Miracles This Month | God message jesus | God Says

my beloved child a time of immense blessings is upon you a period filled

with peace Triumph Vigor and abundance all of which I yearn to grant

you your unwavering steps and your constant devotion in my presence have not gone unnoticed and for this you’re

deserving of even grander blessings be mindful of how I have

safeguarded you on all your Journeys in the past months delivering you from new numerous afflictions and dangers should

you desire doors of opportunity and Abundant Blessings from abov remain steadfast in my teachings

let not a shred of Doubt invade your heart in this month or the future ones my presence will accompany you always

steer clear of Disobedience and feudal thoughts yours place beside me a

secured not only by my love but also by your firm belief in my assurances thus

under my Vigilant gaze you will always find protection this month open your

heart and attentively listen to my daily guidance for I will reveal the unique

plan I have for you do not racy from your trials to Le an insignificant life

devort of purpose you are of profound importance to me fetal to my plan your family your

children and even your friends if you trust trust in my words trust also in

this I have embedded a distinctive Mission within you yet haste not into

actions or Ventures without my counsel act not merely on the spur of

your feelings seek my wisdom before making choices my desire is to shower you with

blessings but in my timing and manner yearn not for the fortunes of others or

mimic their paths and achievements for you I’ve crafted unique gifts and a

path teaming with untapped potential and skills these paths are set before you

and those blessings will arrive in due time however you must remain diligent in

my teachings and in my company to claim what is rightfully yours without

squandering your time observing the Pursuits of others step into your rightful

place your dreams are on the cusp of becoming reality your deepest desires

are about to be met and your leadership will Bloom like never before you will

brim with zest for life with the courage to face battles and with the diligence to strive in your

work prepare to lay claim to the territory I have marked out for you but as you march toward Victory Let My Words

guide every step you take consult me before you move forward commit to your

path give your all and embody courage in every challenge you face wherever life

takes you expect to be met with kindness and respect for you are to be a beacon

of love and modesty I urge you not to follow the path of those who seek the world’s

ephemeral praise who boast of their wealth for momentary adulation and uh a

claim such people might bask in admiration yet their hearts are Hollow their Spirits Tethered to

illusion when I bestow my abundant blessings upon you it’s not for public

spectacle or to attract The Gaze of foes and Fortune Seekers steer clear of the

greeneyed monster of jealousy do not trade your family’s peace for hollow

accolades avoid self-appointed titles of leadership or mentorship Safeguard your

heart with utmost care heed my words with sincerity you may choose to ignore

me or dismiss the messengers who convey my words through this text yet be

forewarned my word will achieve its purpose I have swn it in your being and

it will bear fruit your life is on the brink of transformation I bless watch

over and prosper those who remain true to me who do not disregard or forsake me I

desire your success in every aspect of life just as I wish for your soul to thrive through my Divine word your

prayers will not go unanswered I’m not asking for grand gestures or for you to

seek me only in times of Joy sorrow or weakness I long to hear your prayers

witness your repentance and see your eagerness for transformation be aware I

am enhancing your spiritual insight and endowing your spirit with my mighty Grace feel my presence I’m with you

every word I promise you shall manifest pursue me delve into my word and dare to

ask for the Miracles you deem unattainable you will discover that your dedication and belief have been

worthwhile cry out to me and I will respond revealing to you the vast and

mysterious Laden with profound blessings prepare to be astonished acknowledge

this and affirm your faith in me this month is designated for blessing and

prayer a time for joy and introspection pay close attention let

not a single word of this message go unnoticed dedicate this month to absorbing my word daily allowing it to

embed in your soul and revive you amid trials confrontations rumors assaults

and uncertainties do not succumb to fear or exhaustion for I

stand with you ready to assist I’m neither distant nor concealed you may

gaze at the heavens lift your hands and surrender and adoration yet I remain by

your side I do not waver or vanish remember my Covenant is steadfast and my

decisions are irrevocable should you falter your genuine remorse and simple trust will guide you back to the path of

blessing I am your path your Sovereign God your guide you are sheltered under my care

even as you navigate arid lands where the Sands may sting even if your spirit

yearns for unseen blessings press onward do not halt do not question my affection

or presence in light of current challenges these too shall pass Advance

one more step in faith and behold I will be there before you I will provide you

the Water of Life satiate your thirst and soothe Your Soul Your Vessel once empty will brim

with oil I shall tenderly wash your feet and Tenderly dry them with my pure cloak you

are deeply cherished and valued by me you occupy a precious Space in My

Kingdom within your family and in your current dwelling always remember that you’re

destined to be with me in eternity Your Existence your purpose is Everlasting so

ready yourself to live forever in my sacred presence indeed

it is your faith that gives you Assurance of what you hope for the belief that you will receive the

blessings you’ve prayed for from me your faith is more precious than all

the diamonds in the world granting your words power and authority through your faith you gain

the wisdom to make prudent choices and the endurance to persevere my Holy Spirit communicates

with your heart assuring you that even if you falter or fall my love for you

remains steadfast and my presence in your life undeniable you must never doubt it even

when faced with trials or bewildered by the events around you the

spark I’ve ignited within you will never fade my beloved child hear these words

deep in your heart I cherish you immensely this truth is

eternal my forgiveness is yours alongside New Beginnings I joyfully extend to you each dawn let these

assurances echo in your spirit a steadfast reminder of my

unwavering presence your journey is marked with purpose Retreat or passive

waiting is not your calling I yearn for your growth for you to rise above the

shadows of doubt and see your true reflection a creation of profound Beauty and worth endowed with unique virtues

talents and blessings from me Your Divine Creator reflect on your triumphs over

trials how you’ve stood resilient and Victorious remember it wasn’t Solitude

in those challenges my support was ever present when you reached out in the

Silence of your spirit it was my strength that lifted You Not Mere chance or

willpower acknowledge this divine intervention for it is in your heartfelt

please that you find My Embrace and guidance though you felt distant you saw

how I showed you abundant love and extended my hand I did not take into account your mistakes I forgave your

faults rescued you from those situations and granted you the victory you

needed this month and all those to come rest assured that I am still here I hold

immense love for you and will endlessly remind you because I see how you grow stronger hearing my voice this strength

born of my love never waines as you Embrace and spread my

message journey through this month with unwavering Faith casting blessings far

and wide anticipate the Wonders that await the Deep joy to be

unveiled but remember my words your faith and a Heart full of gratitude will

unlock the floodgates of Heaven showering you and your loved ones with sacred blessings tell me will you trust in my

promise stand tall and step into a Victorious month fueled by your faith my

Holy Spirit communicates in gentle murmurs infusing your heart with Divine

encouragement and mending your spirit with tender affirmations of Love night and day I shall sustain you

with the liberating truth in life ining you to discover your true Essence and

Triumph over every challenge you belong to me my Brave One my warrior my Victor

with loyalty and adherence I uplift and Empower you as you advance your cries do

not go unheard I’m touched by your tears you seek me early with genuine and

Earnest Faith humbling your soul to request my guidance knowing well my love

for you and trusting that my response is near your tears have not gone unnoticed

they shall be wiped away your heart so calm and true will be blessed with visions of my presence there’s no need

to wait for eternity to witness my glory you are already destined to receive wondrous blessings

right where you stand through your steadfast faith and devotion expect

miraculous wonders to unfold I promise to bestow upon you the finest gifts like Choice wheat and

