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Jesus I beheld your countenance

downturned and it became apparent to me

that you were in need of fortitude on

your journey for after all I am your

progenitor and do not dwell in a far-off

place where you may never seek my

affection I stand here beside you where

I have ever been though at times you may

momentarily forget let’s pause for a

moment and offer a prayer together

heavenly father as we embark on this

sacred moment we come before you with

hearts open to receive your eternal love

and guidance in the depths of our

journey grant us the fortitude to rise

above challenges and find solace in your

unwavering presence open our eyes to the

beauty of your blessings and the

profound love you have bestowed upon us

let this prayer be a testament to our

trust in your divine plan understanding

that even in moments of Darkness your

light will guide us may our hearts be

receptive to the Miracles you have in

store and may our faith be strengthened

as we walk the paths you have laid

before us in your holy name we pray

amen if you find solace in these words

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guidance and inspiration your spiritual

journey matters extend your hand to me

now rise for I wish us to tread the

pathways of your thoughts for a while

tell me what do you fear for you no

longer wish to live why do you yearn to

Cast Your Destiny aside the world indeed

can be merciless when you were but a

child your eyes glistened with curiosity

anticipating the best that life had to

offer your pure smile was offered in

Friendship to those who claim to be your

comrades but then deceit and betrayal

laid waste to your hope extinguishing

your smile and shattering your desire to

live your love darkened and you ceased

to trust ceased to believe in me but

believe me now for I understand you just

as I know the heavens and call each Star

by its name thus I’m acquainted with

every burden in your life every wound

even your slightest pain we converse in

the same language and I know well what

will bring you

Solace extend your hand to me and as we

walk allow me to tell you of a place

where you are deeply cherished a place

where you done Regal attire and your

name is recognized esteemed and admired

from there a gaze is fixed upon you

every minute of your life be it night or

day in this place like a hungry little

bird your soul is nourished and

fortified there you are truly The

Offspring of the omnipotent fashion in

the image and likeness of the creator of

the universe never forget this if you

stumble again remember that you possess

the most precious space in the entire

universe one reserved solely for you

nothing and no one will ever displace

you from this place indeed it is here

within the deepest recesses of my heart

that you are safeguarded here you have

every right as a child to come and

Converse with me even when you feel

unworthy do not be deceived by

falsehoods with my blood I redeemed your

life and I repeat from here no one can

oust you even if the entire universe

were to tremble nothing could rest you

away nothing could keep you apart in in

my heart you shall remain forever the

same my cherished child your blessing is

on its way it will soon arrive the rain

of Grace will pour into your Abode

starting today and Lasting for all

eternity nothing in this world can

compare to what I can bestow upon you I

can grant you a steadfast purpose fill

you with Serenity and transform your

most daunting circumstances into

something beautiful I can lead you out

of the desert and take you to a spring

ring accept my blessing when it presents

itself to you it may appear unassuming

rejected by others who seek only Grand

blessings but I choose the humble the

seemingly insignificant I choose the

weak that it may grow into strength and

because a giant of Faith open your eyes

and stay alert for wondrous things are

about to unfold seek my word for only

thus will you recognize the blessings

that draw near my eyes search for a

humble heart my Spirit yearns to fill a

life that is always ready to give love

and forgive I have chosen you and do not

doubt that your destiny was written from

the foundation of the world with my own

finger I traced your path on an eternal

parchment the day has come for you to

understand what I have prepared for you

every day come into my presence lay your

plans upon my altar ask me your

questions confess your shortcomings

receive my forgiveness rise and prepare

for Triumph for the time is nigh coming

is close you have many things to

accomplish and I intend to use you for

many miracles together we shall walk

this path you have my support I love you

listen to me amidst the cacophony that

confounds your mind causing anxiety hear

only my Serene voice as you gaze upon

the Grandeur of my eternal love my

genuine affection for you know how

beloved you are and understand that no

enemy can take you from my my side today

you shall rise again and you shall

rekindle your love for life today you

shall be reborn for I love you you feel

it you believe it I understand you I

comprehend you I am your creator my

mighty hand is always ready to assist

you when you feel the need even when you

are distant or disheartened due to some

mistake I continue to love you to

protect you to care for you close your

ears to negativity remember that my word

commands you not to faint do not allow

your emotions to dominate your thoughts

your behavior or your actions do not let

life’s discouragements destroy your

faith for in good times and bad strength

and weakness you are my child and I

Stand By Your Side you are Valiant even

in trying times hold your head high fear

not for though an Army encamps against

you do not be dismayed I shall go with

you and be with you wherever you go I

shall not leave you I shall not forsake

you I shall never reject you I am always

ready to listen to understand to forgive

to forget your mistakes and to bless you

more than you can fathom this is my

eternal promise my everlasting love your

future shall alter your current

situation it shall improve I shall

supernaturally intervene in your life

and with your own eyes you shall soon

witness a clear solution to your

difficulties do not be one of those who

Place their trust in negativity or the

opinions of those who wish to dwell

forever in spiritual desolation if you

are hearing or reading these words it is

because I have given you intelligence

you have grown you are ready doors shall


open I am not a false god confined to

your imagination you know me you know

who I am do not doubt my word any longer

whenever you have found yourself in

trouble I have come to rescue you with

my holy hands I have embraced you with

love given you life and even when your

past was a disaster after I rescued you

your present has always been better let

this fire in your heart burn for the

dream I have planted within you is

growing it shall become a tree that

provides shade abundance and provision

for you and those you care for with love

clasp on the life I have granted you and

fill yourself with even more joy for

there are so many things I shall soon do

that will change your perspective you

shall understand better all that I have

planned for you thus even though you

have faltered before I’ve always been by

your side I forgave you I lifted you up

I did not leave you downtrodden or

abandoned new days are approaching and

your sorrow shall depart your heart

shall fill with boundless happiness for

the miracle that is soon to come with

your own eyes you shall see it


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