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my dearest child I speak to you from the

depths of boundless love and unwavering

Grace in the tapestry of creation Your

Existence is a masterpiece intricately

woven with threads of purpose and divine

intention I am the Alpha and the Omega

the beginning and the end and in every

moment I am with you you are not a mere

accident or random occurrence you are a

deliberate manifestation of my love from

the moment of your conception I have

watched over you with a love that

transcends human understanding

I have witnessed your Joys and Sorrows

your triumphs and tribulations and

through it all my love for you has

remained steadfast in times of Despair

when darkness seems to shroud your path

remember that I am the light that guides

you my love is a beacon cutting through

the shadows and leading you to a place

of Peace even when you falter stumble or

feel lost my love is there to lift you

up to cradle you in the warmth of

compassion you may question your worth

your purpose and your place in this vast

Universe no know this you are cherished

beyond measure your uniqueness is a

reflection of my infinite creativity and

your journey is a testament to the

resilience of the human spirit in your

successes I rejoice and in your failures

I offer Solace when the storms of life

rage around you and the Winds of

adversity threaten to overwhelm take

refuge in the knowledge that my love is

an unyielding Fortress it is a refuge

where you can find strength courage and

the fortitude to face whatever

challenges lie ahead I am not a distant

deity I am a present help in times of

trouble do not be burdened by the

mistakes of the past for my love is a

river of forgiveness that washes away

transgressions embrace the grace that

flows freely and let go of the heavy

shackles of guilt and regret in

Repentance you find renewal and in

forgiveness you find Freedom I see the

desires of your heart the dreams that

linger in the quiet recesses of your


trust in the timing of my plans for they

are plans to prosper you and not to harm

you plans to give you hope and a future

your journey may take unexpected turns

but rest assured that every Twist and

Turn is part of a grand design a design

crafted with love in your relationships

extend the same love that I have shown

you love without conditions without

judgment be a vessel of compassion

kindness and understanding for in the

giving of love you reflect my divine

nature and the world is touched by the

transformative power of that love as you

navigate the tapestry of Life do not be

afraid to seek me in prayer to converse

with me in the Stillness of your heart I

always listening always ready to provide

Comfort guidance and wisdom your words

do not fall on deaf ears they resonate

in the very essence of my being my love

for you is not contingent on your

achievements or failures your strengths

or w weaknesses it is a love that

surpasses human comprehension a love

that existed before time began and will

endure for all eternity you are

eternally held in the Embrace of my love

in moments of Joy recognize the source

of your blessings give thanks for the

beauty that surrounds you for the love

that Graces your life and for the

opportunities that unfold before you

acknowledge that every good and perfect

gift comes from above from the father of

heavenly lights who does not change like

shifting Shadows remember my beloved

child that you are never alone I am with

you in every step every breath every

heartbeat my love accompanies you

through the valleys and at top the

mountains it is a constant unwavering

presence that transcends time and space

as you walk this Earthly Journey may you

be enveloped in the warmth of my love

may it be a guiding star a comforting

Embrace and a Wellspring of hope you are

cherished you are valued and you are

deeply loved if you love Jesus then type

Amen in comments

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