Know When To Turn Away | Christian Inspirational Quotes | Motivational Quotes

dear beloved child of God in life many

of the challenges we Face are simply

distractions from the enemy to keep us

from pursuing our destiny maybe someone

in the office isn’t as friendly to you

as you’d like maybe you have a neighbor

who always parks in front of your house

and blocks your mailbox those things may

be frustrating but they have little

significance when you look at the big

picture of Eternity you can’t allow the

little things to cause Strife in your

life in scripture just before David

fought the Giant Goliath his brother

eliab tried to confront him but David

knew that arguing with elab wasn’t even

worth his time and strength he knew his

real battle was with Goliath and he

didn’t want to be distracted he simply

turned away from elab and kept his focus

on what he was called to do let’s follow

the example of David and keep our eyes

on what’s most important in life instead

of being led Away by frustrations let’s

focus on the big picture know when to

turn away from strife and receive the

mark of honor the Lord has for you a

prayer for today Father God thank you

for your hand of victory in my life give

me the wisdom and courage I need to walk

away from Strife so I can focus on the

destiny you have prepared for me I love

you and bless you today and always in

jesus’ name amen like if you believe in


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  1. Thanksgiving my God my friend my savior my everything in my life ❤️ thank you my God for the gift of life today and I come to you with sincere humble heart with gratitude and forgiveness and salvation and grateful thankful and gracious for your holy precious blessings and thank you for everything you have done for me in the past still bestowing blessings upon me ilove you Jesus with no endless bounds forever till eternity my heavenly Father 🙏😙🙏👍👍 amen hallelujah my God


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