Last night was an eye-opener for them. since they…

if you stumbled on this video there’s a

special message just for you from your


angels last night turned out to be a big

eye opener for them because they never

expected you to say what you

did you really surprised someone you

talked to last night your words gave

them a whole new way to see things

something they hadn’t seen

coming they were so taken aback that

they were literally stopped in their

tracks un sure of how to

respond but here’s the thing there’s no

reason to

worry the shock they felt wasn’t bad at

all they were actually thrilled by your

words it was just so surprising that

they needed a moment to figure out their

response now they’re a bit concerned

that you might have misunderstood their

reaction thinking it meant something it


that’s why you’re getting this message

to clear things up and let you know just

how much you open their

eyes they’re now looking at the world

with New Hope and excitement hoping what

you said was true and that you really


it they can’t help but Wonder though did

they hear you right or might you change


mind remember last night was a

revelation for them all because of your

unexpected words

if you’ve been feeling anxious or

worried about how things went

recently it’s all right to release those

feelings you might be wondering if you

were too open or if you should have held

back your

words but remember speaking from the

heart is always a good thing never

regret sharing your true

emotions you may be concerned that their

unexpected reaction suggests they don’t

feel the same way about you but that’s

actually not what’s happening at

all their response though

surprising really shows just how much

they care about

you they had gotten used to how things

were between the two of you content just

to have you in their life in any

capacity however now there’s a

shift they’re starting to Envision a

future they never allowed themselves to

even dream of

before this new idea is something

they’re still trying to get used to and

yes they might be worried about changes

or afraid that you might reconsider your

words but alongside these

fears there’s also a strong sense of

excitement about what could

be this person has always viewed you in

the most positive light holding you in

deep affection and respect from the very

first time you met


them you’ve always stood out as someone


exceptional more so than anyone else

they’ve ever

known in their eyes you are the ideal

person for


them they cherish how you bring

uniqueness and joy into their life and

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