Jesus Says: Sorry I Will Ignore You If You Skip | Jesus Talk | God Message Today

Jesus my beloved child I created you in

my image to reflect the essence of who I

am as you transform to be more like me

you’ll find increasing hope and a sense

of belonging aiding you in facing

challenges with the assurance that we

are stronger together each day the

radiant Hope Of Heaven shines upon you

strengthening your resolve and filling

you with opport

optimism I understand the difficulty of

maintaining faith when circumstances

appear to worsen and your prayers seem

unanswered despite the challenges I want

you to know that I am taking care of you

release your grip on control and relax

to feel the warmth of my loving presence

rather than attempting to solve problems

solely through your thoughts lean back

into my strong loving arms and enjoy

being with me even when parts of your

situation remain unclear rest assured

assured in the unchanging nature of my

perfect love this enduring love is

stronger than anything and can never be

taken away from you while my ways may be

mysterious to others my love for you is

perfect and

eternal as you look ahead with hope

reflect on the depth of my love for you

recognizing that I am your God Forever

Your Leader Until the End consider the

words of Jacob surely the Lord is in

this place find comfort in the fact that

I am your God forever today tomorrow and

always I am your guide and my presence

has guided you since the moment you

entrusted me with your salvation in your

daily life strive to become more aware

of my presence whisper my name bring me

your prayers with Thanksgiving and find

solace in the knowledge that I will be

your guide until the end the world may

present numerous problems and

distractions clamoring for your

attention and energy whether they are

your own challenges or those of of

others remember that you have the power

to choose the focus of your thoughts

call out to me and I will help you

allowing my light to shine upon you as

you turn towards me refuse to let past

decisions Define or defeat you for each

moment offers a fresh opportunity to

draw near to me and experience my

comforting presence in times of

difficulty Proclaim to Jesus Jesus I

choose to seek you in the midst of my

problems persist in this affirmation

even if you need to repeat it hundreds

of times each day share this video with

your contacts if you love me and also

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