Listen Closely to Me | God Says | God Message Today

my child stop for a moment and listen closely to me I have something important to share

with you the challenges you’re facing now won’t last forever the blessing you’ve been hoping

for is closer than you think your time of reward is just around

the corner I never forget my children when you reach out to me wholeheartedly and

with true Faith know that I am always here to answer you I have promised this

to you through trials and temptations you’ve held on to your faith standing

strong even in moments of doubt and difficulty you resisted The Lure of

giving up you’ve chosen to walk in my ways day after day with perseverance and

hope without giving up look how far you’ve come with my guidance you are

nearly there at the brink of the blessings awaiting you and your family peace provision

and New Joy are all within reach together we will Embrace a new

mindset pursue meaningful goals and keep the holy resolve to fight until you

Triumph I will assist you and your loved ones in overcoming negative habits and addictions for

good Every Chain of spiritual bondage every destructive thought and any seed

of bitterness and hatred will be removed as you dive into the renewing

Waters of my Holy Spirit your life will be marvelously transformed even those around you

including your adversaries and relatives will notice the change they will come to you curious and

astounded asking what has changed why are you so joyful and

different so I assure you once more your current struggles and concerns are not

your Forever they will not Define your life you’ve entrusted me with your heart

and embraced my teachings and commands with a pure and sincere Spirit your faith in me as your loving

heavenly father is why I am delivering you and your entire family I am truly delighted by the

strength of your faith you’ve embraced patience trusting in my perfect timing

and relying fully on me you don’t seek signs you understand that my words alone

have the power to heal it fills me with joy to see you believe in my promise to

bless you richly today marks a pivotal moment your day of salvation your time for

Liberation let me hear you say that you’ll rise seek me fervently and never

wander from my loving presence each morning I come to

invigorate your spirit to provide the breath and strength necessary infusing

you with hope as you step out from your home every day I remind you of my love and

gradually you’ve realized how precious you and your family are to me recently

your faithfulness has been evident acknowledging that despite the strength I provide your needs are still

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