my dearest child my most precious creation hear my voice resounding

through the vastness of existence I am your Eternal Father the

source of all that is and my love for you knows no bounds it pains me deeply

to convey this message but you must heed my warning for grave danger lies ahead

the path you currently tread is fraught with Peril and the choices you make will determine the course of your journey

the world you inhabit is a complex tapestry woven with both light and darkness and the forces of evil are ever

present seeking to ens snare the unwary I have imbued you with the gift

of free will a sacred trust that allows you to chart your own destiny however with this Freedom comes

the responsibility to discern right from wrong to listen to The Whispers of your conscience and to follow the path of

righteousness my child the dangers that beset you are manifold there are those

who would seek to lead you astray to corrupt your innocence and to sever the bond that binds us they will employ

cunning words and tempting promises appealing to your desires and fears in

an attempt to lure you into their web of Deceit but fear not my beloved for I

shall never forsake you I will send forth my warning signs subtle yet

unmistakable to guide you you back to the path of Truth heed the stirrings of

your heart The Whispers of your soul and the gentle nudges of your conscience for

they are my messengers urging you to turn away from the brink of darkness when you find

yourself entranced by the Allure of sin I will cause a heaviness to descend upon

your spirit a weight that reminds you of the consequences of your actions when

you consider embracing falsehoods I will send a Pang of disqui a nagging reminder that truth is the

foundation upon which all else stands in moments of Despair when the

Shadows seem to envelop you look for the glimmers of hope that I shall scatter along your path it may be a kind word

from a stranger a moment of unexpected beauty or a fleeting glimpse of the

Divine that reignites the spark within you my child the world is a battlefield

and the struggle between Good and Evil rais is on but you are never alone in

this fight I have armed you with the armor of Faith the sword of truth and the shield

of righteousness wield these gifts wisely and they will protect you from

the fiercest assaults of the adversary listen closely my beloved for

my voice will resonate within the depths of your being when you feel lost or uncertain seek solace in prayer for it

is a bridge that spans the distance between us pour out your heart to me and

I will answer guiding you back to the path of light and safety remember my

child that I am ever watchful ever present and ever loving though the

trials you face may seem insurmountable I will never abandon you

trust in my wisdom lean on my strength and walk in the light of my love and you

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