Let Go And Trust God, Let GOD Increase, YOU Decrease | Daily Jesus Prayers (Christian Motivation)

in the tapestry of life where threads of

our desires fears and dreams intertwine

there lies a profound truth waiting to

be discovered he must increase but I

must decrease John the Baptist

proclaimed in John


statement so simple yet so profound

captures the essence of a life lived in

true fulfillment and

purpose my

friends as we embark on this journey of

self-discovery and divine revelation let

us explore the transformative power of

letting God increase as we

decrease this concept isn’t about losing

our Identity or

worth rather it’s about finding our true

selves in the magnificence of God’s

design it’s about stepping back so that

the light of God can shine brighter in

our lives when we decrease we’re not

becoming less we’re becoming more of who

we were meant to be it’s a journey of

shedding the layers that overshadow our

true purpose and

potential now if you believe that God

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