JESUS WILL DIE AGAIN IF YOU SKIP | God Message Today | Gods Message | Gods Message

my beloved

child as you walk the path of Life know

that you are never


alone I’m with you always offering

guidance and wisdom for your journey

especially in matters concerning your

family and

relationships family is a precious gift

a sacred Bond woven by love and shared


in its embrace you find Comfort joy and

strength but I understand that family

Dynamics can be complex fraught with

challenges and

disagreements in these moments I urge

you to seek peace and understanding to

listen with empathy and to respond with

love remember I am the source of all

wisdom and I’m here to guide you in

nurturing healthy

relationships let your words be seasoned

with kindness your actions grounded in

compassion forgive readily as I have

forgiven you and extend Grace to those

who may falter along the

way in your interactions with others let

love be your Guiding Light treat each

person with respect and dignity

recognizing the Divine spark within

them Embrace diversity celebrate unity

and build bridges that span across

differences trust in my guidance and I

will lead you along the path of peace


Harmony together we will navigate the

complexities of family Dynamics and

cultivate relationships rooted in love


understanding with unwavering love your


father my beloved remember as you

receive so must you give share this

message with others that they too may

find Solace and hope your act of

kindness will Ripple through eternity

don’t forget to subscribe and together

let’s embrace the Journey of Faith and

blessings may peace be upon you



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  1. May I seek to find peace and understanding and always respond with love as the master of all wisdom has purposely knew axcately and accurately to create me from the beginning before I knowingly. Thanks Amen.


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