Maintain Your Trust In Me l God Message l God Says Me l God Message Today l

my dear child in this moment that feels

so special I want to speak to you with

words of love and Trust Let My Words

wrap around you like a warm embrace

revealing the beauty in placing your

trust in me and surrendering your plans

into my Caring

Hands understand that trust is more than

just a feeling it’s a powerful

demonstration of faith that binds our

hearts together in an unbreakable Bond

since the beginning of time I’ve been

intricately involved in every aspect of

your life from the rhythm of your breath

to the beat of your heart

my constant Presence by your side

remains unwavering even amidst life’s

uncertainties and

challenges I know it can be hard to

fully trust sometimes especially when

doubts and storms Cloud The Horizon of

your life but know this my beloved

placing your trust in me means placing

your worries at the feet of my

sovereignty trust forms the very

Foundation of our relationship and I

understand the struggles you face in

relinquishing control of your plans and

concerns to me but trust trust me when I

say that my love for you is boundless


Flawless there is no doubt in my heart

about the depth of my love for you

throughout the Bible I extend the

invitation to trust in me to lean not on

your own understanding but to submit to

me and I will guide your path with

wisdom and love the secret to living the

best life possible lies in believing in

me I sacrificed everything to reconcile

you with God so trust in me with all

your heart even when the world around

you seems chaotic and uncertain trust in

my sovereignty trust that the plans I

have for you are good and filled with

hope even when you can’t see the bigger

picture trusting in me is an act of

surrender and I know it can feel like

stepping into the unknown but trust is

not blind it’s grounded in the certainty

of my goodness through every Challenge

and trial trust that I am with you every

step of the way strengthening you and

shaping you into a more resilient and


individual my presence is like a beacon

of light in the darkness guiding you

through life

storms hand over your plans into my

hands knowing that it’s not a sign of

weakness but an Act of Faith trust that

I will fulfill your dreams and

strengthen your family ties for now is

the time to trust fully and let go of

the anxieties that weigh you down even

when you faced pain and suffering trust

that it comes to an end in me my love

for you runs deep and I want you to

experience the fullness of my grace so

surrender to my love and Trust even when

circumstances seem challenging in all

things trust that I am working for your

good my timing is perfect and every

moment of waiting is an opportunity for

you to grow in trust and spiritual

maturity trust that I am your safe

shelter calming the storms of your life

and illuminating your path with my

presence so my dear child do not fear or

hesitate to trust in me completely by

doing so you are surrendering to a love

that is eternal unshakable and

overflowing with Grace

rest assured that I will never abandon

you or disappoint you trust in my word

believe in me with all your heart and

know that nothing can stand against you

when I am by your side May the peace

that surpasses all understanding guard

your heart and mind and may you find

strength and comfort in trusting in me

your ever loving and faithful



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