Heavenly honey always exceeding your requests March boldly forward for

numerous blessings await venture out to greet them you are well prepared to

embrace them your prayers and perseverance have not been in vain immense blessings are on their way to

you cherish this moment for you have been granted life and now I Infuse you

with courage do not look back continue to pray stri with integrity and

dedication offer me your heart and your Allegiance seek my presence and all your

needs will be fulfilled Heed These words daily open

your spirit and I will enrich it with Faith and Hope as you venture out and

navigate life’s challenges be aware that the adversary seeks to undermine your

faith erode your confidence and disrupt your peace yet remember no force is

greater than the love and power of your heavenly father who cherishes you deeply

the enemy’s aim is to cause you harm yet his efforts are in vain against God’s

might deceit and Malice will falter and fail those who oppose you will find

themselves confounded I urge you to recognize your true Essence not as the world labels you

but as you genuinely are in my eyes good and positive ly

transformed you opened your soul to me and I embraced you catalyzing a profound transformation within Embrace self-love

and Tackle life’s obstacles with boldness and conviction staying true to the teachings I have laid out for you

never lose sight of my Commandments and remember I’m your loving father I

welcomed you with open arms even when you strayed and now as you walk in truth

my support and love for you only deepen I’m always here for you With Arms Wide

Open ready to embrace you if you choose to leave your missteps behind you’ll be granted forgiveness and your errors will

be completely erased from memory trust in me with the innocence of a child who

though wordless sleep soundly secure in the knowledge that they are watched over

and cared for place your faith in me it’s the most precious gift you can

offer Embrace these words crafted from my deep love for you written with

genuine fondness for you who heed my voice who close your eyes to doubt and open your heart to belief unashamed of

your faith Let each word you hear wrap your heart in a soothing Embrace healing

and warm in a realm filled with discouragement and desolation where individuals Scramble for sustenance

envying the Tranquil thinking themselves wise yet Never Satisfied engulfed in

worry feeling in a drift in pursuit of countless answers wandering misguided

paths yet reluctant to acknowledge a loving omnipotent God waiting for them

among them I notice you with your modest and steadfast heart you have stayed

close to me unwavering even amidst your faltering you’re fully

aware that such Lo and Open Arms eager to Grant you new beginning are found now

or else exip patian absorb these words each day and dedicated the time needed

amidst your hectic life find moments for me every second spent in my presence

will be rewarded bringing forth wondrous Miracles you didn’t even anticipate I will guide you to

unexpected places unlocking doors you feared were sealed forever my promises

are steadfast my word unshakable

the messages you listen to are imbued with your faith and prayers touching my heart deeply my love for you is

boundless I vow to always provide the finest for you blessing you so richly that your sorrow will vanish

eternally Embrace these words of blessing that offer Tranquility to your spirit and fortitude to your heart sit

with me and let’s Behold The Horizon filled with Splendid blessings as as you

share your dreams with me once more I trust you haven’t forgotten them

I certainly haven’t you were once so small dreaming big dreams about your

future Joys and Journeys you desired happiness and Adventures far and wide your heart brimming with delight yet as

you grew your smile dimmed I understand it’s not your fault you’ve

been Laden with burdens not meant for your shoulders those should have stood by you offering support and guidance

instead turned away leaving you to fend for yourself I watched over you with

patience seeing the spark I placed in your heart light up your darkest nights

offering you a vision of hope that was breathtaking you realized that the

rejection of others did not Define your destiny there was an Indescribable Force

within you urging you forward to conquer challenge is to move beyond your pain

and to venture into new territories my gaze followed you filled with emotion

your nature sets you apart from those who are self-centered you aim to grow to succeed and to one day be a beacon for

those you cherish I’ve always known you recognize the essence of who you are the

lifegiving seed resides in your heart and you are enveloped by my Holy

Spirit every hardship has been a step toward this pivotal moment my love for

you is boundless and my faith in you is unwavering I’m confident in your ability

to achieve your goals and admire your persistence in the face of adversity I have witnessed your tears

your struggles with fear and worry yet as Dawn breaks a new light shines upon

you bringing a renewed smile to your face and you rise resiliently behold my

child I proudly declare the celestial hosts observe

Poise to support you to keep you from faltering and to Aid you in realizing

your aspirations when you reach out to me I’m there unveiling profound insights

fortifying your spirit your bravery touches me deeply compelling me to bless

you without measure my faithfulness to my word is unwavering what I promise I deliver

you’ve shown great maturity and earnestness poised now to rise to an elevated spiritual plane do not measure

your worth by others you are sufficiently equipped with all you need concentrate on your aspirations avoid

dwelling on others achievements whether they’re genuine or not let them chase their Illusions while you embrace the

tangible your Relentless effort and unyielding battles won’t go unnoticed or

be reduced to forgotten en scribbles you weren’t brought this far only to retreat

you’re here to claim your Promised Land of blessings the dreams you’ve tirelessly nurtured will bear fruit

flourishing beyond your expectations in these times when the earth Mourns and Humanity feels its

scarcity you and your family will know blessing while many despair over

dwindling chances your mind remains a fertile ground for innovation

each morning’s communion with me plant seeds that will burgeon into fresh

insights Heaven’s Gates will swing wide for you you’ll experience this profound

love and never look back my presence in your life is so strong that you shall

have nowhere else to go but here listening to my word you shall truly be

happy every day whether with clouds or with sunshine you shall rise motivated

by a powerful determination this divine inspiration shall encourage

you your arm shall feel strong your legs agile good ideas shall R upon your mind

and my Holy Spirit shall guide you to knock on the doors you must open do not

hold on to fear for you will stand unshaken even before those in high

places in this wide world there is no one so formidable as to cause you

distress reach out with confidence share a warm smile and you will find

others opening up to you you are destined to bring about wonders and

signs and temporary setbacks will not spell your downfall whatever you’ve lost will be

