Jesus Says: You Can Skip If You Want The HeII | God’s Message For You Today | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child I am the light shining

brilliantly to dispel your Darkness as

the light of the world I am both with

you and within you guiding your steps in

this world Darkness May surround you and

it may find a dwelling in your heart but

remember I have overcome the world and I

offer you a choice type Amen in the

comments if you believe when you stay

strong and keep a peaceful and trusting

attitude the enemy loses all power over

you my strength and power are always

with you when you remain calm and

peaceful the Holy Spirit loves to work

in an atmosphere of joy and peace not in

turmoil so in tough times draw close to

me find rest in my presence and I will

guide you through hold on to your joy

and peace no matter what happens you are

meant to be an overcomer in me and I

assure you that you will Triumph with me

by your side take one step at a time

facing each problem as it comes and

you’ll see everything working out just

fine I’m always with you in every

situation so trust me to provide you

with enough joy and peace for today and

every day you’re never alone and I love

you more than you can imagine trust in

me and we’ll get through this together

my dear child type amen if you


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