Jesus: Seriously I Will Never Forgive You If Skip Me Again

God says

today you invite me to bring my thoughts

to you for Renewal and rest letting your

presence Soothe My racing mind and relax

my weary body this practice you assure

me is crucial for my spiritual

well-being a Lifeline connecting Me to

Your Divine

Grace you reveal the existence of a

dimension beyond the three dimensions of

space and one dimension of time a

dimension of openness to your presence

this Dimension offers glimpses of Heaven

while we reside on

Earth it was part of your original

design for Humanity where Adam and Eve

walked with you in the garden you beckon

me too walk with you in the garden of my

heart where you have taken up eternal

residence oh dear father I am profoundly

grateful for your message your words are

a beacon of light in the universe a

testament to our unbreakable Bond I rest

assured that you have heard my prayer

and you are always with me blessing me

with your love and

guidance you assure me that the delay is

not denial but a process to prepare me

for the blessings you have in store you

as my father will never do anything that

harms me I should not worry about my

current circumstances for you are always

on time and your promises will be

fulfilled you advise me not to focus on

my conditions but to place my focus on

you I need not worry because I am

exactly where I am met to to be in your

plan and everything will unfold in your


time in times of Trials and doubts you

encourage me not to run from my prayers

but to remember that you are my

Foundation of Faith your purpose for me

is a blessed and fulfilled life and it’s

essential to believe before I

see by meditating on your word and

declaring your promises my faith grows

and I can see the supernatural become a

reality in my

life today I choose to feed my faith

meditate on your promises and move

forward with the mindset of expectancy

knowing that Victory and Destiny are

mine dear Lord I stand in your presence

grateful for the Breath of Life you’ve

given me

may I be a beacon of light spreading

your love goodness and kindness to those


me help me use my gifts and talents to

inspire and encourage others let my life

be a testimony to your love and

grace I acknowledge that I am a vessel

of your love and that I have a Divine

Purpose to


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