Move From Your Safe Zone To Your Faith Zone | God Message Now | Daily Message From God

dear friend do you have a daily routine

the truth is much of life is routine and

we can become stagnant if we’re not

careful we need to take the time to stop

and listen to God’s voice maybe he’s

telling you it’s time to get some better

relationships perhaps he has a different

career path or job opportunity for you

maybe the Lord is just encouraging you

to develop a positive attitude or

healthier habits is God asking you to

step out of your comfort zone you can’t

stay in the safe Zone all of your life

and expect to fulfill your Highest

Potential be bold and willing to do

something out of your usual routine that

honors God in a greater way when you

take the initiative and move from your

safe Zone to your faith Zone that is

when God will move on your behalf and

begin to do greater things in your life

a prayer for

today God it’s time for me to be still

and listen as I spend time in prayer and

in the word speak to me oh Lord tell me

what I need to hear and give me the

courage to make the desires and Dreams

of My Heart come to pass in jesus’ name

amen like if you believe in


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