“Millions Are In Danger”– Jesus | The God Jesus Says |

my beloved child in your waking and in

your resting in your laughter and in

your tears I am there cast all your

anxieties on me for I care for you with

an everlasting love and when the last

page of History turns and time yields to

the age to come you will step from Glory

into greater glory you will know as you

have been known so come take my hand let

us journey together for in my presence

is fullness of joy at my right hand are

Pleasures forever more and it is there

in the Embrace of your father you will

find true life eternal unshakable

unending therefore do not fear for I am

with you do not be dismayed for I am

your God I will strengthen you and help

you I will uphold you with my righteous

right hand fear not for I have redeemed

you I have summoned You by name you are

mine and this is the heart of the Gospel

the essence of the good news I give

eternal life to you and you will never

perish no one will snatch you out of my

hand lend me your heart and your ears

for I am here to fill the expanse of

Silence that your worries cast upon you

just as the shepherd knows the

Meandering paths that the Sheep cannot

discern so do I comprehend the intricate

map of your life you may find yourself

in the shadow of uncertainty where the

next step is hidden by the mist of

life’s complexity but remember I am the

light that guides you through in moments

when the ground beneath you feels as

though it will give way when you tremble

at the thought of an unseen tomorrow

reach out and you will find my hand

already extended to you grasp it tightly

and let me lead you for my hand is

steady and my grip is sure do not look

to the right or the left but straight

ahead where my light is brightest

leading you home as the stars are fixed

in the heavens by my command so are your

days numbered and your path set you may

gaze upon the stars and wonder at their

purpose but they follow the order I have

given since the beginning of time so it

is with you my child your path may seem

to twist and turn but there is an order

a Divine Purpose to every step you take

even when you cannot see it when the

night is at its darkest that is when The

Whispers of Doubt grow the loudest but

listen to my voice instead for it is

then that I speak into the depths of

your heart fear not for I have redeemed

you I have called you by your name you

are mine when you pass through the

waters I will be with you and through

the rivers they shall not overflow you

when you walk through the fire you shall

not be burned nor shall the flame Scorch

you yes there will be times when you

feel alone when the silence around you

Echoes louder than assurance

in these moments remember that I am

closer than your very breath in the

quiet in the Stillness I am there you

need only to be still and know that I am

God I am the one who has never left your

side the one who has seen every tear

that has fallen from your eyes speak to

me not in formal platitudes but as a

child speaks to their father with

openness and Trust pour out your heart

to me for I am listening and my ear is

inclined to you the most important

conversation you will ever have is not

with the powerful or the influential but

with me your creator your father your

friend do not be disheartened by the

uncertainty of life for like a tapestry

you see only the Twisted threads on the

reverse side while I see the beautiful

picture that is being woven one day you

will see this tapestry from my

perspective and Marvel at how every

thread was necessary how every color was

needed to complete the Masterpiece that

is your life I understand that there are

days when the clouds hang low and the

rain obscures your vision but the rain

also brings life it Waters the parched

Earth and causes the hidden seeds to

burst forth into bloom so too will the

trials and the storms in your life bring

growth and New Life trust in me for I am

the master gardener and I tend to you

with love and care walk by faith not by

sight for faith is the Assurance of

things hoped for the conviction of

Things Not Seen have faith in my love

for you faith in my goodness and faith

that I am working all things together

for your good for those who love me and

are called according to my purpose not a

single detail is left a chance as you

hold on to my hand remember the promises

I have spoken over you they are yes and

amen my word is a lamp to your feet and

a light to your path so even when the

path grows dim my words will guide you

hide them in your heart for they are

life to those who find them and health

to all their flesh come now walk with me

talk with me and let me lead you through

the Landscapes of your life with each

step know that you are never alone for I

Am With You Always even to the End of

the Age let my presence be your comfort

and my word be your guide for you are my

beloved and you are safe with me let the

stability of my love be the rock you

hold on on to in the rough water my arms

will always be open ready to wrap around

you in a piece that you can’t explain

take a break here in the safety of My

Embrace during these times of communion

put your worries aside stop the

never-ending list of things you need to

do and think about me quietness doesn’t

have to be boring it can be a place to

pray and

think as you read let the Bible’s words

words flow through your mind and let

praise rise from your heart like the sun

rising in the morning there is a life

lived in me that sounds like The

Melodies of worship and the rhythm of

prayer read Bible verses and use them in

your prayers let them be the way you

tell me what’s on your heart it will

give you confidence in both me and the

power of your prayers when your thoughts

and prayers are based on the truth of my

word I long to see you changed by the

renewal of your mind my beloved with

screens everywhere and information

coming at you all the time the world you

live in is always pushing you forward it

wants to shape your beliefs and

behaviors so that they are like its own

I’m calling you to a better way though

don’t fit in with this world change

yourself I want to change the way you

think and reset your inner Compass so

that you are always facing me the more I

renew your mind the more my ideas and

attitudes will come out in your body my

child the renewal of your mind is a

process that takes time to happen it’s

like you’re coming out of a chrysalis

your thoughts used to be stuck on the

ground but now they fly on the currents

of my spirit it makes my heart happy to

see how you’ve changed the things that

are good right and perfect will become

your heart’s desires as you learn to

know my will you might not know where to

start or how to really let your mind be

changed join me here in the quiet where

my voice voice can be heard over the

noise spend some time with my word let

it deeply affect your thoughts and help

you make decisions prayer is more than a

task it’s a conversation and it’s how we

talk ask me questions tell me your fears

share your happiness and sadness bring

them all into my love’s light remember

that my thoughts and ways are not the

same as the rest of the worlds I think

and act in ways that are higher than

yours just like the sky is higher than

the earth if if you want to think my

thoughts you are reaching for the

Eternal and the truth that have held

Souls together for all time so as you

leave this holy space and this time of

being with me carry with you the peace

Stillness and fresh mind that come from

being with me Let It Shine through you

like a Lighthouse at night drawing

people to the comfort of my love change

start over and be my light in the world

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