My Child Receive The Overflow | God’s Daily Message | Daily Message From God

friend no matter what your circumstances

may look like today God’s plan is to

bring you through to a place of

abundance he wants you to have an

abundance of Peace an abundance of Joy

an abundance of resources he wants you

to overflow with his blessings so that

you can be a blessing to the people

around you if you want to live in the

Overflow of God’s blessings you have to

have an attitude to receive the Overflow

remember as a believer in Jesus you are

a child of the most high God Royal Blood

is flowing through your veins you are

not created to be average you were not

created to barely get by and drag

through life you have seeds of greatness

on the inside you are well able to do

whatever God has called you to do today

put your shoulders back hold your head

up high and start thinking like a

Victor when you’re a Victor you know

that any adversity in your life is not

permanent it’s temporary have the

attitude to receive the Overflow of

God’s abundance keep believing and keep

expecting because it’s just a matter of

time until he turns things around in

your favor a prayer for today father

today I open my mind and heart to you I

choose to believe that you have a good

plan for me by faith I receive the

blessings you have for me so that I can

be a blessing to others in jesus’ name

amen like if you believe in God

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