“My Child I’m Proud Of You” | God Says | Gods Message

God says

today my beloved Offspring today I here

to reassure you I will be your Shield so

stay calm for All Shall eventually align

for your could even when situations seem

to worsen trust that there will be a

resolution as you feel yourself

descending into despair Ponder what

lessons might be gleaned from these

trials the journey has been tough and

your Yearning For Freedom is

understood remember your story isn’t

finished lift up Brave one for current

challenges don’t Define your future my

presence will accompany you as you

navigate life’s

fastness share it with six individuals

and watch these blessings

multiply I encourage you to remain true

to yourself making decisions based on

your own convictions rather than out of

fear of

criticism embrace the Tranquility I

offer let it Infuse your being it’s time

for rest and over your anxieties to me

I’m here to lighten your burden know

that you are cherish deeply maintain

your resilience and keep your Spirit

lifted your pleas have not gone unheard

anticipate the blessings set to come

your way enter thank you God if you


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