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hello and welcome God is speaking

directly to you revealing signs every

day across various mediums in your

dreams your interactions even in the sky

pay close attention for within these

signs lies synchronicity guiding you

towards a profound Revelation today your

auspicious number is

, remain Vigilant as you encounter it

for within your thoughts lies great

significance in the upcoming hours

expect an influx of Joy love wealth and

abund abundance into your life

furthermore June Heralds a season of

Second Chances a time when Destiny

unfolds its promised blessings upon you

God assures that though unseen your

destined path awaits ready for you to

claim moreover God pledges to uplift you

from your darkest moments fostering

growth and ushering you into a realm of

fulfillment and favor trust in his

divine plan for the delay is over and

blessings overflow recognize the eight

truths for today from open doors to

unwavering trust each embodies God’s

promise of prosperity and guidance

amidst life’s challenges remember that

God’s strength surpasses all trust him

wholeheartedly for he is with you in

every trial and Triumph Embrace this

assurance as you navigate through life’s

complexities furthermore cherish those

who truly value your presence for in

their loyalty lies genuine connection

and when faced with adversity remain

steadfast for through perseverance you

shall emerge transformed blessed by

God’s grace in every storm God stands by

you ready to reconstruct what was once

shattered Embrace His blessings and

declare victory over every obstacle

indeed your faithfulness shall be

rewarded and your upgrade awaits

courtesy of God’s unwavering love and

grace God is saying to you today I am

giving you signs every day in your sleep

on your timeline in your convers ations

on the radio in the sky pay attention to

them and synchronicity piece them

together you will notice a pattern today

your lucky number will be

, when you see it pay close attention

to your thoughts like this video If you

believe in me you’re going to be hired

for that job accepted into that school

granted that promotion given that

opportunity freed from that debt and

released from that toxic situation dab

will make a way for you declare it work

towards it pray for it your better is

coming in the next hours Great

happiness will enter your life bringing

with it love wealth health and abundance

if you watch this video till the end

type to claim it June will be the

month of Second Chances whether you

realize it or not God has already given

you the promised land of Destiny you

can’t see it yet and you probably don’t

even have a clue what it looks like but

but God says the territory is already

yours all you have to do is walk into it

and have it God bless you abundantly God

is saying to you today I will bring you

out of the darkest hour and use it to

promote you my child come to me with

great expectation knowing that I am your

God I am bringing you out of frustration

I am bringing you out of limitation I am

bringing you into a place of fulfillment

and favor like never before the delay is


be encouraged and of good cheer in this

season I am your Source trust in me that

I am doing what you have asked me to do

type if you needed this these eight

things to remember today one God is

going to open doors block distractions

renew your mind and give you back your

peace two God already has a plan to pull

you out of that place you’re in don’t

you dare quit before your Miracle three

you will recover you will bounce back

better days are coming blessings are

coming your way God is up to something

incredible four Everything You Touch

This Week will prosper you are stepping

into your best days five trust God God

will get you through this season he will

fix what is broken rest in him six

everything will work out God knows how

big your dreams are he will not fail you

seven God never sends you into a

situation alone God goes before you he

stands beside you he Walks Behind you

whatever situation you have right now be

confident God is with you eight type yes

to receive it activate the flow of

unlimited wealth happiness pleasure

freedom and confidence into your life by

making one tiny change to your morning

routine would you want it check the link

in the comments below to know the wealth

secrets to attract an abundance of

wealth subscribe to our Channel if you

love God don’t be so hard on yourself

everything happens for a reason our

mistakes are not meant to Define us they

happen as lessons so we can distinguish

right from wrong and help steer us on a

path for us to make better decisions for

ourselves as well as to figure out and

evolve into who we are destined to

become type if you believe trust God

some people don’t love you they don’t

even care about you they just want to

stay connected to you they love the

benefits so they do the minimal a little

phone call here and there just checking

in thinking about you Etc what they are

really doing is maintaining a connection

so when they need you they still have a

way in God is saying to you today you’ve

held on during the toughest of times I

gave you strength to endure that at

times you did not even know it was me

when things changed for you many left

you and wrote you off but not only did

you endure the storm you grew in the

storm you are different I did not create

you to fit in I created you to stand out

now I am about to bless your

faithfulness I am about to take you to

levels you never even thought were

possible receive it in my name God is

about to remember you he’s going to put

you back together in front of the ones

who try to dismember you to remember

means to put back together again God is

about to put back together the things