restored to you in Greater measure accompanied by blessings you were not made to falter

you are mine you are not shaped for defeat through my promises you have been made a

conqueror fear not for my presence has been is and always will be with you the

miracle you seek is on its way hold firm in your faith remember even in those

moments when you felt trapped surrounded by despair thinking all was lost my

spirit lifted the veil to show you my powerful intent I have not chosen you

for defeat you are shaped for victory yet it is my wish that you delve

deeper in your quest to understand me in this world no love matches the depth and

purity of mine some might not grasp this choosing instead to dismiss and neg such

affection they struggle to believe that they too are profoundly loved and in

their skepticism they try to instill in others a sense of unending isolation as

if there were no Divine entity to offer them profound love here I am

before you with open arms ready to embrace your striving heart which dreams grandly and occasionally weeps your

aspirations are genuine and honorable it is my joy to fulfill those Earnest

desires you hold for your loved ones I will not let you fall into

unmanageable debt I do not wish for you to be under anyone’s

Yoke the blessings I provide are free of charge yet they are entrusted to you to

be shared to uplift those around you not to be hidden or

wasted allow the stream of Vitality to course unimpeded fostering your

well-being I stand as the god of benevolence generosity and support your sustenance comes from me the blessings I

grant you will be Amplified ensuring you lack nothing it is my will that your

hardships cease grasp this truth daily I furnish you with sustenance infusing

your spirit with words of faith hope and love these utterances aren’t just for

show but are words of everlasting significance when you internalize them

embedding them in your heart in mind they will secure numerous triumphs for

you do not fear facing your Challengers you will not encounter deprivation nor

will your descendants need to plead for assistance they will need neither be trapped nor overpowered I am gifting you

with enhanced discernment to grasp the essence of divine might imparted through

my Holy Spirit I’m not just touching your soul for mere Comfort I’m endowing

you with strength and Mastery over yourself enabling you to progress and work diligently to strive and Triumph

making your adversaries Retreat and dismay do not fear any circumstances your resilience is notable

yet it’s my support that empowers you I’ve turned your sorrow into gladness

dispelled your Gloom and instilled in you a sense of true purpose you are

exceptionally unique those from your past who observe the changes in you cannot dispute this

day by day you grow to reflect my image more closely within you there’s a Divine

anointing providing the Vigor to Stand Tall once more I shall open doors

wherever you go ask and I shall provide you with sacks full of gifts I want you

to use them immediately to do good wherever you are share this message with

whomever you encounter whether they seem to need it or not do so regardless for every blessing

you share shall return to you multiplied adopt my perspective when I

promise to shower you with blessings Envision Grand gure not in terms of Earthly riches like silver or gold but

in the richness and fullness of eternal life when you earnestly pursue me

everything else you need will naturally follow dive into my teachings and glean wisdom from them notice that in Every

Act of Wonder there was always someone with a humble and genuine Faith their status mattered little it

was their appreciation for the blessings not yet seen that truly Amplified their faith incredible wonders were witnessed

they parted the sea defeated numerous armies multiplied blessings for the poor healed the sick endured trials and

persecutions with dignity and without complaint and the same power that

granted them courage to persevere is my Holy Spirit which stands beside you

today you’re engaging with a very real God in my presence you’ll find love

forgiveness healing and salvation along with wisdom patience peace and insight

your future your answers your escape and your resolutions are all within my

grasp draw near to me I desire for you to understand me more profoundly to

truly feel the power of my Divine and Supernatural Essence to become a conduit

through which my kingdom is established and my will is realized in your life and

your household you love me you draw near to me and you do not reject me you allow me

to speak you listen calmly you wait for me to finish my message and then you

direct your prayer and power forth your words and tears in my

presence this is truly your effective and sincere prayer my doors are open to

you feel free to ask me for whatever you wish I recognize that in your kind heart

lie only pure righteous and positive desires you seek neither trivialities

nor Earthly riches your bond with me and your spiritual well-being are your

highest priorities as your spirit flourishes so too will you in every aspect of your life I will keep

showering your family with generous blessings as I have always done I will provide you with the endurance needed to

await and behold the unfolding Miracles all occurring in my precise timing

a multitude of surprising and wonderful events are set to unfold turn to your Bible immerse

yourself in my teachings to ignite your faith and keep your spirit robust

ensuring your confidence remains unshaken present your faith like a

vessel and I will lift the heavy loads from your shoulders and Safeguard your journey

from missteps I’m the beacon that lights up your path you are not navigating in

darkness or battling aimlessly ahead of you awaits a safe haven a splendid

future filled with immense happiness and joy Health Serenity peace and

hope expect provision and prosperity in your home all dedicated to your

flourishing I have a purpose trust in me and rest but do not distress or feel

despondent if suddenly discouragement strikes and knocks at the door of your soul when your spirit dwindles you will

always remember me the call of my Holy Spirit Will

resonate in your heart bringing you back to my presence once again I shall fill

you with strength and the desire to live there are no depths from which I cannot

rescue you have you veered off the path I’ve laid out for you embrace your

genuine remorse and reach out to me with trust dismiss any fear here you are

under the care of a father who defends cherishes and advocates for

you maintain your faith come at everything to me relinquish your warries

and I shall reveal the solutions stand up embodying the Valiant

Warrior you are meant to be wielding your faith courageously to face challenges yet remember to reconnect

with your source of might I will never abandon you your success is certain your

Victory secured my word and promises are steadfast I’m truthful move forward

courageously you are exactly where I intend for you to thrive and find Joy ignore transient hurdles I will manage

them approach me with Assurance anytime present your requests and I will provide

answers surrounding you with my peace recall that my word offers you guidance

and impeccable advice to navigate correctly harvesting blessings making

prudent choices and steadfastly walking in my intentions step forward without fear

secure in the knowledge that you are enveloped in my protective presence abiding under my care now and forever

more doors are already swinging open for you each new day seek my

presence and I will unveil The Marvelous events unfolding in the spiritual Realm

for your good bringing blessings Triumph and joy victory is

yours dismiss any thoughts of defeat and reject harmful words from affecting your

spirit no matter where they come from embrace the truth that I cherish you

deeply a love that will never be withdrawn you will navigate through this

face yend and should you stumble you will not be left to

downcast however direct your focus towards me pursue me each day with

earnestness and humility recognize your dependence on me and as I request your

commitment please respond to my call for closeness embrace your

courage while you have shown great Independence and remarkable strength remember you are extraordinary and I am

