jesus: You’ve Been Warned You’ll Be Punished If You Skip Me Again!

God wants to say this important message

today but if you love me then don’t skip

this video Until the

End the Divine message is clear my

beloved for the Lord imparts his wisdom

when you are graced with his promise

refrain from attempting to decipher the

how and when of its

manifestation you see if you seek to

orchestrated according to your own

schedule doubt and anxiety shall

accompany you bear in mind that what he

has vowed will not occur according to


timetable for his thoughts ways and

timing are distinct from your own if he

proclaims that something will come to

pass nothing can thwart his

will there may be moments when your

circumstances appear dire causing you to

doubt if his promise will ever be

fulfilled even in those trying times

your situation itself is a reminder that

the Lord does not alter his

intentions he is not a person who

changes his mind in such moments

acknowledge his unchanging Nature by

responding with a resounding yes if you

pray Jesus

name as we turn to the Bible we find

solace in Jeremiah –

– where it is written but I will

restore you to health and heal your

wounds declares the Lord because you are

called an


outcast in the darkest of times

beautiful souls call upon him and his

divine light shall guide your path have

faith in the power of his love and his

guidance to rekindle your

hope remember hope is not merely a wish

it is a profound understanding that a

way forward always exists seek refuge in

prayer and meditation connect with the

Divine energy within you allowing it to

rejuvenate your spirit

in moments of Serenity you shall

discover renewed hope and Clarity if you

resonate with this type amen surround

yourself with positivity and individuals

who uplift and inspire

you seek out those who radiate hope

allowing their strength to fill your

heart together you can create an

environment that nurtures and sustains

your hope engage in activities that

bring you joy and peace whether it be

spending time in

nature pursuing creative Endeavors or

performing acts of kindness these

actions will help rekindle your hope and

remind you of the beauty and goodness in


world we chare our second Channel if you

believe and God the link is in her



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