God is saying you today right now I place a much higher importance on you

when you are in a bad mood rather than pronouncing judgment on you I am here to

offer you comfort I want you to know that you can put your faith in me alone

to Shield you from danger eliminate any lingering feelings of hopelessness and

eradicate any remaining Darkness so that you can face the challenges of today

with bravery and fortitude the joy that you have been experiencing has been

restored your faith has been strengthened and you have been given an

unwavering confidence in me when you listen to my voice you will experience a

profound dot dot experiencing a sense of tranquility and security regardless of

how turbulent the world around them may become currently they are making

preparations to listen to the actual Shepherd’s voice despite the fact that

there is a lot of nose in the world people are looking for Spiritual wisdom

through the teachings of scripture and the whisper chats of my spirit in the

midst of the chaos that is occurring in the globe they will be more equipped to

deal with the shifting social standards that are on the horizon as a result of

this as soon as possible we will make a call to those who possess the same level

of insight as Joseph and Daniel in order to lead with wisdom and honesty an

Abrupt change in power and influence is going to take place and it will not be

guided by the hands of human beings but rather by the celestial guidance of my

spirit it is from a place of peaceful devotion and prayer that they will get

their Illusions it is because of their unwavering perseverance that they have

arrived at this moment in time a generation that is humble but brimming

with possibility will emerge from the time that they have spent preparing that

generation for the purpose of a Divine meeting we will strategically position

these magnificent tools which are like Hidden Treasures from on high in

critical spots a strong desire to highlight my Grandeur will be the

driving force behind their effect which will reverberate throughout AIC they

will be so in tune with my voice that they will be able to deliver answers and

peace thereby slicing through the chaos with unwavering guidance as I gently

restore the dot dot your spirit has always been sensitive and this trait has

always been a part of you I make available to you an abundance of

peace and Tranquility over the course of your entire life you have been

intimately acquainted with this experience you were able to perceive my

presence while I communicated with your heart every time I take notice of

something lovely whether it be the delicate Petals of a flower the sweet

song of a bird the gentle patter of raindrops or the relaxin

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