Keep an eye on your son because soon..

God is asking you for just eight minutes

if you say yes stay with me for a

special message he’s got just for

you today God wants you to know it’s

important to trust his

timing believe that right now he’s busy

putting everything in place for you

working out his big plan for your

life he started helping you way before

you stumbled into trouble remember it’s

not about rushing or trying to force

door open on your

own the right moments will come and

they’ll be

perfect if you believe in God show it by

liking this video today might just be

your lucky

day God’s got a miracle with your name

on it ready to change your

situation if we could Peak behind the

curtain we’d be so filled with joy we’d

dance and

Shout let’s thank God God right now for

all the amazing things he’s set to do in


lives you’re going through big changes

stepping up to something greater it

might feel like everything’s against you

but actually you’re getting stronger in

ways you can’t see sending you lots of

love join our group for more


videos you’re about to step into

something amazing you’re about to get

the good things you’ve wished for

feel happy and hopeful right now and

Trust you’re moving closer to your Big

Dreams it’s like a big adventure where

you learn to trust more and understand


better a miracle is trying to find you

so keep your eyes open and get ready to


it I get that life’s bounce have made

you feel like giving up

hope but even a little bit of Hope as

Tiny as a mustard seed can do huge

things in your life you’re about to see

how powerful kindness can turn your

troubles into something

wonderful I’m sending you lots of love

because something special is coming your

way from God keep going because this

week is going to be full of good stuff

happy news healing chances to start

fresh blessings and getting back to

feeling great love yourself enough to

say I believe


stress I’m here to look after

you I’ll sort out the things that have

been tough and make your path

smooth all you need to do is keep me in

your thoughts and trust me be patient

while you wait for my help I love you

heaps and I’ve got everything under

control for you God doesn’t let us go

through hard times because he wants us

to be

sad he lets them happen so we we can see

we need

him everything tough you face is

actually for your good it makes you

stronger more hopeful and helps you grow

into your best

self these challenges help you know

yourself better and deal with life

Smarter with God’s help you’re on your

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