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my beloved child my blessing is upon you providing protection and comfort my

unconditional love listens to your every word filling you with the confidence that your faith will be

renewed after hearing and understanding my words you will feel fear give way to

happiness I will bless you so that your days of wandering in doubt and sorrow will end you will no longer entertain

thoughts of being Unworthy of my love nor nor will you feel shame in my presence or fear in prayer thinking you

have failed and expecting rejection you are mistaken I will not

reject your plea or answer with punishment please my dear child stop

these thoughts don’t believe that I have abandoned you because of past mistakes I

know you’re dealing with the consequences of your actions what once seemed appealing has become a source of

fear and pain sin leads to sorrow and pain but my

forgiveness brings life cleansing healing and joy to your heart I’m here

to redeem you offering eternal life and assuring you that the doors to my presence are always open come to me when

you are weary and burdened and I will help you through this tough time calming your soul lifting your burdens and

giving you the strength to deal with the consequences of your mistakes you won’t have to run from your problems or hide

behind a mask of Happiness while troubles and enemies surround you waiting for you to

falter human strategies won’t be enough to face your conflicts you cannot win

with your strength alone so know that you have my support

in every situation Don’t Be Afraid or embarrassed to tell me what you need I am here ready

to listen take this message to heart and fully commit your life to me I will give

you genuine love true happiness and eternal Prosperity that doesn’t lead to

debt but ensures abundance if you need more just ask and

if it’s in line with my will you can be sure it will be given to you I don’t want to see your tears anymore it’s time

to say goodbye to despair embrace the promises I have for you unlike your false friends who

promised the world and deliver nothing I am always right beside you with a

purpose that lasts forever I will guide you along the path of Life protecting

you from troubles conflicts and disasters hold on to me when you feel

weak reach for my hand when you’re troubled I aim to strengthen your spirit

enhance your wisdom and hear your praise talk to me warmly I treasure your

thankful and faithful words tell me you love me I long to hear your sweet voice

and your beautiful expressions of faith I love you deeply having given up

everything for you I will always be by your side guiding you on your path and rescuing

you from troubles conflicts and disasters accept my love let go of your

fears and worries and see what I can do in your life with my

power today will be different you will see changes in your environment in your family and in how people react to you

you will notice how Hearts change through my influence feeling my presence within you they will sense me and you

will see their astonished faces as they are moved by friendship and happiness today I give you wisdom and

prepare you to fulfill the dreams in your heart I understand your need for

happiness so trust in me I am aware of your feelings and experiences I want to

protect you from harm strengthen your character preserve your dignity and Empower you against

humiliation change your outlook smile and come to me in prayer every day believing that I will help you in

everything celebrate the love I give you for in praising and worshiping me my

presence surrounds you driving away your worries and filling you with my spirit

be joyful despite your troubles smile sing praise and raise your hands in

worship if asked why you celebrate say it’s because God is with you many may

not understand but it doesn’t matter I am here for you do not fear for my

mighty forces will come to your Aid when you raise your hands in surrender when you bow your head and your heart submits

when you decide to let go of all that weighs you down and trust in me

you’re seeking forgiveness and I aim to give you a new heart soon you’ll see how I wrap you in

my love don’t lose hope for my words are true I’ve promised you and your loved

ones incredible blessings and a brighter future and I will deliver I will fill you with peace and

joy if you believe in me trust in what I say and don’t worry about the future

don’t let negative thoughts take over worry only robs you of Happiness blinds

your vision drains your energy and clouds your spiritual

sight live out your faith and walk with me on a better path one of steady

emotions peace and calm I know you face challenges every

day the enemy tries to beat you down and mocks your courage saying your faith is pointless and your efforts are in vain

if you keep holding on to my promises but I urge you to stand up face all

obstacles and adversities boldly push forward with all your strength and Proclaim my words even when you’re tired

remember I am right there with you giving you strength and guiding you on the paths you need to follow I want to