intimately aware of your resilience the burden you carry grows

heavier each day recognize that you need someone to set you free forever You Can

Count On Me trust me as I have told you halt your steps and rest let us sit for

a while I want you to hear the healing power of my word let

the promises that can heal your soul enter through your ears descend to your heart and cleanse your entire being of

worry you’re diligent aiming for success and honoring your obligations yet you

push your yourself too hard and excessive toil might lead you off course

progress should be a joint effort but fruitless labor can make you feel a

drift while it’s crucial to earn your livelihood and support your family without my guidance in building your

life your endeavors are fruitless resulting in restless nights and unfulfilled dreams pause your Relentless

efforts take a moment to find peace allow me to provide Clarity and direct

ction your body is tired and right now I offer you words of healing encouragement

and Solace you face daily challenges many stand against you and

adversarial forces seek to wear you down however I do not wish for you to be

crushed under the weight of unbearable struggles let me help you experiencing

my love a new will be beneficial rekindling your faith to its former

brightness there’s no need for embarrassment in your belief in me I desire for you to ReDiscover the Zeal in

seeking me that you once possess it you are not vanquished it your dreams are

still alive occupy yourself with filling your mind with my word spending more

time in my presence alone if you have any matters to settle begin with me first do not fear I come to offer you my

hand as a true friend let us take the first step feel my embrace your heart

will be filled with joy your mind with peace you don’t have to move from one challenge to another feeling isolated

and unsupported I understand that those around you might be caught up in their own issues sometimes too engulfed in

their troubles to notice your struggles trust me there are many who do think

about you who care for you and wish you well yet they might struggle to show it

fearing they might be turned away so don’t ignore this assurance

Embrace The Joy I provide you each day and let your face reflect the uplifting

smile that can bring about healing and wonders share your smile with everyone

today do it right now and watch how it transforms the demeanor of some as they

come to see a true friend in you broken bonds will heal and you’ll meet individuals who will be significant

blessings in your life remember our bond is steadfast and

everlasting I have granted you a fresh start I have washed your feet and set you on an extraordinary and divine

Journey it is you to whom I will disclose numerous upcoming events apply

these gifts with discernment and you will become an immense source of good for those near you and across many

lands yet prioritize being a boon to your family Above All Else continue your

journey on this day and do not forget what I have asked of you when conflicts

arise accept my help and you will see how together you and I will reach the summit of that mountain sooner your soul

will be at peace and you will walk in your day feeling my presence and full of

Peace it’s truly wonderful when we communicate I cherish supporting you and

am delighted when you seek my assistance stand now embraced by the lovely

certainty that I will bless and Aid you in all things my love for you is

steadfast unchanging in the past present and future currently I envelop you in

Tranquility it’s my wish for your soul to overflow with joy for you to experience unending Security in your

life and for you to never doubt my constant Presence by your side keenly

aware of all that surrounds you with me you lack nothing the words you hear from

me instill confidence within you turning your voice into an expression of Thanksgiving I am orchestrating events

and circumstances to shower you with plentiful blessings I desire for you to recognize

that your faith and eagerness to trust in me unlock the gates to my kingdom

believe in my promises in my holy word that fills you with strength

you are already seeing the fruits of that beautiful decision you made to reactivate your faith to return to the

ancient path that burning desire to open your Bible and receive my advice and my

Commandments every seed planted in your heart is destined to flourish fully each

word every line the Psalms and my teachings down to every letter and Nuance will take root in the nourishing

ground of your spirit and abundant fruits will emerge profound changes

transformative experiences crucial decisions and impactful miracles are on

the horizon continue on your path there’s no need to turn back you’re on a

challenging Journey yet it’s the correct path leading to True fulfillment the peace you’re now

experiencing is essential for your household promising to usher in Newfound

Harmony among your loved ones it’s my wish that all are ready so success will

not catch them off guard nor will adversaries find an opening I deeply

desire that Victory and success don’t lead to arrogance true abundance thrives in a

home marked by humility a genuine willingness to view others with compassion to assist to share one’s

blessings and to offer help without hidden agendas however those consumed by greed

seeking rapid wealth who cling tightly to my gifts without a thought of sharing

will not experience genuine Prosperity true spiritual richness isn’t

measured by overflowing bank accounts or Pockets filled with gold the blessings I bestow bring peace

Joy relaxation and kindness they don’t vanish or get taken by thieves they’re

not fleeting or insubstantial my blessings are Everlasting trans transcending all

material wealth indeed there are Treasures far greater than the fleeting

offerings of this world value your family your health your spiritual

life only then will you achieve true Triumph and be embraced with my eternal

love and great happiness dedicate each day to seeking my face to receiving my

word to sewing kindness in others and to treating others with respect as I treat

you follow my guidance and you will witness the barriers to your blessings

crumble my love for you motivates my plea for your Keen attention to my words

today I desire your happiness peace health and calm ensuring your life is

enveloped in all necessary Provisions maintaining our connection is essential

even on days when you awaken lacking motivation or return return home exhausted remember me I am with you

throughout your day eager to converse and impart my wisdom I notice your

anxieties the overwhelming concerns of your daily life and you may forget that I your heavenly father am ever

presentent ready to embrace you to lift the weights off your shoulders for I promise not to let you face more than

you can endure if I’m ready to assist you there’s no need for

concern let’s agree whenever whenever you call on me at any moment you’ll instantly Feel My Embrace and hear the

tender way I address you no matter where you are I’ll be there to guide you again

the times you reach out to talk and request my help are precious to me and for you they should be moments of

profound Serenity don’t overlook this wonderful gift it’s yours to claim simply open

your hands shut your eyes and immerse yourself in my love I’m removing all your anxieties and enveloping your heart

with Heavenly Tranquility show me your joy I wish to sense your thankful Spirit my love for

you is deep you Merit the finest and I assure you my focus isn’t on worldly

possessions but on offering you my enduring love this love is supreme and

exquisite and it’s already yours this love encircles and upholds you

continually it’s This Magnificent love that Kindles the emotion swelling within

you now such a splendid sentiment empowers you to venture boldly tackle challenges

with confidence and confront any adversity with bravery and resolve I sought my

word my promises and my will you are seated beside me in Celestial Realms and

I have surrounded you with Abundant Blessings however to receive them You

Must Believe As at this moment perhaps you do not fully comprehend them nor do

you anticipate them yet I am Real and True more certain than the air you breathe more beautiful and pure than the

