Kindly don’t skip those two moments; Lord said I implore you.


aoy but a canvas whereon The Whispers of

the Holy Spirit can paint comfort and

guidance for your soul as you sip your

morning coffee or tea let the warmth

that spreads through you be a reminder

of the warmth of Christ’s love

enveloping you in a gentle Embrace

reassure you that with him you are never

alone in the Day’s Journey when you

choose your attire for the day think of

the Garment of Praise that Isaiah spoke

of a covering for the spirit of

heaviness dressed not just in clothes

but in the tributes of Jesus compassion

kindness humility gentleness and

patience during your commute or walk as

you watch the sun Ascend in the sky

remember bir son who rose from the dead

bringing New Hope and light to the world

may his resurrection power inspire you

to rise above challenges and walk in

newness of life if you pass by a garden

let it remind you of The Garden of

Gethsemane where Jesus faced his deepest

anguish yet emerged Resolute may you

find strength in his example that in

your moments of struggle you may also

emerge with resolve while at work are

tackling the day’s

responsibilities consider Jesus

diligence in his father’s business as

you labor in your own Fields may you do

so with a sense of propose and

dedication knowing that your work serves

a greater plan when you take a moment to

break bread either in solitude or with

others Let It Be an act of communion as

Jesus broke bread with his disciples so

may you share in fellowship and

sustenance of the Lord finding unity and

nourishment for both body and spirit if

you encounter someone in need Let The

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