remind you again the enemy who claims to be powerful cannot defeat you he only

speaks lies will you believe him or will you trust the God who gave you life storms listen

to my command my power is Limitless many might try to bring you

down but only I can truly help you you might stumble many times but with my

grace and love I will always be there to save you I want to help you and bless

you it is my desire to support and rescue you listen to me read my words believe

them and Trust in them stand strong in the coming days for I am about to do

great Miracles and wonders in your life and for your family you need a miracle

and it’s on its way you’ve come to me with the right mindset I take joy in you

when you enter your quiet place in silence and privacy to worship me you

lay your soul before me sharing all your sorrows and needs and washing them with

your tears I take Delight in your faith and trust sometimes you feel you can’t talk

to anyone about what you’re going through it’s just between you and

me you’ve shouldered this burden alone but I’m here to help

you you’ve sought me wholeheartedly and I will always answer you you need my helping hand to break

free from the things that hurt you confuse you and C cause you anxiety you’re desperate for my peace

for the ability to close your eyes and sleep peacefully to wake up feeling

joyful here’s my promise to you hold tightly to the faith that keeps you going to the promise I’ve made you I’m

your Defender your Shepherd your provider your God I protect you in my

hands I am your friend we will celebrate together when

the blessing you’ve been waiting for finally arrives trust me it will come expect it

I assure you you will receive it things are going to change let me fill your mind with my

promises that heal I want you to think differently to change how you react to

challenges always remembering that I will never leave you even if the challenges you face seem

tough and painful remember you can always reach out for my hand you know I love you

deeply how could I possibly abandon you after showering you with so much

affection you are my treasured child incredibly important to me when tough

times hit and it feels like the enemy is trying to pull you down into sadness

remember in your heart that you are not alone you are precious to me you are my

beloved child hold on to my promises they are good real powerful and true my commitment to

you is Everlasting I will always be by your side I love

you here’s what you can do let these words soothe your mind let them sink

deep into your heart feel them engraved forever renewing your strength

reigniting your will to fight and live and nurturing your dreams for a better

future my word is alive and Power powerful it removes the bad heals and

cleanses you and destroys the false ideas that brought you so much distress and

pain you are beginning to see with new eyes a light that chases away the darkness and fills you with hope to keep

going you need encouragement and I am already stirring your heart making you

feel alive again just like when you were young and full of dreams you will ReDiscover your first

love the joy you felt when you first knew me you will feel light like a

servant who runs up a mountain without feeling tired you will live again fueled

by the Heavenly Fire I am lighting within you your faith and Outlook will

be stronger and more positive than ever in my realm there’s no place for

despair yes you are human and might get tired but remember what to do on those

days come back to to my arms I’m here waiting to refresh and

satisfy your thirst to help you rest from all your hardships and to clear your mind of worries so you no longer

feel the weight of guilt that burdens you I have borne lashes and suffered

torment I carried the cross on my back while people mocked not understanding my

purpose I suffered died and rose again for you to save you from Eternal death

to Grant you wisdom and to make you strong so you always feel

secure knowing your God your father and your best friend is the creator of the

universe with this faith and confidence I want you to wake up each morning

filled with enthusiasm and faith my daughter my son I love you to show you

that it is really me speaking you will soon see a great sign of my love and

Power I hear you when you come to me disheartened I am not angry when you say

you can’t take it anymore that you feel desperate I respect you because you know

these words of discouragement should be spoken only before me I turn your sadness into

encouragement Spirit enthusiasm life and strength even when you come to me with

complaints I respond with love you will be rewarded because you keep your lips sealed and do not let discouragement

spill out when others see you don’t spread your despondency among your family or

voice your frustrations loudly for the world to hear and misjudge your faith no

one will help you and when they see you are weary they will push you harder

because they want to see you fall in this world no one loves you like I do no

one else can heal your Affliction no human can permanently ease your pain pain your secret stay safe with me I

have cleansed your past forgiven your sins and forgotten your offenses there’s no need for anyone to