sunlight that illuminates you daily I have been I am and I will be here by

your side forever in the early hours in the afternoons at all

times I do not tear or Slumber I am ready and attentive to every need that

erases from your heart and reaches my throne in sincere supplication understand the essence of

my grace it’s an everlasting gift given

from my love not due to your merits or

Perfection when I say you deserve the best it’s because you already have it within you you don’t need to conquer

countless challenges to earn my favor that’s not the principle of my realm in my domain victories come

through faith and blessings are embraced with thankfulness and modesty the skills

and gifts I grant you are meant for service not for self-promotion or

seeking validation from others true followers who grasp my Essence live out

my words showing their authenticity and genuine nature in their actions not

claiming to be leaders or seeking followers to admire them if you wish to

be part of my Divine Kingdom protect your heart from arrogance acknowledge that if you’ve

been endowed with special gifts and blessings they’re given to maintain your humility and to assist others generously

when you extend your help wholeheartedly you’ll witness countless wonders I’ve vested you with my power

you can navigate through conflicts conquer formidable challenges and remain

unscathed Advance towards your success with with Assurance for your Triumph is

already secured walk in faith and confidence mindful of your words and shedding any

outdated sentiments or regrets Embrace New Visions and goals let my restorative

forgiveness fill you entirely allowing a bright future to unfold in place of your

past I’m igniting a flame within your soul that will illuminate all those

around you especially those whom you love dearly notice how their countenances change

when they gaze upon you the radiance emanating from your eyes is the powerful

anointing of my Holy Spirit I am granting it to you out of Grace and love

but it is your responsibility to nurture it with my word seeking me in prayer as

you delve deeper into this spiritual realm you will feel CBL to seek me even

in your dreams I will re my will to you use this precious gift with great

responsibility I’m offering you a glimpse of divine Bliss not for boasting

but for you to walk in modesty treating everyone with respect they are your kin

your family engage with others as you’d like to be engaged acting as a true and

heartfelt companion each act of kindness plants a Celestial seed in you sprouting into one

wonders healing and vigor it’s truly heartwarming when you your relatives and

friends live in unity and pursue me collectively my spirit won’t linger in environments where I’m spurned or where

Strife prevails it disheartens me when some declare their love for me but

disparage others using the same voice they often Echo negative hearsay without knowing the truth yet they hesitate to

commend no positivity can emerge from a Barren Spirit from a well devoid of Life

mired in the aridity of cynicism let me perform Mighty miracles

in your life respond to me with faith sweetness patience and humility always

thinking well of others Desiring in your heart to use these gifts to create greater blessings you deserve the best

because the best is already yours I love you that is the truth and

this Holy Love cannot be taken from you come to me when you feel distressed on

those days when sorrow and troubling thoughts steal your peace sometimes you do not even know the

source of those feelings perhaps you need to nourish your spirit spend more

time in prayer or there might be something Weighing on your heart but

regardless of the reason come to me today I have everything you need for

freely and unconditionally Come As You Are My Holy Spirit welcomes you accepts you you are

warmly received no matter how you feel here there is Comfort Eternal affection

and forgiveness if anyone suggests that barriers or conditions block your path

to My Embrace or my grace don’t heed their words through the sacrifice made

on the cross where my blood was shed I’ve already unlocked the gateway to my

affection for you even before your birth I recognized you tailored the path

cleared away the debris and obstacles ensuring you could find your way to me I

eliminated every barrier to enable our meeting the issue of your forgiveness and my love for you is a personal Affair

between us I don’t require anyone’s approval to forgive and bless you I do

it out of my love because I have cleansed you with my sacrifice yet many will not accept the

Magnificent work I’ve done in your life regardless of what they

say neither your faith nor your spirit should depend on them it is the truth

that many will deny you forgiveness Harbor hatred towards you forever refuse to see

you again and eject you from their lives that is their decision and you must

accept it letting go of the situation you have done what you could now proceed on your path for I will

perform wondrous things with you you will trust in me rise again I will give

you the strength and courage to face all situations I will deliver you from despair heal your mind of all depression

if you’re ever feeling down or there’s something inside you that’s hard to understand know that I’m here for you

just come and listen even if you feel you’ve stumbled and have nothing to present to me your faith

repentance heart devotion and Allegiance are precious gifts to me embrace the

truth my love for you is unwavering trust in this experience it feel it deeply I’ll never leave you no

harm will come your way you’re cradled in my care and I am with you even in the toughest

times maintain your faith if someone departs from your life if an opportunity

seems lost if you face material loss don’t fear you have life my love for you

is constant Feel My Embrace you hold a cherished place in my

plan my wish is for you to be healed I long to soothe your soul with my peace

and Infuse you with my spirit I’m aware of your challenges and it’s my wish too

that you find Serenity that you want for nothing that you approach your daily duties with honesty free from fear or

distress feeling profoundly cherish at and sged but your heavenly father the

transformaton happing in your environment are orchestrated by my mighty hand which is making your way

clear removing hindrances and warding off Anon aiming to hurt you steal from

you or Ure your spirit pause your business

do not isolate yourself out of fear of potential events do not keep silent continue to pray and Express gratitude

don’t retreat from others and certainly not from me I’m eager to bless you beyond your

dreams I possess the power to enact wondrous Deeds I can erase your past

mistakes and pave the way for a wonderful future I want to reveal to your heart the meaning of My Sacrifice I

gave my life on a cross and bore all your punishments in my body I suffered for

you have faith I’ve come to relieve you of your guilt so that you no longer feel

downtrodden you’re meant to receive a rich Legacy in life I’ve reserved blessings and

Tranquility for you positioning you in a realm brimming with love my desire is

for you to constantly feel cherished and secure through every moment in warmth or

chill wherever your leads I’m removing that sense of

isolation The Emptiness inside the unsettling premonition of impending

trouble if betrayal has left you weeping soul and tatters know that my glory

envelops you it arrives to whisper love into your being to mend your hurts to

brush away the Despair and to elevate you toward a promising future don’t lament over those who fail to Value you

reserve no ch ish spot in your heart for the ones who’ve inflicted pain if they

choose to depart let them if they contemplate returning weigh your

decision exercise caution not all open arms are to be embraced I don’t wish

Solitude for you I care deeply about your emotional

well-being trust in my timing refrain from hurrying my actions or insisting on

Swift responses from me I’m like like the dove that cares for its young

protecting them from rain and cold your soul will be guarded and

comforted one day when you come to your heavenly home and stand before me you will understand many situations you

experienced but there’s still time for that and it’s my will that you experience a piece of heaven on

