My Child: Don’t Ignore Me & I Will Save You From The Devil | God Message For You | Jesus Affirmation

my child I speak to you today with words

of Hope and Assurance unforeseen

blessings are on the horizon and they

carry profound significance these

blessings will reveal why your soul

needed to develop endurance humility and

Faith you’re about to witness the

Enchantment of Miracles that are Beyond

Compare simply watch for your path is

about to take a magnificent turn and

your journey will be enriched pay he to

the numbers

1111 they carry a message of Joy love

and harmony in the upcoming 7 Days

expect extraordinary progress in your

professional spiritual and personal life

you are drawing towards your soul family

true love prosperity genuine

relationships good health and healing

your mental and spiritual strength is

growing unveiling your inner resilience

remember it is not your battle with mine

your strength comes from me when you

feel like giving up challenge yourself

not to for I have remarkable plans for

you August will indeed be a special

month a time to achieve your goals and

make outstanding progress each passing

day will clear obstacles from your path

here are eight things I want you to

understand this month today is a great

day for anything filled with healing and

answered prayers what you’ve prayed for

is drawing closer

be prepared for the keys I am about to

place in your hands worry not about

things beyond your control I am

unchanging and I will handle them expect

positive news I am working in the

background and standing up for you I

will open doors you haven’t even knocked

on yet prepare for the gift you’re about

to receive your remarkable comeback has

already been prepared get ready to

celebrate trust in me you will endure

with my help no problem s will overwhelm

you I know the scope of your goals and

you can trust me if you needed this

message type yes to affirm your faith

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