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Jesus my beloved child I work non-stop

for you as long as you stay connected

with me I will light the way ahead I

could open up a path that didn’t seem

possible before or Lead You In a

completely different direction always

keep in mind that you are not facing the

challenges of life by yourself you have

an Ever powerful helper who is strong

beyond measure loving beyond measure and

wise beyond all human understanding

because of this be happy and brave I

will strengthen your heart I beg you to

face problems with confidence and

unwavering determination because you are

connected to me and the Holy Spirit

lives inside you you have the strength

to be brave being shy has no place in My

Kingdom if you feel like the problems in

your life are too much to handle

remember that you are a child of the

Eternal sovereign

bring me into the very situations that

scare you and let the light of my

powerful presence strengthen your spirit

when you choose to live bravely it makes

me very happy so I respond by making

your heart stronger and your bravery

even greater it is important to know

that you will face difficulties on your

way to the Heavenly Realms because you

live in a world that is broken this is

exactly why courage is so important for

my followers you also need hope along

with courage only people who put their

hope in me will I keep my promise to

strengthen your heart within my kingdom

courage and hope are closely linked

because of this I strongly urge you to

hold on to your courage and hope as they

are more valuable than the purest gold

keep your cool wrap yourself in faith

and love like a breastplate and put on

the helmet of salvation it is always

hard to exercise self-control because

you are trying so hard not to do things

that are wrong still there there is a

lot of help available for you in this

battle my spirit dwells within you and

is always with you to help he is your

Advocate and the fruit of the spirit

there will be hard times in this world

but don’t worry I got through it I can

help you feel calm loved one know this I

have great plans for you I offer you

hope in a future you can’t even

imagine some people are scared of the

future they don’t know but yours is

beautiful this information about your

heavenly home is very important for your

health as you go through life it can

give you comfort and strength every day

even though your Eternal home in

Paradise is still in the future the

light from Heaven is already shining on

you you can always count on me because I

died for your sins and Will Never Let

You Down it makes sense for you to put

your hope in me no matter what is going

on in your life even if bad things

happen you will continue to trust me and

you will thank me for being there for

you through faith you can also look

forward to the good things that are

coming and start to praise me even when

things are bad as long as you keep your

hopeful Eyes On Me The Light Of Heaven

Will Shine even brighter in your heart

this is the light that shows you my

glory please put your trust in me

beloved because I am your hope and your

future share this video with your

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  1. Thank you my LORD
    Your words are my comfort, my confidence and are sweeter than honey.


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