MY CHILD IGNORE IF YOU HATE ME | God Message Today | Jesus Tells |

God is saying to you you’re not reading

this by accident what is the condition

of your heart is it heavy tired weary

broken empty or lonely are you

overwhelmed by the weight of your sin

and worn down by the empty promises of

this world Let Jesus carry you and heal

you better than you can imagine he

doesn’t just put back the broken pieces

you give him he gives you a whole new

heart healed and forgiven and beating

full of life type amen and follow if you

believe God’s word for you today declare

today that you won’t stress over things

that are out of your control people will

be people jobs will be jobs but one

thing is for sure God will be God let

him handle it eight things God does for

you God answers God defends God provides

God forgives God redeems God responds

God supports God remakes God will fight

your battles for you God can turn any

situation around don’t forget that

storms without God will break you storms

with God will build you God can change

things in a moment keep praying and

never stop believing comment amen if

this prayer blessed you and share it

with someone else

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