y precious and dearly beloved child I am the Eternal one who loved you before

the foundations of the world were laid and my love for you burns with an everlasting and unquenchable

Flame it is out of this deep Abiding Love that I call out to you today with

an Urgent Message a message that I desire for you to take to heart and act upon without delay or hesitation for far

too long many of you have allowed yourselves to become entangled l in the trappings

of this Fallen World permitting the fleeting cares worries and distractions

of temporal existence to obscure your vision and divert your focus from the Eternal purposes for which I lovingly

formed you in my image you were created to bring glory to my name to be

ambassadors of my kingdom and to shine as beacons of light in the midst of a

world that is shrouded in profound Darkness yet I grieve to see how so many

of my children have settled for a life of spiritual mediocrity and complacency content to blend in with the

world around them rather than standing out as shining examples of my transformative power and love but today

I am sounding a Clarion call a wake-up alarm that must Pierce through the fog of apathy and lethargy that has

enveloped many of you I am declaring with a voice of Thunder that now is the time to shake off the shackles of

complacency and run rise up to embrace the high calling that I have placed upon your lives it is time to stop making

excuses to stop delaying and to stop postponing the very things that I have

laid upon your heart to do the urgency of the hour demands your immediate attention and unwavering

obedience I know the innermost desires and dreams that burn within your soul

for I am the one who placed them there I have given each of you unique Visions

callings and purposes that are tailored specifically for you designed to bring

glory to my name and to further the advancement of my kingdom on Earth

perhaps you have felt a stirring a holy discontent to share the good news of

Salvation with those who have never heard the name of Jesus or maybe you have been burdened by the Injustice and

oppression that plague this world and you long to be a voice for the voiceless

a champion for the downtrodden and the marginalized it could be that I have ignited within

you a passion to use your god-given talents and Gifts in a unique and Powerful way whether through the Arts

through education through business or through any number of other avenues the

specifics may vary from person to person but the Common Thread is that I have called you to be Salt and Light in a

world that is desperately in need of the hope love and truth that you carry

within you so my beloved children I say to you today

with a sense of urgency and gravity do this ASAP ASAP stands for as soon as

possible and it is a call to action that I am issuing to each and every one of you no longer can you afford to delay or

postpone the things that I have laid upon your heart the time for procrastination has passed and the Sands

of opportunity are swiftly running through The Hourglass of Life do not allow fear doubt or the de

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