jesus: Sorry To All Who Skip This Today

God wants to say this important message

today but if you love me then don’t skip

this video Until the

End my beloved child in this moment I

want you to understand that when I make

a promise it may come to fruition

immediately or it might take time but it

will never come to pass just because you

desire it to you may not be ready for it

and you may not even realize

it that’s why I always say trust me I

will fulfill my promises only when you

are prepared for them I will never make

a false promise trust me and you will

never lose what I have destined for your

life remember I am the almighty and my

word is

truth I I want you to know that your

prayers your hopes and even your doubts

are heard by me in the vast tapestry of

life I am here as your ever watchful

Guardian your trials are The Crucible in

which your spirit is forged in your

darkest moments my promise shines the

brightest I have seen your struggles

your burdens and I am here with you


ways hope even in your darkest moments

is a gift I offer it’s the promise of a

new day a fresh star and a chance to

find beauty amidst adversity my love for

you knows no bounds and it remains a

constant and wavering presence in your

life in your moments of Despair remember

that my love is your anchor and in it

you will always find the hope you seek

you are never alone for I am here and

your hope is my

promise I want you to rise with a new

day knowing that I am with you now and

always embrace the new possibilities

that each day brings and have faith that

good things will happen if you believe

Do Not Go Gentle into the night fight

against the challenges of

life the Lord conveys to you my

cherished offspring that when he

provides you with a promise it can come

to fruition either immediately or with

the passage of

time the world may seem overwhelming but

I am here waiting for you to turn to me

when you shift your focus from your

problem comes to my presence your

burdens become lighter together we can


anything however it may not manifest

when you desire it to for you never

truly know if you are prepared for it or

not when you keep wishing for it merely

for appearances it is less likely to

occur watch our second Channel if you


and guard the lake is in pinned


?Jesus I Know You’ll Chose Me Right? My Swee

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