Earth this eternal feeling this unbreakable Bond of love this Divine

gentleness that shines more brilliantly than a thousand suns enveloping you in a

glorious pure light I am here to bless you cherish you and shield you trust in

me for I will surely do so your life rests securely In My Embrace allow me to

orchestrate the circumstances and people around you it has never been my desire for you to Traverse through life in

solitude perpetually plagued by want engulfed in turmo oil or living in the

shadow of fear fear no one let go of your grip on

Earthly possessions with life pulsing through your veins you possess far more

than mere hope with faith in your heart no door remains closed the realm of

miraculous wonders awaits your call I ask of you a simple task reach

out to every family member and convey my profound love for them a love filled

with gentleness and serenity place your hands upon their shoulders gaze into their eyes and

impart these words God declares his love for you and so do I let the tears come there’s no shame in

Weeping today marks the dawn of a new era in your home an era of healing and

Rejuvenation this sacred blessing I’m bestowing upon you envelops you now

growing ever closer and more tangible embrace it with a thankful heart

tomorrow I wish to converse with you once more you will be briming with peace

secure in the knowledge that I am here awaiting you with open arms of Love here

in my presence you’re cherished ahead of you lies a path of Triumph and Abundant

Blessings I’ve crafted a specific plan for your life and it shall come to pass

regardless of any opposition you’ve heard my words there’s no longer any need to settle for the

meager scraps others might discard your way you’re entitled to your own Divine

blessings and you have a Heavenly Father ready to welcome you to heal and uplift

you to bring Prosperity into your life and to care for you endlessly those who caused your stumble

will regret it those who belittled you will receive a choice they’ll never

forget for raising their hand against you I defend those I love and I’ll make all

your enemies flee I’m clearing the path of obstacles and conflicts so make the most of your

time don’t lock yourself in your room crying over the past screaming into the

wind missing the false Embrace of those who despised and wanted to destroy

you I trust you won’t place your affection in those who don’t value it above the love you have for me

right here beside me is where true life flourishes a joy unlike any you’ve ever

experienced a feeling of Beauty Beyond anything you’ve ever known I have for you a compelling reason

to live I’m Paving this path that will lead you to your dreams so that you may follow it you no longer need to look

back there is no one in your past who loves you as deeply and desires only

good for you as I do I wish to bless you and guide you always

Embrace this certainty of feeling loved and protected by a supernatural God I’m

not asking for anything material Gold Silver and precious stones do not impress

me what moves me is your faith and sincerity you indeed desire change you

want to live life as it should be lived seizing every moment and using your talents and resources to bless others

starting with your family family you desire in your heart to share with the world that there is love

forgiveness and salvation a path a truth and that here in my presence they will

find the strength they need to rise again and start

new let go of what’s behind you I urge you to make that choice for yourself and

if you seek assistance just call on me and I will extend my hand to help you I

will permanently clear your path of any hurdle so do not grieve when you stop receiving

messages or acknowledgements from those who are insincere on the cross I sacrificed my

life so you could be liberated you were not created to be Shackled by emotional

chains The Echoes of insincere affections will no longer haunt you I’m

bestowing upon you a spirit of Love self-discipline bravery and Truth should

you need to face individuals from your past or navigate through past tribulations do not fear for I am with

you I will mute the Roaring Lions Vanquish the scoffers as you pass

through fires you won’t be touched by the Flames as before your attire your

hair nor your feet will feel the agony they once did for today in my sacred name you will

confront these challenges and with my Holy Spirit you will triumph over them answer me I want to hear you feel how

these words ignite the faith that was dwindling and reignite the flame of those desires to Triumph listen receive

and believe there is no bad habit or vice you cannot

overcome the enemy has no power over you and you must believe it because neither

sorcery nor witchcraft nor bindings nor incantations can harm you the armies of

evil around you but they only make noise shout Hollow threats they want you to fear them

because fear is the only thing that can stop you rise Braveheart I am entrusting

you with my authority stand above the conflicts that came to steal your happiness today your chains are

broken the discouragement that weighed you down the emotions that battered you

the memories that hurt you all of it ends today take my hand dear one and let

us stride forward together toward a future brimming with Triumph and divine favor return to me on the tomorrow lend

an ear to my guidance and I shall bestow upon you an Ever flowing stream of life-giving water from the Eternal

Fountain be assured my Holy Spirit Will continuously bathe you in my

encompassing love and my extraordinary presence that forever clings to you I

reiterate this message for I’m aware that its echo in your ears ushers in

delight and serenity my affection for you is boundless my benedictions Cascade over

your life like a Divine torrent enriching your family your endeavors and your dwelling no Force no being can

obstruct this flow Embrace this vow and dwell in

Tranquility remember I am with you from your very first breath to the end of

time My Embrace encircles you my Celestial Legions stand watch over you

day and night and my Holy Spirit steers you now tomorrow and forever more

release your stress embibe Serenity cast aside apprehension I drench you in

assurance words of vigor flow from your speech you are a fountain of gentle

vivifying Waters from within you Springs an invigorating well rejuven ating

faltering Spirits hold steadfast in faith I hold the ultimate decree and my verdict is

Flawless in all the challenges you encounter today trust that I will lead you to Triumph carve out New Paths for

you and Stand By Your Side cling to life and open your heart wide to be filled with loving

words you were created to bask in my Celestial Radiance not to linger in

Shadows or be tethered to despair witness the dawn embrace the

warmth of its glow there’s a Beacon of Hope Beyond The Darkness that once surrounded you I have lifted all burdens

that once Shackled you in despondency and Solitude the disregard and insults the upro and senseless

utterances every attempt to underman you and steal your

aspirations all these are gone vanish shed do not linger on past Sorrows or

attempt to revisit bygone times to retrieve what was lost for it no longer

exists your spirit is cleansed your mind at peace and your heart primed for a new

beginning brimming with joy countless blessings are on their way to you the

gates and portals of Heaven swing wide in honor of your steadfastness your faith and Allegiance

have been your offerings to me you’ve placed me at the Forefront of your life

I’m Overjoyed the proudest father in all creation step forward let’s Revel in the

joy of your forthcoming Triumph with the same Zeal you show in your daily prayers

with the persistence you exhibit as you kneel undeterred by time or

circumstance you seek my presence bringing forth your prayers and I urge

you to step out and embrace the victory awaiting you Embrace these magnificent

blessings I bestow upon you you my words are The Pillars of Strength for the

Valiant the backbone for the Victor the beacon of wisdom for anyone who chooses

to welcome me into their heart depart from the life you once LED

devoid of Faith and Hope I am opening unto thee a sacred portal extending my

hand I Aid thee in ascending the steps to another plane where the supernatural shall shape thy

