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sometimes life closes some doors for you

but this happens because God wants you

to stand up and move

forward and that’s a good thing because

often we only move forward when

circumstances Force us to in times of

difficulty just because you’re

struggling and facing something doesn’t

mean that you’re failing in

life every great success requires some

kind of worthy struggle to be

achieved we all know good things take

time be patient

keep a positive

mindset everything will be okay maybe

not immediately but

eventually my child I want you to know

that I am a God who gives hope no matter

what you’re facing I’m by your side

every time ready to help you find the

light at the end of the

tunnel Trust in Me in My Hope knowing

that I am guiding you through each

circumstance I’m the one who can bring

light to the darkness and a new dawn to

a life that seems stuck in the darkness

of the night

I want you to know that even when

everything seems lost and you feel

desperate remember I’m always with you

holding your hand and walking by your

side feel that I’m the one who can renew

your mind and your strength giving you

the hope you need to

continue I want you to trust in me

knowing that I’m always taking care of

you and that your hope is not

lost I am the god who never never gives

up on you I am the one who is always

working behind the scenes to bring a

Beauty in your life even when it seems

impossible so when I say trust in me in

my hope I am telling you that you can be

sure I am guiding you through every step

of your

life trust in me know that even in life

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