed among the fiercest challenges fear is unnecessary

for you are protected I’m opening the gateway to a world where wonders never cease for me

nothing is too great for you you everything becomes achievable you’ve stayed true never

wavering in your faith in me because you’ve been faithful in the smallest things I’m setting you up for greater

achievements my love for you is endless now the season of waiting is

over and a time of abundance Dawns the struggles you faced were not

in vain they were shaping you for the immense blessings on the horizon I’ve heard your cries of

desperation wondering when relief will come once again I assure you the moment

for my promises to be realized is right at your doorstep take action stand up and open

the door strengthen your faith step out to claim your blessing with the mindset of

a conqueror avoid looking for barriers resist the urge to sit back in

resignation don’t let skepticism dry up your faith your skills and talents are

poised to bloom this world is a magnificent Garden that I’ve placed you in you’re not merely a

blossom but a vibrant tree offering shade and comfort to those who seek me

you’re chosen to be a conduit of blessings for many to share my love with

your loved ones to lend a helping hand to those in pain and to bring Prosperity

into your household get ready the time for Gathering is almost here step

outside and take in the scent of the ripe fields all set for victory you are

among my chosen ones I will Empower you raise you up and

remove any scarcity or need from your life but listen carefully don’t be like

those who ignore my call squandering their days on things that don’t matter when troubles arise don’t point fingers

at me resist the urge to Grumble or be jealous of those who flourish for they

simply embrace the blessings I offer the yield of the coming season is meant

for you don’t let others reap what’s yours those who fail to value my favor

let my gifts fall to waste guard the treasures I entrust to you don’t hand

over what’s precious to forces that seek to consume protect your home from harm make

it a point to hear me out each morning I promise to equip you with the knowledge to excel in everything guaranteeing a

Bountiful Harvest you’re being prepared for wonders so vast they’re beyond your

current understanding await these blessings and more from your heavenly

father my blessings aren’t meager handouts I pour out on you an abundance

like never before believe it embrace it and never hesitate to express your love for me

today I’m coming into your life to transform your fate you’re in pain

yearning for the Embrace of my love that heals and shields you without any judgment you’re in need of my gentle

presence that wraps around you quietly without any blame you seek my

understanding ear ever ready to listen to you endlessly without cutting you

off acknowledge your yearning for me for that is the undeniable truth you’ve hit

the limits of your own strength it’s time to recognize your need for me

you’ve reached out to me with faith and honesty and so I am here to bring Salvation to you and your loved ones I

see the difficult path you and your family are walking through a daunting desert where isolation erodes hope and

your heart aches for love after facing endless rejections the journey is tough and you

find yourself crying out in agony as you walk over the burning ground that brings

tears of pain I’m fully aware of your struggles continuing forward and

maintaining Faith amidst such trials is challenging yet I’ve arrived to protect

you from the foes that seek to harm and belittle you even if you feel beaten and

disheartened I am here to rekindle your will to live I want to make it clear to

you my child that my aim in lifting you up isn’t to belittle your brothers or

sisters but rather to teach you the importance of reaching out to help those who’ve stumbled and Fallen let go of

anger prom Pride fear doubt and any lack of belief don’t get stuck in what’s behind

you nothing from your past can measure up to the happiness waiting for you from this moment on look for reasons to be

thankful in both the big and little things in your life move forward with a

pure heart and my teachings guiding you don’t lose heart if today seems hard or

if you question Your Own Strength listen to my voice open your heart wide welcome

the calm I bring and give yourself a moment to breathe and rest your thoughts

as the creator of all I command the tumultuous winds around you to quiet down to stop the world’s menacing

Whispers that try to scare you shake your faith blur your vision of progress

and undermine your achievements won’t trouble you anymore you might see yourself as weak

but listen closely recognizing your your own limitations and understanding your

need for me is crucial together with your faith and my strength you’re unstoppable filled with

a Vigor that cannot be quenched Embrace this message of faith and your Frailty will vanish boldly say

I am strong and walk tirelessly towards the mountain where I await you at its

peak you’ll find the place where your highest hopes can be realized where your dreams come true

now is the moment to embrace my plan for you and allow me to act in your life from this point you’re meant to

rise not fall back spread your wings and aim higher to see from above the realm

of blessings I’m eager to Grant you you won’t dwell in sorrow go to sleep in

turmoil or wake up in Gloom or defeat anymore starting today your life will be

marked by vibrant faith kindled a new each Dawn you’ll choose

Joy regardless of the situation refusing to let any discouragement or bad news

dim the brilliant smile that lights up your face you are my beloved child never

forget that you’ve given your heart to me and my spirit lives within you you

stand apart there’s no need to follow the crowd or Echo their words many are swayed by every Whisper

of of trouble their hopes crumble and fear takes hold but you are different my

boundless love fills you your faith shines brightly and your words carry strength and prayer spread your wings

for you are liberated rejoice and share these messages I’ve bestowed upon you with

your loved ones my love for you is endless I will guide you from barrenness

to Triumph and the joy you deeply seek I do this out of my immense love

for you for you hold precious Worth to me and I have envisioned a magnificent

plan for your life listen carefully because the words you’re hearing and reading now are filled with truth and

substance I see the heavy heart you’ve been carrying how finding joy in each day has grown

tougher you’ve been walking through a season of struggle but get ready for a

remarkable and divine shift in your life there’s there’s been a long stretch of gloom and

misunderstanding but now you’re stepping out of this desert the world tried its hardest to dim your light and shake your

faith but you stood strong my child you’ve come through this lengthy and tough

trial From This Moment forward I’m turning things around I’m bringing back

your smile everyone will witness how my strength and might have rejuvenated you

in incredible ways my wisdom will guide you through every challenge you’ve

encountered after enduring a parched journey of loneliness where you were thirsty weary and felt frail it was your

faith your love for me and the love for your family that gave you the strength to stand and press on you kept going

enduring to the very end and now I’m sending clouds full of special rain a

living water of blessings a soothing Salve for your soul I am infusing your

being with my my spirit of love my promise to you remains unbroken I am

always here listening with a heart that leans in close whenever you call out to me in prayer using my sacred name right

now you stand on the brink of extraordinary Miracles and blessings that are about to flow into your life

and that of your family this is because of your unwavering loyalty and Faith your

courage to keep moving forward through the toughest paths your choice to believe in me and to

place your fate in my hands I will never let you down for my

love for you is profound my child trust that my plans for you are filled with

hope not despair whatever you ask in prayer I am

ready to Grant speak out your deepest wishes once more and I will listen from

the heavens and Grant the truest desires of your heart celebrate my child

for the times of hardship are over the moment for you to Triumph is just around

the corner tell me do you hold this belief in your heart I cherish you




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