Jesus Says: You are Not Allowed To Skip This Message | Urgent Message From God | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child you can choose to focus

on hurtful wrong things or you can fix

your Gaze on me the brilliant Overcomer

walk with me along the path of peace I

understand the many distractions that

pull at your Consciousness and the real

responsibilities that fill your life yet

I am training you to turn your thoughts

to me more and more finding solace in my

presence during tough times and

rejoicing in my love during good times

you won’t achieve Perfection but bit by

bit you can make progress as you fix

your attention on me I will push back

the darkness with my Invincible light

this is how you walk in the way of Peace

this is how I turn your Darkness into

light you belong to me I have chosen you

calling you out of Darkness into my

Marvelous Light this connection with me

serves as the Firm Foundation of your

life in a world of constant change you

need not feel cut off or a drift for you

are never alone you are mine before the

world’s creation I chose you to be a

permanent member of my royal family once

you walked in spiritual Darkness but

when you trusted me as Savior I

personally brought you into my light

your testimony now proclaims my praises

and it is both a delightful privilege

and a sacred

responsibility I have entrusted you with

the task of sharing sh ing my a

inspiring qualities with others to

fulfill this calling dive deep into the

riches of my word and delight yourself

in me you’re never alone and I love you

more than you can imagine trust in me

and we’ll get through this together my

dear child type amen if you believe

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