my beloved child when the Islanders

spotted the snake hanging from his hand

they assumed he was a murderer despite

escaping from the water he was not

permitted to

live Paul shook the snake into the

flames and remained

unharmed some individuals continued to

have superstitious beliefs nowadays if

you do that this will happen if you like

this it will happen avoid superstitious

beliefs you know what you need to

believe you know who you believe in some

individuals may make harsh assumptions

about you based on their appearance or


circumstances similar to how The

Islander described Paul don’t give them

your ears you know who you really are

you know who you belong to you are

certain that what I say will come true

in your life always remember that I

created you that indicates I have a

purpose for you I shall achieve my goals

via you at the appropriate moment if

positive thoughts are coming in your

life then like this

video my dearly beloved kid listen to me

or on a continual basis there are

several persons and situations that need

prayer which I would like to share with

you I am teaching you to focus on me and

tune out distractions with the

assistance of my spirit walk with me in

pure Faith reacting to my initiative

rather than attempting to fit things

into your plans I die to set you free

even from excessive planning my speech

is difficult to hear I your mind is

racing with

ideas focusing on planning might lead to

a need for control turn away from

idolatry and return to me listen to me

and you will live abundantly welcome

problems as a way to broaden your

Viewpoint my youngsters prefer to sleep

keep walk through their days until they

encounter a barrier that hinders

them when faced with an issue that does

not have an immediate solution how you

handle it might impact your mood you may

get angry resentful and feel sorry for

yourself while facing

difficulties this will lead to feelings


self-pity consider using using the

difficulty as a ladder to get a better

perspective on your life from a higher

perspective the challenge you’re facing

may seem little and temporary gaining a

new Viewpoint allows you to shift your

focus away from the issue at hand turn

towards me and feel the light of my

presence shine on you the day ahead

presents several decisionmaking

opportunities having so many options

might be

overwhelming focus on the present now

where I am tenderly preparing you for

the day ahead make decisions one at a

time since each depends on the previous

one type Allen in your heart to receive

today’s blessing instead of creating a

mental map of your day concentrate on my

loving presence I will prepare you to

face any challenges that may arise I

will provide you with what you need at

the right time please share your

physical emotional and spiritual

limitations with me take comfort in my

presence and realize that nothing is

impossible with me take your mind off

your issues and concentrate on me

remember that I am am capable of far

exceeding your expectations instead of

directing me focus on what I’m currently

doing when worrying arises tell yourself

that I am your Shepherd I am taking care

of you so don’t be frightened of

anything rather of attempting to control

your life surrender to my will my will

is the safest place to be even if it

seems frightening or

dangerous either risen one constantly

light upon you you worship a live deity

not a mere picture created by humans

your connection with invade should be

both exciting and difficult as it

expands into other areas of your life

don’t be afraid of change

I am transforming you into a new

creation letting go of the past and

welcoming New

Opportunities relying on Old Habits and

routines hinders my work inside you I

encourage you to trust in me for your

protection and accept what I am doing

for you routine may be become a source

of security within personal bounds every

day as its own own set of circumstances

albe it being hours

long don’t attempt to fit today into

yesterday’s mold instead ask me to open

your eyes and reveal everything that I

have planned for you on this special

day Heaven exists in both the present

and the future holding my hand as you

move through life connects you to the

core of Heaven closeness to me the

planet is alive with my presence and

offers glimpses of paradise along the

way sunlight wakes your heart and

reminds you of my bright light birds

flowers trees and Sky oh glorify my Holy

Name keep your eyes and ears wide open

while you go with

me the end of your life Journey leads

leads to Paradise I am preparing you for

your destination but I cannot tell you

when the knowledge of your heavenly home

provides peace and joy to guide you on

your journey you will be home on time

never too early or too

late allow the prospect of paradise to

inspire you as you travel the road of

life with

me comment lord always always protect me

dearest child I come before you today

with a heart full of love hoping to

guide and uplift you I implore you to

open your heart and listen attentively

to the words I share for they are spoken

with you in

mind and the gentle Whispers of your

heart my voice emerges listen closely

for this communication is crafted for

you you to reach you amidst the noise

that life

presents today I offer you a

straightforward yet temp factful

directive listen in the quietude of your

heart you will discern my voice guiding

you lovingly Shanda distractions ADV

Vier your attention my words are

intended solely for you place your trust

in my guidance and I promise to lead you

to Realms of peace and profound

satisfaction therefore I urge you my

precious child do not turn away avoid

The Mists of doubt and fear that seek to

obscure your thoughts embrace the love

and wisdom I provide with an open heart

and let them transform your

life in the next few moments I am here

here to address your queries alleviate

your concerns and illuminate your path

but you must first commit to listening

fully through this you will find all the

answers you seek today I bestow upon you