existence Witness Miracles unfold daily thy conviction is the key my Divine

Spirit shall be thy guide thou Dost not seek frivolities nor fantasies in thy

prayers for thou knowest what to beseech I rejoice in thy gratitude upon

receiving my response imploy my blessings to assist others distribute unto the needy from

what I bestow upon thee Thou Art not of those who offer scant Aid thou bringest

joy and Solace to the troubled heart as thou disseminate this message of Hope

and healing so shall thy blessings multiply fear not Victory Embrace

Triumph shun not Prosperity thy kin shall be greatly favored and even thy

foes and strangers shalt receive a Divine Touch emerging from sorrow into

happiness behold the fruits of thy prayerful decision Envision the new and

potent occurrences divided fam shall reconcile the infirm shall rise from their beds

emboldened by my word your debts will be cleared and your table will always be

filled with Provisions I will abundantly refill your reserves so you can give

freely to those in need Unshackled by worry greater Miracles are destined to

flow through you as I have promised except in trust for the new day

will unveil Revelations and bring new encounters your way gaze upon the

expansive blue skies ripe with possibilities stand firm put forth your

effort be brave for there’s much to achieve my love for you is deep and my

desire is to shower you with blessings will you trust in me do not be troubled by family challenges do not fret for I

hold everything in my grasp my angels surround your home

my love wraps around your dwelling even when things don’t seem to align with your hopes remain patient for I am in

command find your rest in me today place your trust in me I will turn each of

your trials into two greeter victories providing support and lifting you up let

no fear recede in your heart for my words Empower you to endure and succeed

in all Endeavors do you wish for peace and well well beinging in your family

for harmony to Prevail in your household continue in prayer focusing

not on your struggles but on your earnest supplications your faith and trust have

not gone unnoticed I will bless you richly await the unfolding Miracles

expect blessings to fill your life and Discord to fade away and fold thy family

in prayer guarding and protecting them dedicate a daily hour for communal

supplication in my presence despite the trials and tempests I have bestowed great blessings upon thee never

forsaking thee some ungrateful for my blessings

succumb to Pride and renounce the God who saved them guard thy household against such Folly remind them daily of

the source of Their Blessings with steadfast prayer the curse shall not touch their lives

sickness and scarcity shall flee thy home shall be guarded by hosts of angels

adversaries shall not draw near Envision thy family united and thy children

blessed reflecting my Supernatural power I have a special purpose for each

in thy household None Shall be snatched from my hand I protect thee daily as I

lavish blessings upon thee I ask for thy hearts and loyalty in return

my word is alive Eternal my promise to care and bless thee is unwavering I beseech but a modum

of Faith a commitment to seek me to persevere in prayer and to never cease believing prepare to witness Marvels and

wonders my power manifests in homes that seek me with humility and

gratitude I am immutable yesterday today and forever with thee I have an

unwavering commitment that I will never break I have bestowed upon you my Holy

Spirit and Supernatural gifts I will fill you with I cherish your heart and love your

family your attitude and grateful Soul please me yet you also honor me when you

seek goodness for those you love here in my presence you will find everything you

need Faith strength wisdom and patience receive my love accept my affection your

blessing is is imminent in these days to come open your heart to happiness for

the miracle you await will come to fruition have confidence just as those

times when you felt cornered and hopeless and my spirit revealed my mighty presence to

you I have not destined you for failure Victory is your path yet my wish

is for you to seek and truly know me in this world you will find no love as

complete and profound as mine some may fail to grasp this choosing instead to

ignore or deny such love unable to believe they are also cherished deeply

in their skepticism they attempt to instill in others the belief that they are solitary devoid of a God who loves

them immensely but here I am before you Arms Wide Open ready for you to entrust me

with your weary heart one that harbors dreams and sometimes sheds

tears your intentions are pure I long to fulfill the desires you and your family

hold dear I will not let you be burdened with unmanageable debts I do not want

you to be beholden to anyone the blessings I offer you are free given so you can enrich others to

support your loved ones not to accumulate selfishly a seed kept hidden will never

grow allow the stream of abundance to flow freely and welcome the prosperity meant

for you I am the god of those who assist share and give generously I am your

sustainer the blessings I grant you will be multiplied ensuring you want for nothing

I have declared an end to your struggles and the overwhelming burdens of daily life I feed your spirit with words of

faith hope and love these are not mere words words for display they are my

promises of everlasting life hold them dear in your heart and mind and they will lead you to numerous

triumphs you need not fear your foes you will not know lack nor will your

Offspring beg or face defeat I’m enhancing your awareness of

my holy spirit’s Supernatural power my touch on your soul is not just for

Comfort it is an empowerment for self-discipline enabling you to stand

and act to fight and win causing your adversaries to retreat in dismay

ensuring you fear no circumstance you have a resilience that’s truly remarkable but remember

it’s my presence that fortifies you I’ve turned your sorrow into Joy your

aimlessness into Direction you stand out as extraordinary and even those from

your past can see the transformation in you a change

so profound it speaks of divine influence each day you grow to reflect

more of my Essence I’ve blessed you with a Heavenly anointing gifting you the Vigor to Stand Tall once more wherever

you tread I promise to open Pathways and shower you with blessings I urge you to

thrive to spread kindness in all your endeavors share the good news with

everyone you encounter regardless of their immedi immediate needs this act of giving is not in vain

for every piece of joy you distribute will come back to you Amplified adopt my perspective when I

promise to shower you with blessings Envision greatness Beyond Earthly

riches think of a life filled with endless abundance and eternal Vitality pursue this earnestly and all else will

follow delve into my word draw lessons from it notice that behind each Miracle

stood someone with a gentle Earnest Faith whether deemed significant or modest they believed in the Unseen

fueling your faith to burn even brighter they were witnesses to a

inspiring acts parting of seas triumphs over vast armies provision for the needy

healing of the infirm and steadfastness through trials without grievance The

Same Spirit that empowered them is with you now you are in the company of a real God in

my presence you’ll find love Grace healing and Redemption wisdom patience

peace and insight flourish here your future your answers your escape and your

resolutions are in my care draw near I desire for you to delve

deeper into my Essence to witness the power of my divine presence be a conduit

for my kingdom ensuring my will preva avails within you and through your life

you will Triumph reject any notion of defeat do not let harmful words

penetrate your being no matter where they come from now is the time to fully

embrace the truth that I cherish you and my love is steadfast unwavering in your life you