know about your past failures don’t declare them if you seek understanding and renewed passion come to me again I’m

your best friend and I will find many ways to show you I don’t want you to fall for the traps of deceivers who wish

to confuse you you need love and none is like mine

sweet as honey Eternal as my Holy Spirit trust your heart to me now and

experience the transformative power of this love if you’re feeling burdened and

weary come to me and I will give you rest I will fill your heart with peace

empowering you to go out into the world and share the good news of my love and

kindness be a messenger of justice and Power Lay Your Hands on the sick and

heal them so everyone can see who stands with you difficult times won’t bring you down

the heat of hard days won’t Tire you or dry out your spirit cold storms won’t harm your skin or fill you with

fear I am your true father your well-being is what I desire your safety

is my wish your freedom and salvation are my

commands and when I speak the entire universe listens see all that I do for

you out of love and affection no one loves you more than I do believe this

now and Proclaim loudly that you love me so the whole world knows you’ve given your heart to

me love me stay calm I will handle the

impossible stay calm and keep your faith I have helped you before and I will do so again just as the winds and storms

stop at the sound of my voice so will the turbulent Seas of doubt in your

heart come to me now and I will give you the rest you need I will remove the

Clutter of thoughts and fears that trouble your mind and distract you I want peace for your days and Tranquility

for your nights you are entitled to many blessings but sometimes you overlook

them because you focus too much on fears about things that will never happen or on people who cannot truly harm you I

ask you to be calm once more ignore the news gossip or threats that come your

way I am the one who commands and I have the final say over your destiny even if

thousands of enemies rise against you even if you face the consequences of your own mistakes do not worry you

remain my child I will protect you from harm even if it feels like the world is

crumbling around you even if people around you Give In To Fear be strong and

courageous do not fear I will never leave you stay strong and know this is a

profound Test of Love through these words I am reaching out to you directly

touching your heart and answering those deep doubts you’ve wrestled with I love

you and I’m showing you right now I’m removing the scars and pain left

by those who hurt you trust me none of your past experiences were in vain today

you have the strength wisdom and maturity to stand up for your loved ones and assist others who have endured

similar hardships your time for Freedom has arrived you are now ready to be a vessel

of my love to bring light to those in darkness however your enemies know your

potential and that’s why they try to disturb your peace and cause you trouble if if you let them disrupt your

rest if you lose faith and succumb to fear you risk falling back into

anxiety here is the truth my love for you is immense my Mercy boundless and my

holy spirit will protect you from further harm so even if you stumble and fall I

assure you I will pick you up never think that I have looked away from you

if you fall into the traps set by your enemies I will rescue you if your faith weakens

and your heart fills with negativity I will still fight for you I will purify

your soul and refill you with my words I will not let anyone or anything pull you

away from my love not weapons not hardship not illness not conflicts nor

danger in all these things you are more than Victorious you have turned from

wrongdoing and given your heart to me you have proclaimed with your own lips that you believe in me as your savior

and protector you have shown steadfast loyalty you are not like those who

criticize me and turn away when problems arise who complain to anyone who will

listen disregarding their own lives families futures or blessings treating my salvation lightly through their

actions I still love them deeply and I never rest keep your distance from those

who do wrong but continue to pray for them don’t let yourself be influenced by

those who despise my teachings move forward keep going don’t stay where you

are today I bless you with great opportunities I give you strength as

strong as steel March forward with confidence and bravely confront the enemies and challenges you must face you

have grown you are brave among the brave a champion of champions

start each day by fueling your faith with my words bringing your faith and your requests before me remember nothing

is impossible for me you have my support I will continue to help you in

all your efforts stay calm and enjoy my peace you are stepping into a realm of

the Supernatural come closer for I’m calling you here in my presence is your San

Sanctuary when your knees touch the ground and you pray with unwavering Faith reverence and respect my legance

will come today I command you to stand firm do not be distressed let your soul

find comfort in this loving Embrace affirm that you receive this peace

today end your turmoil and struggle trust in me I will bless you with Peace

and Freedom bringing abundance and prosperity I will give you reasons to laugh and

live peacefully today begins a new chapter in your life I will be with you every step

of the way your storm is ending a new day is starting for you from now on you

will walk confidently towards my blessings assured of abundant peace and joy your mind will be clear I will

always be in your thoughts filling you with lasting peace and Beauty your tears

will turn turn into joy and your times of Sorrow will become moments of Happiness do not doubt my word when I

promise I ensure it happens you cannot imagine how far I will go for you my love is

