My Child I Offer My Life To You l God Message Today l God Message For You l

my child your courage and Faith have

deeply touched my heart it brings me

immense joy to call you my own you’ve

shown wisdom in following my guidance

and finding peace in prayer Rejoice for

your path is marked with victories and

blessings but remember challenges are

part of your journey the enemy May test

you but don’t fear or waver my love and

presence are always near trust in me and

I’ll provide for all your needs keep

growing in wisdom and learn from the

past without carrying its

burdens move forward with determination

patience and peace knowing that I’m with

you through repentance I forgiven your

mistakes and my Spirit guides you with

love towards your

rewards your faith in me will bring

blessings to you and your family share

my word offer Comfort to others and

witness the blessings showed upon you

your tears are precious to me each one

holds the potential for EXT


blessings let them flow freely and

together we’ll transform your Sorrows

into testimonies of my love stay close

to me and I won’t release you until

you’re enveloped in security don’t carry

sorrow into the world Let My Words

cleanse your mind share with me your

resilience and together we’ll face life

a new your family is precious and I

promise Abundant Blessings to those who

stand by you show kindness forgiveness

and love to everyone especially those

closest to you through prayer and

patience guide them with love trust in

me during family trials and avoid anger


frustration I am your constant support

guiding you with love and ensuring peace

in your home you are destined for

immense blessings and I eagerly

anticipate revealing wonders in store

for you trust in my timing and embrace

each day with joy know that I am your

provider healer and protector seize this

moment for I Am With You Always guiding

you towards

Triumph your resilience astounds me and

I am here to lift you from despair trust

in me wholeheartedly and I will lead you

to victory reject complaints and embrace

faith hope and

positivity through your belief in me

wondrous blessings will unfold in your

life I am always watching over you

defending you from harm stand firm in

faith for victory is already yours

release feelings of unworthiness and

embrace my love together we’ll walk A

New Path filled with light wisdom and

prosperity my love for you is constant

and I yearn to shower you with affection

and Solace listen to my words carefully

for they hold vital guidance for your

healing trust in me and your blessings




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