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my beloved child I see the tears that

stain your cheeks the heaviness that

burdens your

heart know that you are not alone in

your sorrow for I am here holding you

close in my

embrace your pain is my pain and your

tears are precious jewels to

me I collect each one with tender care

for they are a testament to the depth of

your love and the trials you

face though the road may be Steep and

the journey long have faith my child for

I am walking beside you every step of


way I will never leave you nor forsake

you for you are my beloved cherished


measure let your tears flow freely for

they are a sacred offering to me me and

in the midst of your sorrow remember

that Joy comes in the

morning trust in my unfailing love and

know that I am working all things

together for your

good though the night may seem dark the

Dawn is Breaking and with it comes the

promise of a new day filled with hope


restoration so dry your tears my child

and lift your your eyes to the heavens

for I am here waiting to wipe away every

tear from your

eyes with all my love

God dear child may this message resonate

in your hearts remember I am with you

always share this Divine wisdom with

others for in spreading love you

multiply your

blessings together let us illuminate the

world with faith hope and

compassion subscribe to receive more

messages of light and share to bless

others with love from



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