Love Does Not Fade Away; Lust Does God Message Today

if you don’t care about true love this

video is not for you if you watch this

message till the end God will bless you

with a fruitful relationship my children

I come to you today with the message of

the difference between love and lust

love is a commitment I make to all of

you to be faithful loyal and supportive

through both Joy and sorrow love is not

selfish or fleeting but confident and

enduring lost however cares only for

temporary pleasures of the flesh it is

not concerned with who you are only what

you can provide in the moment lust leads

only to emptiness once novelty fades it


satisfaction but leaves you feeling used

and alone the scriptures tell us lust

comes from the world but our offering

eternal love worldly desires pass away

but those who do my will live forever in

my kingdom of love lust cannot last

because it depends on shifting feelings

and circumstances but my love for you

does not change or diminish I am with

you in every season of life in every

Challenge and Triumph my children if you

want to experience my perfect and

Lasting love do not live for lust but

for me put me first in all things and

love one another as I have loved you

with commitment honor and service pray

together read my word worship me as a

couple and as a family speak to one

another with kindness faithfulness and

respect help each other grow in faith

and bring out the best in one another

when you love this way

Guided by my love for you your

relationships will not fade but grow

deeper each day your love will be rooted

not in fleeting passions but in me whose

love endures forever and my love for you

is amazing my love for you is

unconditional my love for you is eternal

I loved you so much that I sent my only

son Jesus to die for your sins on the

cross I loved you so much that I raised

him from the dead I loved you so much

that I gave you my Holy Spirit I loved

you so much that I prepared a place for

you in heaven that’s how much I love you

and I want you to love me back and I

want you to love others as I love you

that’s my will for your life that’s my

plan for your happiness that’s my

purpose for your existence so to today I

want to encourage you to choose love

over lust to choose commitment over

convenience to choose faithfulness over

temptation to choose me over the world

because love does not fade away lust

does and my love never fails thank you

for listening I bless you today and


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