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God is saying to you

today my little Christian your

imagination is both going to be ruled by

using fear or it’s going to be ruled

with the aid of Faith that’s your desire

if you permit your imagination to be

ruled by using fear you are going to

pass around being careworn out and

worried all the

time when you permit fear to manipulate

your imagination you live a miserable

existence instead decide which you are

not going to permit worry to dominate

let your faith Dominate and also

consider in

me then you may flow ahead in religion

and permit your imagination to be

stuffed with all styles of

possibilities because all things are

possible with

me Bible vce Hebrews to to always

says therefore due to the fact we are

surrounded by using one of these First

Rate clouds of witnesses allow us to

throw off the whole lot that hinders and

the sin that so effortlessly

entangles and let us run with

perseverance the race marked out for us

solving our eyes on Jesus the Pioneer

and perfect of

Faith Jesus says write amen if you

accept my

grace lovely kids in the midst of your

darkest moments I apprehend the burden

of your struggles and the intensity of


pain but even in those moments I want

you to see the glimmer of my my promise

shining through it may be faint but it

Smiles there reminding you which you

aren’t by

myself trials and hardships are a part

of life however they do now not define

you my Everlasting Love For You remains

constant even if the whole thing around

you appears to

crumble trust in my unfailing love and

and locate salace within the truth that

I am constantly by means of your side

guiding you through the

hurricane when you feel crushed by

Melancholy look to me as your supply of

Desire I am the only who can breathe

life into the darkest corners of your

soul allow my eternal light to fill your

coronary heart with wish for for it is a

effective pressure that can convey you

through any

trial type Jesus’s Supreme

King remember my child that hope isn’t

always just wishful questioning or an

insignificant preference for things to

get higher it is a confident expectation

in my guarantees and my

faithfulness even while you you can’t

see the way forward agree within me and

keep directly to the hope I will lead


through in the midst of your trials

allow your heart be anchored within the

knoow that I am running all matters

together on your

accurate though it can no longer make

feel now agree with in my divine plan

for your existence I even have a reason

season and a future filled with

blessings past what you may

believe write yes to

affirm daily affirmation L am worth of

my very own selflove and attractiveness

everything I’m doing is ideal sufficient

and I am allowing myself to be happy

with the progress that I’m

making I am affected person and I

recognize that exceptional things take

time I have nothing to worry

approximately everything that I am

requesting is making its manner to me as

I talk those words into to

Lifestyles in Bible verse Psalm

to says I praise you due to the

fact I am fearfully and wonderfully made

your your works are high quality I know

that full

well Lord beckin do you ever sense like

whenever you try to circulate forward

and something you hit a roadblock or

something takes place that throws you


root be advocated today because God is

going earlier than you you can be going

through a difficult time proper now

however it’s not to cease it’s handiest

to start and God has prepared you for

this adventure keep speaking phrases of

Faith because God promises too anoint

your head with

all he’ll cause your cup to run over

that method when you are looking for him

you will be refreshed and anointed to do

what he’s referred to as you to do

what do you need nowadays to preserve

moving forward start by using checky


attitude don’t go around complaining and

targeted on the Poor Side of matters

instead placed on a mindset of praise

and thanksgiving thank him for making

your crooked places

directly typ how man if you agree

as you sit quietly in my presence take

into account that I am a god of

abundance I will by no means run out me

of assets my capability to bless you is

unlimited you stay in a world of supply

and call for where essential things are


scarce even if you in my opinion have

sufficient you SE poverty Within in the

world around you it is impossible so

that you can understand the lavishness

of my Provisions the fullness of my


riches through spending time in my

presence you advantage glimpses of my

overflowing vastness these glimpses are

tiny forecasts of what you will Revel in

eternally in heaven even now you’ve got

get entry to two as tons of me as you’ve

got faith to get hold

of rejoice in my abundance dwelling by

means of religion no longer via

sight be Ray of seeing yourself through

different human beings’ eyes there are

several risks to this practice first of

all it miles almost impossible to

determine what others without a doubt

without think about

you moreover their perspectives of you

are variable concern to each viewer’s

religious emotional and bodily

Circumstance the essential hassle with

letting others outline you so that it

borders on

idolatry your challenge to please others

lampens your choice to Thrill me your

creator doed is an awful lot actual to

look yourself through my eyes my gaze

upon you is steady and positive and

tainted by using

sin through my eyes you can see yourself

as one who deeply ceaselessly cherished

rest in my loving gaze and you may

receive deep peace respond to my loving

presence with the aid of worshiping me

in spirit and in

truth if you believe in the divine plan

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Channel God says to you in a race anyone

runs but handiest one character receives

first prize so run your race to win to

win the competition you should deny

yourselves many stuff that could hold

you from doing all you’re

exceptional an athlete is going to all

this hassle simply to win a blue ribbon

or a silver cup however you should do it

for a Heavenly praise that in no way

disappears so you should run directly to

the intention with cause in every step

you have to combat to

win when Israelites reached in the front

of the Red Sea they by no means the idea

that the Red Sea will get divided and

open up a manner through

it in the identical inside the midst of

your uncertainty wherein you think there

could be no manner take into account the

one who created you as the one who had

opened a way through the Red Sea if I

became capable of do for them I am still

capable do for

you if I commenced something in your

existence I recognize how to complete it

and also how to satisfy my reason

through it what you need to do is agree


me lovely child when you allow the light

to go into via a small hole you may make

a difference within the closed dark room

through the mild in the equal way way

whilst you allow yourself on your

existence to position your religion in

me I can make a notable Distinction on

your life through your

religion please write if you

believe and hit the like button if you

truly believe in Father

God dear God thank you for your high

quality energy and work in our lives

thanks for your goodness and to your

blessings over us thank you that you are

able to bring desire through even the

hardest of instances strengthening us on


functions thank you to your super love

and care thank you for your mercy and

Style thank you that you are constantly

with us and will never go away us us

thank you on your notable sacrifice so

that we’d have freedom and

life forgive us for while we do not

thanks sufficient for who you’re for all

what you do for all that you’ve given

help us to set our eyes and our hearts

on you aresh renew our Spirits fill us

with your peace and pleasure we love you

and we need you at the present time and


day we provide you with praise and thank

you for you alone our worth Bea bot we

provide you with praise and thank you

for you alone our worth in jesus’ name

of coak keesus

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