Limitless I will tenderly embrace you blessing your home I will shower your Fields studies supplies efforts and work

with blessings so you and your family can enjoy the fruits of your labor with

great thankfulness and humility I have heard your requests your

words of Praise as well as your complaints and cries in your prayers but know this it moves me when

you show gratitude even during your struggles you have faced many

challenges you battled through situations that stole your sleep you

held on to your faith you believed in me it’s heartwarming to see my children

activate their faith and raise their hands during their trials to sincerely say beloved father I love you thank you

for blessing us for protecting us and for delivering Us from Evil everything works for good with you

I trust in you say it out loud repeat those words you just heard know this I can hear the strength

of your faith in the beat of your heart in the enthusiasm of your voice tell me

you love me you believe in me that’s all I need to hear I know you’re speaking

the truth I can feel your honesty and grateful heart now listen to me don’t

give up your Victory is close you won’t need to plead anymore because you have prayed and worked hard While others

rested you have also cried While others celebrated now it’s time to enjoy the

rewards of your faith and gratitude it’s time for the skies to open up and your life life to overflow

with joy my compassion wraps around you my love holds you tight and my desire to

bless you is constant unaffected by your changing emotions I am here whenever you

need me if sadness and loneliness hit you making you feel abandoned

remember I am right here with you I was with you yesterday I am here now and I

will be with you forever so when dark clouds gather again call

out to me and I will respond don’t be fooled by the harsh lies of your enemies

I love you deeply you are extremely precious to me and I will never leave

you I will be with you every single day regardless of what others may say my

hand has always been guiding you shielding you clearing your path of obstacles you need not fear facing your

enemies I will will stand by you empowering you to overcome watch how they Retreat when

they see my power working through you you’ve seen it yourself you’ve witnessed

how what seemed impossible became possible because of your determination to hold on to my message of

Love tell me who can stand against you now I alone determine your destiny and I

desire for you to grow even more to claim your spiritual ual

inheritance you are one of my own a warrior and I take Delight in calling you my cherished son my beloved

daughter let go of worry I’ve dispatched my angels to guard you ensuring your peace you will be so blessed that you’ll

dance with joy at the abundance I have in store for you but remember stay

humble and modest in heart and I will pour out even greater blessings upon you

it’s time to rise and leave the wrongdoings and hurts of the past behind without losing faith stop looking

downwards and missing out on what I have for you lift your head and look forward to the good things coming because I your

heavenly father am ready to share with you my inheritance my beautiful

promises I am your God the creator of everything you see and everything

unseen I promise that I will always be with you I love you don’t cry hold back your

tears for your heart is bursting with turbulent emotions that turn into

waves weep because you and I know it there are so many storms in your mind

and your soul is tired you don’t need to hide from me what you feel you can speak to me honestly because I value your

sincerity your tears wash over my feet and when you cry out to me you touch my

heart you cry in pain you cry when you run out of words to express so many feelings so many things that suddenly

shake your life you cry when you’ve reached the end of your strength when You Face an

impassible barrier and frustrated that you can’t go on you kneel feeling

defeated it’s time to realize that only with my help can you overcome the challenges you face today is the day you

become free you no longer have to endure so many humiliations or tolerate such

disdain if you have faith that the king of Heaven once came to Earth to endure

all imaginable pain and torment for you and if you believe in your heart that I sacrificed my life on a cross so you

could be free and truly live then embrace the courage I’m giving you

today feel it healing and empowering you as my strength fills your being

move forward now with confidence to face the day today I bless you with peace and

strength that no one can take from you I will stay by your side ready to listen

and comfort you to welcome you back into my arms whenever you

wish understand that the road ahead is long filled with many joys but you must

keep fighting for your dreams that are just starting to sprout you will grow and Thrive finding

