Jesus: Seriously Sorry To All Who Skip Me Today

God says

today greetings beloved Souls today I

feel the divine presence speaking

through the Whispers of the wind

reminding us that every twist and turn

in our lives as a

purpose just as Peter and his companions

told through the night there is a grand

design at play orchestrated by the hands

of fate in those moments when you feel

lost remember there’s a reason for it

all a cosmic plan

unfolding picture this a night when the

stars reflected on the Tranquil Waters

and Peter cast his net with hope in his

heart I could have flooded his boat with

an abundance of fish but I chose

otherwise why because I had a purpose

for him a destiny that needed nurturing

similarly your life with all its trials


tribulations is Guided by my divine

plan worry not about what you have lost

or what you have yet to gain for I am

the Weaver of your fate each challenge

is a stepping stone each setback a setup

for a grand comeback your life a

masterpiece in the making is a testament

to my eternal love and

wisdom Embrace Faith dear ones trust in

the Unseen hands that mold your destiny

as the scripture says then will the eyes

of the blind be opened and the ears of

the deaf

unstopped then will the lame leap like a

deer and the mute tongue shout for Joy

these words words are not mere verses

they are The Echoes of my

promise in your moments of Doubt

remember this I am with you always your

prayers of gratitude and praise resonate

in the chambers of my heart your trust

in me brings me boundless joy for I will

never forsake you so let your faith be

the North Star guiding you through the

storms of life

to love pay heed to the gentle nudges

within your soul the subtle hint guiding

your path it is I Whispering through

your intuition protecting you and

steering you toward the light do not

dismiss these signs they are the threads

of Fate woven by my

hands and your pursuit of love

acceptance and meaning do not seek

validation from Mortal beings their

approval is fleeting for they are mere

mortals instead seek solace in my

boundless love the love that knows no

bounds the love that accepts you as you

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