Jesus Says, “MANY HAS SKIPPED BUT YOU WON’T”👆God’s Message Now

many has ski me many will skip me but

you you the children of the

almighty you have come to me as

always you have always SE me in the


place whenever I have called you you

have Faithfully showed your

presence and for that I’m eternally

grateful your dedication to a

relationship is a testament to your

faith in the unpredictability of Life

your unwavering commitment to seeking me

despite the storms that may have swept

through your

existence is truly

commendable as the


I recognize the battles you

face internal

struggles external

challenges and the complexities of The


Experience yet you persist in turning to

me finding soay inner

communion even in moments of

uncertainty you have chosen Faith over


your trust in my guidance and

provision has been a source of joy in

the tapster of a

relationship when the world EOS with

doubt your Resolute belief in my

promises is a Melody that resonates in


heavens now as you continue this journey

remember that the storms you encounter

are not signals of Abandonment or

punishment rather they are opportunities

for growth resilience and a deeper

understanding of the

strength that resides within

you my presence in your boat ensures

that no stop no matter how

Fierce can overwhelm you in the moments

when you feel overlooked by the world

take so leas in the fact that you are

sane and cherished by the creator of the

universe your significance surpasses the

fleeting judgments of

society for you are part of a Divine

narrative that unfolds with purpose and

love so continue in faith continue in


and continue in the knowledge that you

are not

alone the almighty’s hand is upon you

steering you through the storms and

guiding you toward the blessings that

are wait on the other


remember always love the Lord your God

with all your heart and with all your

soul and with all your mind

follow this commandment in the future as

well as you have followed it until

now may you always be blessed say in



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