the gift of Hope a powerful force

capable of dispelling Despair and

sparking a deep Awakening within let go

of the need to control and surrender to

my will witness the Wonders that defy

explanation imagine yourself free from


burdens walking a path brightened by the

radiant joy that I bring your challenges

and pain have not gone

unnoticed I have felt each one alongside

you now it is time for your suffering to

transform into overwhelming Joy Rise my

beloved for in our Unity your true

strength lies together we will recover

the lost domains of your spirit

rejuvenated by my Everlasting

promise the time of longing is over the

riches I have promised are now flowing

towards you your steadfast faith during

dark times will soon bear fruit

manifesting as success and Victory in

all your endeavors you will no longer

see only parts of the

whole you will understand me completely

as I have always understood you with

your complete devotion the asence of my

spirit will work powerfully within

you I have longed for this moment when

your faith would Echo like a mighty

Anthem declaring the renewal of all

things under my just rule even as doubts

whisper and challenges arise a steadfast

truth calls out you are meant to

overcome all

obstacles align your soul with its

purpose pursue your dreams with courage

and watch the opposition fade the voices

of Doubt will be replaced by revelations

of Truth dedicate yourself fully and you

will tap into an infinite source of


blessings The Impossible will become

possible as you harness the latent

energy within a transformative power a

miracle waiting to happen ready to be

Unleashed at your

command embrace the coming miracles for

you are on the brink of a new

extraordinary chapter rra in divine

empowerment the time is perfect and you

My Chosen One are called to initiate

this Golden Age of Wonders type if

you trust

Lord remember I am always with you

providing endless compassion and

replenishing your spirit with Grace at

every step your journey is lit with the

light of divine favor and as you move

forward may you find comfort in the

Relentless strength of your

resolve your path may be strewn with

trials but each one contains that

promise of Victory requiring only your

unwavering Spirit to thrive amidst

uncertainty let your indomitable Spirit

shine drawing from a well of wisdom

gained through experience guiding you st

steadfastly to your ultimate

goal amidst life’s tumult remain Brave

and let your heart lead you to your


greatness dear beloved I reach out to

you today with a message steeped in love

and Rich with encouragement please open

your heart wide to accept the waves of

faith and optimism that I’m sending your

way you You Are Not Alone on this path


tread the universe itself is aligning

its vast forces to support your upward

Journey though your path may be winding

and sometimes obscured by challenges

both visible and hidden hold fast to the

belief in your inner strength every

hurdle you face is merely another step

upward each one proving your resilience

and steady

determination when dark thoughts of

Doubt try to Shadow Your Inner Light

cast your mind back to the victories

you’ve already claimed each one is proof

positive of your ability too rise above

even the most daunting

challenges you are a light of Hope in

this of and dim World a living proof of

the Relentless human

Spirit my dear child if you feel moved

to support our mission to spread this

hopeful message further kindly consider

making a donation through the link

provided below let courage fill your

heart and let your spirit catch the

flame of

determination in these tough times you

will not just survive you will emerge

stronger sculpted and new by the

challenges you’ve

overcome your Earthly struggles are

crafting a legacy far beyond this life

when you celebrate and give thanks for

my support you unleash at torrent of

blessings that no no bounds your voice

when joined with others and a chorus of

Hope orchestrates a future filled with

potential and fulfillment

keep your eyes fixed on me your

unshakable protector and I will create

safe passages and guide many to

safety across the ages your resilience

against adversity has sparked

significant change guiding you through

periods of growth under my careful watch

your attentiveness to my gentle nudges

calls upon Heavenly Force is posed to

assist you at a moment’s

notice your unwavering resolve even in

the face of Doubt activates Divine

forces ready to clear your path and open

new doors

swiftly from deep valleys of hardship be

rised freeing ourselves from old bonds

and celebrating the sweet fruits of our

long labor my dear friend move forward

with courage and endrance let your voice

ring out clear and strong as you prepare

to take on the next stages of your

journey now let the sum of your

experiences your intellect your

emotional depth your resolved Spirit arm

you as you step boldly towards your

dreams this is your time for Monumental

break throughs as Justice and fairness

pour forth correcting past

wrongs let every step you take resonate

with gratitude each breath of Testament

to the endless kindness that fills your

life may your heart vibrate with

thankful affirmations reflecting the

vast love that envelops

you if you agree typs and forward this

video to nine other individuals who

believe in God Christ says Believers

should not see the physical world as a

permanent home since it is just

temporary fixating one’s attention on

the world and its worldly Goods prevents

one from really experiencing God’s love

and tremendous

effect loving God opposes a strong

desire for Earth Earthly money since it

is impossible to serve both faithfully

befriending and partaking in immoral

behaviors whether superstitious or

sacrilegious is not

acceptable temptations that satisfy our

worldly impulses and egocentric

aspirations are considered Wicked

distractions like bodily Pleasures

Financial things and

pursuing worldly recognition do not fit

with God’s desire they are motivated by