that have been divided separated and

spread out in your life he has not

forgotten you do not forget him in the

midst of your storm praise in an

advanced BL blessing are coming your way

typee to claim it God said my dear

child I want you to know that your

journey in life is filled with

challenges and moments when it seems

like doors are closing however

understand that this is not a sign of

failure but an opportunity for growth


transformation often you do not progress

until circumstances force you to do so

remember that every great success

requires some battle worth fighting good

things take time and patience is a

valuable virtue maintain positive

thinking and know that even if things

don’t seem right immediately eventually

everything will fall into place I want

you to understand that I am a God who

offers hope regardless of the

difficulties you face I am by your side

at all times ready to help you find the

light at the end of the tunnel Trust in

Me and My Hope knowing that I am guiding

you in every

circumstance I am the one who can bring

light to the dark Ness and a new dawn to

a life that seems trapped in the night’s

Shadows when all seems lost and you feel

desperate remember that I am always with

you holding your hand and walking

alongside you I am the one who can renew

your mind strengthen your resolve and

provide the Hope needed to continue

trust in me knowing that I am always

taking care of you and your hope is not

in vain I am the god who never fails and

never gives up on you I am always

working behind the scenes to bring a

turnaround in your life even when it

seems impossible remember the words from

the Bible in Jeremiah

for I know the plans I have for you

declares the Lord plans for welfare and

not for evil to give you a future and a

hope so when I say Trust in Me and My

Hope knowing that I am guiding you in

every circumstance I am assuring you

that I am guiding you every step of your

journey trust in me and know that even

in life’s storms I Am The Anchor that

can keep you steady and secure I want

you to know that I am a God who heals I

can bring healing to your body Mind and

Spirit and I’m always ready to bring the

healing and restoration you need no

matter what you are facing if you

believe in God’s blessing comment I want

to be healed when you feel weak or ill

remember that I am with you I am your

healing and your hope in difficult times

I want to heal your wounds Wounded Heart

and weary soul I know that life can be

tough and painful but I want you to know

that you can find comfort in me when you

feel lost or confused I want to be your

rock and your foundation the source of

peace you seek I can bring healing and

restoration to your life I want you to

know that I am a god of provision I have

everything you need and I’m always ready

to supply your needs not only material

but also emotional and spiritual in

times of financial difficult ulty

remember that I can provide in

unexpected ways trust in me and in my

provision knowing that I am always

taking care of you do not worry about

the future for I am the god who supplies

all your needs God is saying to you

today I will bring you out of the

darkest hour and use it to promote you

my child come to me with great

expectation knowing that I am your God I

am bringing you out of frustration I am

bringing you out of limitation I am

bringing you into a place place of

fulfillment and favor like never before

the delay is over be encouraged and of

good cheer in this season I am your

Source trust in me that I am doing what

you have asked me to do God is saying to

you today your upgrade is upon you

because you were faithful in little

you’re about to be blessed with much

because you didn’t give up you’re about

to be blessed with everything you’ve

been waiting and praying for remember my

child I am a rewarder of the faith

faithful type to receive it I

declare its payday all Stolen Moments

Goods opportunities favor and finances

are coming back to you in the name of

Jesus when God is doing some rearranging

in your life don’t fight it yield to God

and let him work the result will be

beautiful amen whatever this week

holds remember God is bigger and

stronger than anything you will face

rely more on his strength than your your

own if you’re feeling overwhelmed give

it to God because his hands are big

enough to hold your worries doubts and

fears if you have faith in God please

like and share this video I declare

Abundant Blessings spiritually

emotionally mentally and financially to

overtake you in the name of Jesus let

every cycle of lack be broken and let

the floodgates of Heaven open for you in

jesus’ name amen God will put you in a

position where you don’t have to beg beg

borrow or struggle amen type to

affirm and share this video with five

people who trust God comment Jesus is

Lord in conclusion remember that God is

constantly communicating with you

through signs and synchronicity in your

daily life pay attention to these cues

and Trust in his guidance no matter the

challenges you face know that God is

with you bringing you out of Darkness

into fulfillment and favor stay faithful

for your breakthrough is near share this

message with others who need

encouragement and let’s affirm our trust

in God together type amen if you believe

God bless you abundantly I hope this

message brings you peace hope and the

certainty that you are never alone you

are loved cared for and guided by me

your heavenly father who desires the

best for you trust in me and move

forward with faith for great things are

in store for you say thanks to God for

everything he gives you type amen if you

love God and must subscribe this channel

for daily God messages and prayers

thanks for watching

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