JESUS: “TOMORROW MORNING I WILL….” LISTEN NOW | God’s Message Today #god #Jesus Lord Helps

this is what God is speaking to you


now my chosen

one tomorrow

morning I will do something that will

change your

perspective and your life

too it’s not a new act but something I

have done countless times

before yet this time it If You observe

with an open heart in mind you will

understand the depth of my love for

you as the Sun Peaks Over the

Horizon painting the sky with Hues of

oranges and

pink you will witness a miracle of a new

day this is my gift to you a fresh

thought a child CH to make amends to

chase dreams and to live life to the

fullest it’s a testament to my

unwavering faith in you and my boundless

love for

you not everyone is so blessed to see


morning but you will see the DU kissed

leaves shimmering in the Morning Light

you will hear the melodious songs of the

birds you will feel the gentle breeze

that carries the promise of a beautiful

day These Are Not Mere

coincidences but my way of communicating

with you of showing you that you are

cherished and love when you see a

stranger smile know that that it is my

message to you reminding you of the

goodness in the

world when You Face


remember they are my way of making you

stronger of preparing you for greater

things when you feel lost know that I’m

guiding you leading you to your


every sunset that brings the day to a

close every Star that twinkles in the


sky every wave that crashes against the

shore they are all part of my grand

design they are a way of showing you

that there is Beauty in

endings hope in darkness and rhyth them


chaos so my chosen one as you wake up

tomorrow pay attention to the world

around you see the Miracles in the

Monday find the extraordinary in the

ordinary and know that every moment is a

testament to my love for you for in

every sunrise and every sunset in every

smile smile and in every tear in every

Triumph and every trial I am with you

loving you guiding you and cheering you

all stay blessed under my name don’t

forget to type and say


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