Jesus Says: You Will REGRET If You Skip This | Jesus Message

my beloved child I come to you with a

message of assurance in the midst of

life’s turbulence and

uncertainty I want you to rest in the

knowledge of my favor you see I am not a

distant and indifferent God but a loving

father who deeply cares for you I bestow

my favor upon you not because you’ve

earned it but because of my

unconditional love your worth is not

determined by the world’s standards but

by the fact that you are my cretion my

precious child in my ease you are

irreplaceable unique and cherished even

in times of trial and tribulation know

that my favor surrounds you like a

protective shield you may face

challenges but you will never be alone

in them my favor is a promise that I

will guide you through the storm and

bring you to cures it’s a guarantee that

I am working all things for your good

even when it’s hard to see as you rest

in the Assurance of my favor

let go of your worries and fears

understand that you need not strive for

my love you already have it what you

need is to believe in this truth and

find peace in my

favor when you do your heart will be

lighter your steps more confident and

your days filled with hope you are my

beloved and nothing in all of creation

can separate you from my love so rest in

the Blessed assurance that my my favor

is with you and no matter what comes

comes your way you will always find

strength comfort and love in me dear

child may this message resonate in your

hearts remember I am with you always

share this Divine wisdom with others for

in spreading love you multiply your

blessings together let us illuminate the

world with faith hope and compassion

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