will rise again even if you’ve hit rock bottom you won’t remain there yet I ask

for your focus seek me earnestly and with humility every day recognize your

need for me I am reaching out to you heed my call please embrace my support

it’s all right to show courage you’ve shown great Independence and you are unique I see your strength yet I also

see the growing weight upon your shoulders admit your need for Liberation

only I can provide Everlasting Freedom trust in me I urge you pause your stride

take a moment moment to rest with me listen to the restorative power of my words let my promises wash over you

cleansing your heart from all anxieties you are diligent and wish for

Success you honor your obligations but are prone to worry excessively and too

much toil can mislead you laboring aimlessly Bears no fruit leaving you

feeling a drift you strive for sustenance and your family’s well-being

but without my guidance your endeavors are futle sleepless nights and unfulfilled dreams serve no

purpose ease your mind take a moment to be still and allow me to Enlighten your

thoughts your body is tired and now I offer you words of healing encouragement

and comfort you face daily battles many stand against you and adversity blows

harshly in your direction yet I do not wish for these challenges to overwhelm you allow me the chance to Aid You Feel

My Love a new let it reinvigorate your faith as brightly as before do not feel

embarrassed to lean on me I yearn for you to ReDiscover the fervor in seeking

me that you once had you are not defeated your dreams are not

extinguished occupy your mind with my word spend more time in my presence alone you must do this now if you have

any matters to resolve with me first fear not I come to extend my hand to you as a

faithful friend let us take the first step Feel My Embrace and your heart will

fill with joy and peace there is no reason for you to live from struggle to

struggle and from trial to trial thinking that no one understands or

assists you I know that some around you are preoccupied with their own lives and

at times they are so troubled that they they are unaware of what is happening to you trust me many of them do think of

you love you and care about what happens to you but they do not know how to express it they fear

your rejection therefore I urge you not to ignore me draw forth from your soul the

happiness that I bestow upon you daily and let that powerful smile Adorn your

face for it can initiate so much healing and many miracles

smile at everyone today do it now and you will see how the attitudes of some

of them change realizing that in you they find a good friend many

relationships once strained will heal you will meet people who will immensely bless your life remember our bond is

true and everlasting I’ve granted you a fresh start cleansed your path and guided you

onto a journey filled with wonder and Divine Purpose I will unve Veil to you

the unfolding of events Yet to Come harness these Revelations with care and

you will become a source of immense joy and blessing to those around you and even Beyond to many nations yet let your

foremost blessing be upon your family Embrace this day and the path

I’ve laid out for you in moments of strife lean on my strength and witness

how side by side we will climb the highest peaks your heart will discover

peace and your steps will be light knowing I Am with You bestowing Serenity

throughout your day our dialogues are precious to me your trust in seeking my

guidance brings me joy stand up now emboldened by the knowledge that I am here to bless and

support you in all things my love for you is steadfast and enduring you are

worthy of the utmost gift and I am not merely speaking of Earth ly Treasures

but of my enduring love the finest of all gifts it envelops you providing

strength and comfort at every turn it is this beautiful love that ignites the

motivation you’re feeling now this lovely feeling that is growing in your heart giving you the strength to go

forth and fight without fear facing any trial with great confidence and

determination seek my word my promises and my will will you are seated with me

in Heavenly places surrounded by many blessings but to receive them you must

believe at this moment you may not understand them or even expect them but

I am Real and True more certain than the air you breathe more beautiful and pure than the

sunlight that illuminates your day I am ever present constantly by your side at

dawn dusk and every moment in between my vigilance is unceasing I

neither tired nor sleep I’m always alert ready to respond to the cries of your

heart that Ascend to me in Earnest prayer understand the nature of my grace

it is an everlasting gift bestowed upon you from a place of love not because you

earned it or because of your flawlessness when I say you deserve the

best it’s because you already possess it in my love you don’t need to

conquer endless battles or undergo countless trials to earn more of my blessings that’s not how my realm

operates in my domain victories come through faith and blessings are embraced

with a grateful and humble heart the talents and Gifts I’ve imparted to you

are not for self-promotion not for Gathering praise or the agulation of

others those who truly understand and me live out their faith with integrity and

genuine actions they don’t claim leadership for self- Glory don’t seek followers to admire them don’t aim to be

seen as influencers nor chase after Earthly accolades or vanity to truly walk in the fullness of

my spiritual Kingdom protect your heart from Pride if I’ve endowed you with

talents and greater blessings it’s for you to walk humbly to reach out out and assist the needy with a genuine spirit

and when you do this with true compassion you’ll witness countless wonders

unfold I’ve given you my authority you can tread upon conflicts problems and

Giants and nothing will harm you you can rise and March towards Triumph because your victory has already been won

proceed with faith and confidence guard your lips from words that displease me removing from your

life any feelings that should no longer be there exchange those memories and

regrets for new dreams and aspirations let my healing forgiveness

enshroud your essence entirely permit me to exchange your past for a promising

future I’m igniting a flame within your soul that will illuminate all those dwelling around you but most

significantly Those whom you cherish dearly observe how their countenances

transform as they gaze upon you this Radiance emanating from your eyes

is the potent anointment of my Holy Spirit graciously bestowed upon you out

of love however it is incumbent upon you to nourish yourself with my word seeking me

in prayer as you immerse yourself in this spiritual realm you will feel

compelled to seek me further in your dreams I shall reveal my will to

you utilize this precious gift with utmost responsibility I grant you a taste of

Heaven not to Proclaim it loudly to the world but to walk humbly treat others

with dignity for they are your brethren your family conduct yourself toward them

as you wish them to treat you behave as a genuine and sincere friend with each

act of kindness and tenderness towards another I sow a new Supernatural seed

within your soul which shall burgeon abundantly yielding new Miracles healing

and strength behold the joy and beauty that envelops you your loved ones

friends and all who cross your path when you choose to live in unity and seek my

presence remember my Holy Spirit thrives in environments filled with love and

acceptance not in Spaces marred by rejection and Discord it saddens me deeply when I

observe some proclaimed their Devotion to me yet their words towards others are less than kind

spreading rumors and negative talk without even knowing the full story they are quick to criticize and slow to

praise no nourishment can come from a Barren heart a heart that resembles a

dry well steeped in negativity and devoid of life-giving water allow

me the joy of working wondrous miracles in your life respond to my call with a

heart full of faith and kindness patience and humility think well of others Harbor the

desire deep within you to use the blessings I bestow upon you to bring joy

and grace to others you’re deserving of all that is wonderful because the

greatest gifts are already within your grasp know this I love you immensely

this truth is unshakable and this Divine love is eternally yours







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