people who value worldly goals above


Development as Christians we are

exhorted to avoid worldly

Temptations and pursue a greater purpose

aligned with God’s teachings for the

simpler are killed by their Turning Away

refers to to people who reject Christ’s

gospel and neglect his

teachings their Folly and failure to

listen to him led to their own downfall

some perceive it as a false sense of

Tranquility for those with a limited

understanding despite the impending

disaster they sought consolation in

there customs and rights believing

everything was okay

they persisted to their Wicked Ways

ignoring shame and Dread of

Retribution and living in full security

until their deaths similarly idiot’s

success will lead to their ruin they

abuse their money and success engaging

in Wicked conduct that leads to their

downfall seeing the wicked grow and


repercussions encourages them to

continue in their own ways ultimately

leading to their demise many people get

comfortable in their affluence assuming

that everything will always go

smoothly they ignore the possibility of

oncoming Calamity ignorant that it may


unexpectedly Lord says comment common if

you believe in my

words recognizing our limits and relying

on God’s guidance is crucial for our

religious Journey this acknowledgement

humbles us before the Lord and inspires

us to choose his Direction above


else as followers of Christ we are

called to seek righteousness believing

that genuine knowledge comes from God D

is revealed fire his word avoid worldly

Pursuits that only provide transcient

happiness instead we should actively

study and follow God’s

word those who wait patiently for the

Lord will experience his kindness in

amazing ways Waiting for God brings

pleasure and happiness as he becomes our

source of fulfillment in this world and

the next despite adversity we may rely

on God’s timing and presence in our

lives the Lord Reveals His favor to

those who seek Him sincerely God renews

our spiritual power and provides


resources so we don’t have to be

disappointed or ashamed of our hopes

God’s benefit are considerably greater

than our limited

understanding can you picture the

marvels of the future heavens and earth

our trust in Christ’s Incarnation was

not in vain the Lord graciously

fulfilled these longings in due time as

we seek him through prayer worship and

devotion he shows his kindness to our

Spirits he He blesses us with his own

presence become our protection and very

valuable prize God rewards you ask with

his son Jesus Christ who is the source

of all benefits God lavishes us with his

spirit and Graces and Promises us

everlasting glory and

Delight Christ provides us with all we

want including ending Grace and

everlasting life we may trust that the

Lord will never desert us or his

missioned he provides spiritual and

everlasting security for our life we

should put our Reliance and the Lord

alone rather than any other created

entity neither the greatest holy or

noblest creature merits our total Faith

avoid rying on temporal assets like

riches strength or

intelligence we should not rely just on

inherited or educational advantages we

should not trust our own hearts since

they are

treacherous we should not rely only on

our own morality or religious

responsibilities regardless of how

admirable they seem we should not rely

only on faith and trust trust in him

under all circumstances including

Affliction Temptation and darkness there

are several reasons for doing so he has

unlimited power and ability to help us

and his constant love kindness and

compassion motivates him to act on our

behalf the Lord is furious with people

who mistrust his

faithfulness we may trust Jesus Christ

for acceptance righteousness forgiveness

fullness protection salvation and

everlasting life trust in the Holy

Spirit to finish the work of Grace

inside our hearts let us entirely trust

in the Lord and reject all other sources


dependency May our faith be based on the

unwavering nature of our trying God type

Alon if you believe in

Christianity yet he did now not waver

through unbelief regarding the promise

of God however was reinforced in his

religion and gave glory to God being

absolutely persuaded that God had the

electricity to do what he had promised

Roman for

attention listener join this prayer

with me and say it with me dear Lord

please Infuse us with optimism today

help us remember that our Viewpoint is

important the words we tell ourselves


important focusing on and believing in

certain things may have a significant

impact particularly while we are

experiencing pain help us see and seek

you above all else you are a source of

hope for us during difficult times you

are the bright and Morning Star and your

light shines brightest in


darkness thank you for your promises and

the testimony of those who came for us

your word is meant to inspire and

provide hope we may read about your

Miracles good actions

Fidelity and the successes of

individuals who have seen your promises

fulfilled for

themselves they motivate us to rely on

and trust you they inspire you as to

believe that our struggles will be

rewarding they remind us that you are

our trustworthy Redeemer and great

physician our dark times are like a

butterflies cocoon preparing you ask for

a stunning

metamorphosis when we stand before you

in righteousness and glory Lord please

bless my friends and their loved ones

this coming week May they hear your

voice sense your

presence find comfort and serenity and

get healing in provision for their needs

may people get to know you in ways they

never have before may they find

inspiration and strength to tackle the

weak ahead and fill their hearts with

hope joy and peace we beg for these

things and jesus’ name

amen it is very necessary that you

provide support to our Channel by

supporting to our Channel you B gateway

to receive ongoing inspiration guidance

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if feasible please consider giving to us

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