my dearly beloved child you will never be defeated by the battles you fight or the obstacles that may come your way

having unwavering faith in my all powerful ability to put all things right shall ensure that you emerge Victorious

all you must do is place your complete trust in my word and know with absolute certainty that it will be done when I

say it will be done you can rest assured that it shall be so you can forget any debt you may owe for I will see to it

that things are made right you will not be found wanting and with my help you’ll have absolutely nothing to fear I am

always with you and no one shall ever stand against you my promise to you is that my words will stand as an eternal

Covenant with you trust in me completely and you will have no reason to doubt me I will never break my Covenant with you

rejoice always knowing that my love extends to you without any Borders or limitations and nowhere is my strength

greater than when it is manifested in your life know that I poured out my heart to create you and in that creation

I set my unwavering desire to see your life overflow with goodness blessings

and abundance I desire that your light may shine forth with greater and greater Brilliance like the sun rising in the

morning Sky becoming more radiant and glorious with each passing moment until

it reaches its full Noonday brightness place your complete trust in me my precious child believe with all your

heart that when I touch your pain your thorn and turn them into blossoming roses of

joy and Beauty your sufferings will not be wasted but will rather be the source of immense blessing flourishing and

wisdom the seeds of faith that you are sewing on the fertile ground of my love are not lost they will Blossom

abundantly producing a harvest beyond your wildest dreams and I promise you my

beloved child that from now on the doors of opportunity and blessing will open

for you more and more blessings will flow into your life like a mighty River

whether they be material emotional or spiritual but take the blessings I give

you seriously for they come with great responsibility if you are faithful with what may seem little I will entrust you

with even more my blessings come with a call to obedience and a sacred duty to be a faithful Steward of all that I give

you hold a Generous Heart firmly within you always ready to extend your hand to those in need let me bless you and use

to pour out my blessing upon your brothers and sisters the poor those in need of my love and provision my dear

child in this world you will meet with trials and tribulations that will seem very difficult to you to try to overcome

but you must know and understand that I shall be with you to cope with to pursue and lead your steps wherever you shall

go for I am of you and with you no matter how hard the going there may be my child I have much higher aspirations

for you than mere Earthly rich es or temporal success though I will certainly meet your every need and free you from

the burden of your debts I have an even greater desire to see you spiritually renewed drawn closer to me in intimacy

and love with your faith firmly established and unshakable through every Victory and trial you overcome by my

grace trust in my promise for I do not know failure blessings Flow To You in


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