my precious child listen closely for I speak to you now with great urgency and

love the time has come for you to be ready ready to run with all your heart mind soul and strength not in fear but

in faith not in panic but in purpose for I have prepared you for this moment and

now I call you to action remember how I formed you in your mother’s womb how I

knit you together with meticulous care and breathed my very life into you from

the beginning I designed you to run I gave you strong legs to carry you

swiftly lungs to fill with the breath of my spirit and a heart to pump with the

passion and power of my love you were born to run my child not away from

something but towards everything I have prepared for you think back on all the ways I have trained you for this race

every trial you’ve faced Every Mountain you’ve climbed every Valley you’ve traversed all of it has been preparation

when you felt weak I strengthened you when you stumbled I lifted you up when

you grew weary I carried you through it all I have been building your spiritual

muscles increasing your endurance sharpening your focus now is the time to

put all of that training into action the course I have marked out for you is not

an easy one there will be obstacles to overcome challenging terrain to navigate

and long stretches that will test your resolve but do not be afraid I am with

you every step of the way my word is a lamp to your feet Illuminating the path

before you my spirit dwells within you giving you the strength and wisdom you need for each moment and my love

surrounds you cheering you on louder than any Earth crowd ever could as you prepare to run remember these essential

truths one run with purpose this is not a Mindless Sprint or an aimless

wandering I have a specific calling for your life a unique role for you to play

in my grand story of redemption seek me daily to understand the direction I am

leading you let my will be the compass that guides your steps run with Clarity

of vision and Singularity of focus always keeping your eyes fixed on the prize that awaits you at the finish line

two run with perseverance the race set before you is a marathon not a Sprint there will be

moments of exhilaration when you feel like you’re flying and there will be times when every step is a battle

Embrace both in the easy stretches give thanks and store up strength in the

difficult Parts press on with determination knowing that I am developing your character and deepening

your dependence on me do not give up when the path grows steep or the wind

blows against you remember that with each step you are growing stronger and

drawing closer to your destiny three run with passion Let the Fire of my love

fuel your every movement run not out of Duty or obligation but out of a heart


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