“My Blessings Is On It’s Way” | God Says |

God message for you

today trust me dear child and trust your

journey to me this week for it’s set to

the a time of blessings and positivity

despite the rocky start hold on to your

faith I’m here and I won’t disappoint

you Grace yourself for Transformations

ahead life’s pains are real yet they’re

not Eternal it’s crucial for you to stay

optimistic you’ve been harsh on yourself

caught in a loop of

self-criticism feeling unworthy and

unloved it’s time to silence those


voices you are cherished and you are

indeed worthy of Love seek peace and

letting go of the need to manage the

uncontrollable and lean on me for

support remember your time on Earth is

finite reflect on how far you’ve come

the hurdles you’ve overcome with my

guidance it’s a moment to shift your

Viewpoint to stop dwelling on the

negatives instead focus on the positives

that surround you type harm if you

believe in Christianity


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