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God is saying to you today I know you

are going through a difficult time in

your life right now and you are dealing

with multiple

circumstances and lot of emotional

pain it seems as though before you can

get through one thing another thing

happens I don’t always steal the storm

around you sometimes I steal the storm

storm raging in

you do not

faint I am strengthening you in areas

that you cannot even see right

now you and I will get through this

together like we always

do everything will be all right type

amen if you

believe I know your heart is broken I

know it’s hard to move on but know I am

close to the

brokenhearted I will bind and protect

your wounds so you can

heal the healing process will take time

but as you come into my presence daily

you will have the strength to get up and

walk into the love blessings and Destiny

I have in store for

you change is

coming I will open doors no man can shut

this is a season where I am bringing you

to your

destiny I understand what you are going

through and I promise to be with you in

every trial of

Life remember your destiny is not

determined by the economy or how you

were raised or your

education your destiny is determined by

me your heavenly father type yes God to

affirm your

belief you held on during the toughest


times I gave you strength to endure that

at times you did not even know it was

me when things changed for you many left

you and wrote you

off but not only did you endure the

storm you grew in the

storm you are different L did not create

you to fit

in I created you to stand

out now I am about to bless your

faithfulness I am about to take you to

levels you never even thought were

possible receive it in my

name I will bring you out of the darkest

hour and use it to promote

you my child come to me with great

expectation knowing that I am your

God I am bringing you out of

frustration I am bringing you out of

limitation I am bringing you into a

place of fulfillment and favor like


before the delay is

over be encouraged and of good cheer in


season I I am your

Source trust in me that I am doing what

you have asked me to do type if you

believe I am sending great change into


life I have heard your

prayers I know your heart and I know you


better I am sending better and greater


way you have endured much in your life

life people have walked away from you


you but it only matters what I say you

are stay on the

path I didn’t create you to be

perfect I created you to be

faithful I am about to promote

you I am about to give you an

opportunity you’ve never had

I am opening doors for

you I am going to take you from the

bottom to the

top whatever has been stolen from you is

coming back

home your days of being without are

over anything that is harassing you or

hindering your life is being

removed I have dealt with all of your

needs now I am dealing with your

wants in times of darkness and

uncertainty it is essential to remember

that God’s love and blessings are a

constant presence in our

lives through the pages of the Bible we

find words of hope faith and

encouragement that offer Solace to those


need type amen if you

believe the world we live in is a

complex tapestry of triumphs and

tribulations but through it all there is

an everpresent force that guides us

protects us and showers us with endless


God today we invite you to listen to his

loving words as he speaks directly to


heart let the soothing wisdom expressed

in this message provide you with Solace


encouragement reminding you that you are


alone life presents us with countless

challenges that can sometimes make us

feel lost and

disheartened however in the midst of

Darkness there is always a Divine light

shining Upon

Us in this mesmerizing video we bring

you a message of blessings and Hope from

God a source of Solace and inspiration

in times of

need get ready to find Solace for this

is a light-filled journey that will

uplift your spirit and awaken your soul

type if you

believe in the Bible we are reminded of

God’s Everlasting

Love as it is written in Jeremiah

I have loved you with an

everlasting love I have drawn you with


kindness God’s love for us is eternal

unwavering and filled with

blessings life often presents us with

challenges and

trials however in Romans

we find assurance and we know that

in all things God works for the good of

those who love him who have been called

according to his

purpose in our darkest moments God is

working behind the scenes weaving a

tapestry of blessings even through

adversity Isaiah

reminds us of the hope we can find

in God but those who hope in the the

Lord will renew their

strength they will soar on wings like

eagles they will run and not grow weary

they will walk and not be

faint in times of weariness God provides

the strength and hope we need to

persevere in Psalm

we are reminded of God’s Abundant

Blessings you prepare a table before me

in the presence of my

enemies you anoint my head with oil my


overflows God’s blessings are not just

enough but overflowing filling our lives


abundance God’s blessings are abundant

his love

Infinite as you navigate through life’s

challenges remember that even in the

darkest moments there is always a

glimmer of

hope believe in yourself trust in God’s

plan and have faith that brighter days


ahead from the depths of his mercy God

assures us that every struggle we face

is an opportunity for growth and every

tear shed is a step closer to Ultimate

happiness let the light of God’s love

illuminate your

path recognize that every obstacle is

part of your unique Journey molding you

into a stronger and wiser

person embrace your trials for they are

merely Stepping Stones towards the

Fulfillment of your

dreams trust that God is with you every

step of the way guiding and supporting


his love is unwavering and His blessings


boundless remember you are never alone

in this

world in moments of Despair turn towards

the kindness and compassion that God has

instilled in

humanity reach out to others offer a

helping hand and open your heart to

receive the love that surrounds you

together we can create a world filled

with hope and understanding a reflection

of God’s divine presence here on

Earth as you reflect upon this heartfelt

message may you find solace in God’s

love and may it rejuvenate your spirit

with renewed hope and Endless

Possibilities Embrace His blessings and

let them guide guide you towards a life

filled with purpose gratitude and

compassion trust in the divine plan and

remember that within every sunset there

is a sunrise waiting to greet

you as we stand together let us offer a

heartfelt prayer for blessings and

hope dear heavenly father we come before

you with hearts full of gratitude

we thank you for your love which

sustains Us in times of

trial we thank you for your promise of

hope which keeps us strong when we grow

weary we thank you for your Abundant

Blessings which fill our lives with joy


abundance may your love shine upon us

and those we care about Illuminating our

path with Hope and

Faith may your blessings overflow in our

lives making us instruments of your

grace to

others we ask for your guidance and

wisdom so we may live in alignment with


will in your name we


Amen Let Us hold these words close to

our hearts for in them we we find Solace

and inspiration to face the challenges

of life with unwavering

Faith remember even in the darkest of

times God’s love and blessings are with

us providing light and hope to guide us

forward thank you for being a part of

this transformative

experience we hope that this video has

touched your soul and reminded you of

the boundless blessings and immeasurable

hope that God

provides share this message with others

spreading love and light to all those

who need

it remember with God’s presence in our

lives we can conquer any adversity and

thrive in the Embrace of his eternal

love may His blessings be with you

always amen


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