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Jesus my beloved child The Cure is to

hold on to my hand and walk with me

trusting completely in the path I have

chosen for you my words are the lamp

that shines on your path and the light

that shows you the way waiting is an

unavoidable part of life in this world

one of the hardest times to wait is at

night especially if you can’t fall

asleep sleep as it gets darker while you

wait impatiently for the first rays of

dawn you can feel what the guards who

stand watch and wait for morning feel

however Daybreak always comes no matter

how long the night seems to last you can

count on the Rising Sun because I in my

wisdom have set up a universe that works

well this cycle of eagerly anticipating

what will happen that ends with the

start of a new day can teach us a lot

people who are going through long-term

problems May sometimes feel like they

will always be in pain but for my

beloved children there are many reasons

to be hopeful even though things are

still dark for them sure enough relief

will come I have the power to change

things and ease suffering right now on

top of that everyone who follows me

starts a journey that ends in heaven

although the night can seem unbearably

long at times Dawn will always come just

like your time in this world will always

end in glory no matter how hard or long

it is

in times of stress my peace is like a

soft pillow for your head stop thinking

about how complicated your plans and

situations are and let yourself rest in

my healing presence as you rest your

body mind and soul in my protective

Embrace whisper I trust you Jesus should

anxious thoughts try to get in give them

to me along with expressions of

gratitude enjoy the peace of mind that

comes from knowing I fully understand

everything about you and your

situation I will always love you and

take care of your

needs don’t think about your problems

all the time instead let these deep

truths renew your mind they will set you

free immerse yourself in my peaceful

presence trust me completely and always

be grateful for what I do for you I work

non-stop for you as long as you stay

connected with me I will light the way

ahead I could open up a path that didn’t

seem possible before or I could Lead You

In a completely different

direction always keep in mind that you

are not facing the challenges of life by

yourself you have an Ever powerful

helper who is strong beyond measure

loving beyond measure and wise beyond

all human understanding because of this

be happy and brave I will strengthen

your heart I beg you to face problems

with confidence and unwavering

determination because you are connected

to me and the Holy Spirit Spirit lives

inside you you have the strength to be

brave being shy has no place in My

Kingdom if you feel like the problems in

your life are too much to handle

remember that you are a child of the

Eternal Sovereign bring me into the very

situations that scare you and let the

light of my powerful presence strengthen

your spirit when you choose to live

bravely it makes me very happy so I

respond by making your heart stronger

and your bravery even greater it is

important to know that you will face

difficulties on your way to the Heavenly

Realms because you live in a world that

is broken this is exactly why courage is

so important for my followers you also

need hope and courage only people who

put their hope in me will keep my

promise to strengthen your heart within

my kingdom courage and hope are closely

linked because of this I strongly urge

you to hold on to your courage and hope

as they are more valuable than the

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