Joy but you must keep going filled with my spirit staying in me as I stay in

you for in me you will always find the strength and answers to your toughest

questions ignore other voices for when you speak to me I will answer and give you the clarity you

need I am your guide ready to take your hand and walk you through each step of

your journey protecting you in your saddest moments always by your side

ready to love you without conditions so immerse yourself in me for I have

endless blessings to give you live celebrate and sing letting the Living

Waters of my power flow freely within you if others despise you on your path

remember that I love you While others may think you are finished to me you’re

very much alive forever precious in my eternal heart immers yourself in a sea

of trust and let my voice be your guide don’t be swayed by unstable currents

that try to crash you against sharp rocks steal your spirit demotivate you

and kill your desire to succeed when you strive to sore oh high there will always

be winds trying to pull you down into an abyss to truly succeed you need a

companion on your journey someone who understands you deeply never judge judges always cares and helps

you and I am here to be with you every step of the way so fill yourself with my

presence take my hand for I have countless blessings yet to give listen

closely for I will defend you with all my might against those who rise against you trust in me stay calm and collected

do not react to threats never seek revenge come to me on your knees and I

will comfort you revealing the plans of Triumph and victory I have for

you I take the threats against your dreams the attacks on your spirit and

the undermining of your aspirations very seriously they will try but they will

not succeed if you keep your faith strong and stand firm your enemies will shake at the

sight of your steadfastness bravery and unwavering confidence they might throw

lies and challenges at you but you are protected by Divine armor my angels are ready to carry out

my commands blocking the plans of those who accuse you they will leave and never bother you

again I will lay out your path with resources and ideas keeping the doors

you need for victory wide open after this difficult period you will come out

stronger and joyful you hear these words because I plan a future filled with blessings for you you

feel a fire in your heart and a great desire to persevere for your family your

Solid Faith and character will scare your enemies tell me who will you fear

no one in this universe can hurt you don’t let anyone trick you with false Tales of Greater Powers spells

witchcraft curses or myths remember no one has any power over you you ignore

the lies of this world my blood was shed on the cross defeating all forces of

evil your sin debt was nailed there too and though accusers might try to scare

you with reminders of your past live in the now your blessings are here and no harm

can touch you if you give me your life and heart you are free from all curses

deaths sicknesses and suffering be brave your journey isn’t over yet stay focused don’t get

distracted look forward to the success and blessings ahead I constantly try to show you how

much I love you I don’t want you to give up on your beliefs just wait a bit longer and you’ll see your dreams

realized when You Face obstacles or challenges recall the promises I’ve made

and how I’ve LED you towards your destiny learn to be thankful in all

situations don’t say that I ignore you that’s not true such thoughts are the

enemy’s tactics don’t let them take root in your mind feeling discouraged is normal your body gets tired and your

spirit has limits but rest will come there’s a time for everything a time to

fight and a time to rest a time for war and a Time For Peace your faith May waver and problems may seem larger when

you take your eyes off the path and forget my words allowing negative thoughts to overwhelm

you do not fear those who oppose your success concentrate on what truly

Matters by your side fights The Greatest Warrior Your Leader your lord the

creator of everything me your heavenly father your foes may come at you

shouting threats but they will leave defeated embarrassed and they won’t dare come

back your Victory and success will arrive sooner or later whether you see it with

your own eyes or I bless you so profoundly that your descendants will enjoy the fruits of your efforts tears

and pain seeds you’ve planted in the soil of Hope even after you ascend to

Heaven you and I will watch together rejoicing as the promises I made to you come true do not lose heart press

forward your hard work will be rewarded and I will place the the crown of Victory upon your head amen


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