MY CHILD DON’T HURT ME BY IGNORING ME | God Message Today | Jesus Message |

I pray a lot not because I need

something but because I have so much to

thank God for pray this prayer with me

dear God thank you for being there for

me even when my feelings are all messed

up thank you that you know me and are

with me even now thank you that I’m

yours and that you love me help us feel

your love today meet us where we are at

and fill us with your peace in Jesus

name amen God’s timing might be sooner

than you think be ready don’t spend

another moment worrying God has already

worked it out for you Jesus when I’m

afraid I put my trust in you if God is

real and he loves us why do we suffer

suffering can strengthen our faith God

can use suffering to call us to

repentance suffering can come from our

choices if we suffer for righteousness

we will be blessed God’s plan is always

worth the wait God is reminding you to

keep the faith the miracle you’re

praying for is closer than you think

believe one single prayer could change

everything don’t lose hope Rejoice

always pray continually give thanks in

all circumstances for this is God’s will

for you in Christ Jesus comment amen if

you trust God save these reminders for

when you need them

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