Jesus Says: The Devil Win If You Ignore Me today | Jesus TALK | God Message

Jesus beloved child recognize that I

made Humanity in my image endowing some

with remarkable

creativity however everything humans

create is derived from the foundational

elements I spoke into being at the

creation of the world in moments when

it’s challenging to comprehend my ways

or how I interact with you in the world

take a pause to remember who I am humbly

open your mind and heart before my

infinite wisdom and worship the

mysterious beautiful and holy one who

suffered and died for you I am the

unwavering light that persists even in

darkness for Darkness has never had the

power to extinguish it and never will

when adversity surrounds you and my

presence feels distant cease your

activities and share everything on your

mind with me create a space and time to

communicate your feelings and problems

allowing me to help carry your burdens

and guide your way my light stronger

than the pervasive darkness in the world

not only Shines on you but also resides

within you embrace the instability and

unfairness of the world as an

opportunity for your inner light to

shine take moments to bask in my warm

presence allowing my Boundless Energy to

invigorate your spirit enabling you to

radiate brightly amidst the surrounding

Darkness place your trust in me and you

will find reason to praise me once more

for I am with you offering comfort and

support it may be challenging to

maintain hope at times especially in

moments of sorrow but Christian hope

extends Beyond fleeting emotions it

signifies your trust in me as your

savior and God relying on the Promises

of eternal

glory even if you feel my presence is

elusive continue praising and trusting

me through these acts you build a

foundation of trust and hope that on a

certain day will erupt into songs of

Joyful praise when you praise me in

moments of sadness your words of hope

and trust Lift You above your problems

guiding you onto a path of gratitude

where happiness grows over

time your kind words bring joy to me and

I comprehend the difficulty you face in

accepting the blessings that IM manity

from my love for all


you may not fully grasp the depth of my

love so Relish in the warmth of my

presence allowing this love to fill you

take it easy with me and let the

Melodies of my happiness resonate within

you navigating a broken world is

undoubtedly challenging riddled with

Brokenness both in your surroundings and

within your heart share this video with

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